Happy official Easter 2013 people also know as “Le Phuc Sinh” in Vietnamese

Well, we celebrated Easter last week, and this week simply resting at home watching good movies and attending the Catholic church mass. Last we spent the entire day at a relative’s house for the Easter egg hunt for the kids that is. We had fun. It’s very kind of the relatives taking some time off their busy schedule to organize the even annually, I think it’s great!, these relatives are very busy, they’re all successful people with college degree at least Bacelor degree, Master and even a PHD doctor.

As for me, I’m still same, no higher education, no higher paying job. Getting paid the same but I get to spend time with my family all day all night working remotely from home. In fact I don’t even completed my college degree, the only knowledge now a day I get are from news media on TV or on the internet, however I’m very careful of what I’m reading the sources, not all are true, need reference, some are just personal opinion, so tick with CNN news and Educational television I should be fine. LOL