How important is it to get certified to do your job?

This is a no-brainer, obvious answer is pretty straight forward yes very important. Because of many reasons, and by all mean take advantage of the company offering, the company where you work for, they’re willing to pay for all your tuition definitely take advantage of it, do you know how many people out there eager to get training certified through technical school but could not afford to do so? so definitely if your company willing to pay for your certificate and all you have to do is get certified then go for it. It will make you look good, your salary will go up based on your position title experience and certified …

It’s embarrassing to say that, I passed through school from junior high to high school passed all classes with low GPA, but I took all the college prep classes though, I did flung one English class in high school, but I feel brave, even though English is not my native language, it is my second language. I was in Vietnam started 4th grade and fled to the US at the beginning of the school year, wasted a couple years at refugee camps, and went to USA started 5th grade for a few months then went on to 6th grade, I had to take many ESL courses struggled but told myself I’m not going to take ESL classes, I will go for straight English 1 2 3 4 in high-school, I did good on some but bad on others such as public speaking, discussions, and so on, but research paper and essay are ok 🙂

Bottom line, take advantage of all the education when you have opportunity. I no longer have opportunity to get educated much anymore, after marriage with two kids, wife working, I’m working and watching the kids at the same time, so not much time, and I don’t trust other people to look after my children, I might be back to school to complete my education or take it online somehow. There are many things that I would like to try out, lots of opportunity on the internet. However if you’re working for a company definitely get educated certified, with a degree you will get paid much higher than someone who doesn’t have a degree, and off course will get you better job easily. For me I was lucky, through hard work and endorsement, the company kept my position but I don’t believe I get paid as much as other with the same position, and I don’t mind because I know why, and I don’t ask for much just enough to take of me and my family 🙂

higher education degree and certificate will get you better jobs higher pay so take advantage of it

higher education degree and certificate will get you better jobs higher pay so take advantage of it


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