Just want to drop a few words

Hey yo! Haven’t got a chance to blog much lately. Been busy with projects at work and family. Well you know family first, job second, blog next.

A few things I have been doing. Research scrypt-n. If you’re into bitcoin mining, you would probably know scrypt mining. Basically bitcoin mine with sha256 algo, while scrypt and scrypt-n diff. algo. SHA256 no longer profitable mining with GPUs, all ASICs now. Scrypt ASIC now are available and the price are dropping, eventually ASIC script will take over scrypt mining as well. GPUs have good chances to sustain mining scrypt-n coins, not popular now but eventually it will be popular. Otherwise GPU will flood ebay, cheap price for gamer, if those GPU are still good, since due to the abuse of cryptocoin mining overclock, firmware modification and so on.

Malaysia airline 370, finally some closure, but still not proof yet. Based on intelligence data, the plane crashed into the ocean on the west coast of Australia, in the Indian ocean, no chance of anyone would survive. Search has been suspended due to bad weather. Just a a couple more days the beacon that send a signal will run out of battery and will be very difficult to find the plan beneath the ocean.

Samsung S5 mobile devices are coming out estimate April 11th 2014. Whilee M8 HTC One aiming for March 25th. Two very good competitors. AT&T have a very good deal with 4 lines phones, unlimited text and talk for and 10GB of share data plan for $160, maybe $150.

Tax are due soon, April 15th, so get your tax done as soon as possible. Highly recommend Turbo Tax, and get the lawyer at the end to protect yourself, even if your risk level is low. You don’t want to deal with the IRS directly, get a lawyer, it’s better. You never have to talk directly to the IRS, you simply provide turbo tax lawyer whatever requested and you’re good to go. Keep all your receipts or whatever you claimed, dollars value must match, and off course legitimate.

Finally the weather this year is unbelievable. East Coast USA here, already spring and we got snow!, that’s right snow! and freezing cold in the 20s at night and high 30s day time. Something tell me this summer will be cold. This time last year 2013 we already see 60s 70s temperature but not this year 2014