TeamViewer alternative is UltraVNC

TeamViewer free version had been irritating me. I used the free version for personal use. However lately, all of a sudden I got disconnected every 5 minutes or so when in session. Very very annoying. I am not a business. Why is TeamViewer detecting I’m a commercial use, like a business when I am totally now. Just that I have a lot of computers at home. Just at home. I have two ISP though, but that shouldn’t flag as commercial use, so what is the commercial use? Is it because I have more than five partners added? Is it because I have an account registered with TeamViewer? what is it? Well not that I don’t want to find out, but it will be a waste of time, as Teamviewer already flag me as commercial use when I’m not, and they kept on disconnecting me every five minutes and I cannot get on until 5 minutes later, then the whole cycle repeated.

Anyhow, this is good news. With this problem, I was able to search and found a much better program. It’s totally FREE, open source, there’s a risk if not use properly. If use properly shouldn’t be much risk. The program I’m using now is UltraVNC. It’s FREE, opensource. Work much better, more robust and again FREE, no annoying nagging to buy license, possibly faulty detection of commercial use, very bad TeamViewer. Thumb DOWN for TeamViewer, thumbs up for UltraVNC and other free clients VNC software.

Bottom line. I uninstalled Teamviewer from all my computers and install UltraVNC, it work awesomely and has a lot of better features than TeamViewer. The VNC I’m using has webbase where if I’m on someone else’s computer or public computer where the software client isn’t install on it, I can just use web base. I don’t recall Teamviewer have that feature of web base. So UltraVNC is what I’m using now, and it’s been reviewed by CNET and G3, all good to go. Just use it properly, ensure the password you use if hard to guess and when use on public computer, do not save password and clear cookies and caches after you’re done. Better yet, change your password frequently or whenever you’re done using it on a public computer or a computer might have key logger.