Thanks for feedback people!

Lately I’ve been receiving email through my website blog contact form with gratitude saying Thanks, that is all I need. Whether it’s positive or negative comments, feedback, sent it to me, I real all. I will respond to it here in this blog, no specific name or email be posted, so don’t worry, just your comments.

Again, whether it’s negative or positive comments, feedback, I will honor all. I will take it as lesson learn, to improve, to motivate. English isn’t my first language and so therefore will be time a lot of grammar and vocabulary problem, let alone spelling. However I will try my best and keep on blogging, as I think it will improve my writing skills. I’m not smart or intelligence like those scammer out there whom are very smart and intelligence, but they use their intelligence to harm other people, tricking them, luring them into giving free money and make up stories, and stealing people identities for unethical activities online like setting up fake website making it real to investors or people whom just have small amount of money that they want to make it bigger to support their financial situation or just to have more money in their pocket to support themselves and their family. Sadly many people felt for many of the scam online today, and in the end loss partial or all their money, in addition to time wasted and the stressful. I don’t know if any case where people loss in the thousands of dollars ever taken any action to report to, it is still possible, don’t be scare.

What I can tell you about my blog is that, I don’t lied, lies, I don’t make up stories, I’m not bias, I’m not against anyone, I just want to blog based on my experience, trial, based on other online forums and blogs, based on people comments and research. If I don’t know I say I don’t know, if I’m guessing, I will say that I’m guessing. I would like to based on facts, credible source and evidence.