Finally got my Verizon Fios Quantum Fios 50/30 although the actual speed is a lot faster

I have been putting this aside for so long. Finally a few days ago I’ve decided to go for it. Upgraded my Verizon Fios to Quantum speed with special bundle package. 2 years agreement of $89.99 comes out to be about $100 a year for this package for 2 years. The bundle package includes HD TV and telephone, although I never use the home phone, don’t even need it activated.

There isn’t a self install kit for this, I had to scheduled the appointment with the Verizon technician. The man came, and was very friendly and helpful guy. Appointment window was 11AM to 2PM, but he came at 12noon and finished at 2pm, although he could have finished sooner, but it was due to the fact that the equipment he had was defective. Very nice technician, he even installed a new router for me free, well because he couldn’t get the older router to work with the TV Set Top box so call. The old verizon router I believe is working, but not 100% sure if it will work with cable tv set top box since it didn’t work when he first set it up.

My actual upload speed now is over what they say which were 50/30 but it’s faster than that based on


My new verizon Quantum speed upgraded faster than advertised

My new verizon Quantum speed upgraded faster than advertised

My experience with Verizon Fios has been positive here in North East of the USA. Speed has been fast always, but sometime, some rare occasion appears to have some kind of latency problems. I have two Fiber Optics at this location. One for business and the other one for residential. I’m thinking of upgrading the business speed also. Will see.