Finally I’ve made my decision to sell all my computers GPU mining equipments

It was a tough decision, but I went ahead and proceed with it. I have made up my mind to sell most if not all the GPU computer mining equipment, those includes GPU video cards, motherboard, computer power supply and so on. The whole nine yard basically.

What made me to come this conclusion is the fact that difficulty level had risen, and will continue to rise so high that even with good GPU mining scrypt will not be able to keep up with the cost of electricity. This is even with the BTC prices value risen lately, 20% or so within weeks. However this still doesn’t help, as I think more and more miners are jumping on board, and those newer miners purchased equipment that mine these cryptocoins specifically which achieves high rate of hashing GPU cannot compare. Vertcoin alternative? nah not at the moment.

My plan is to sell all these items but proceed to mine with gridseed which I will be purchasing from, that will be on another blog.

Tough decision, but it’s a done deal! I turned off all mining equipment GPUs computer that is, and will be refurbishing the GPUs and computers to sell on ebay. Maybe refurbish 3-4 GUs a day, then the motherboard.