Is Scrypt mining profitable in the future?

Short answer: NO Scrypt mining appears to be a loss of profit and investments. Anyone whom purchased scrypt mining hardware should consider doing extensive homework. A while back when GPU mining was still popular on both SHA256 and Scrypt, then SHA256 can only be profit using ASIC mining, Scrypt tried to copy it. The result is a failure.

Basically for months and months now, the value of Scrypt coin had gone down greatly, as difficulty level risen but not much value on Scrypt coins converting to Bitcoin BTC. This is in comparison with the same Bitcoin price mined with SHA256 equipment. In other word, if you spend $200 on hardware mining equipment, SHA256 will better profit return of investment than Scrypt, and NO I don’t think the future will change this.

The bottom line, if you have $200 to invest in cryptco coins. Don’t buy mining equipment at all, not SHA256 Bitcoin, not Scrypt LTC Dogecoin etc. miner. Instead use that $200 to buy Bitcoin directly. The time you have your mining equipment up and running and mined, it will takes you 6 times or more amount of time to get the same amount of Bitcoins you have purchasing it directly with your $200 instead of mining.

Mining Scrypt is a loss. Mining Sha256 Bitcoin is for commercial business with large data center, such as the manufacturer of Bitcoin mining equipment themselves, public pools will become obsolete by the end of this year or sooner, private mining farm such as knc, bfl, unknown, will be taken over.

This does not mean that you should step away from mining Bitcoin or scrypt, just do it if you can afford paying for electricity, but just keep in mind, there isn’t any profit, it’s a loss. You can still buy Bitcoin instead of mining.