Ferguson Police shot by sniper?

2 police officers shot after police chief resigns

OK folks let not jumped into conclusion. It doesn’t help, but apparently two police officer were shot, one in the face, and one in the shoulder, both critical condition. The two police officers were not even from from Ferguson or Ferguson Police officers.

This just proof how some uneducated people could be; either so much hatred or just plain murderer saying they’re doing god’s work to take revenge and protects others.

Mistake had happened, and I don’t think that everyone is perfect. Let move on. Those email that tied to racist should never have surface, no body is perfect. At a work place, at home, in the white house, where-ever, there’s always joke. Unfortunately joke can get serious especially when scenarios such as this, in which the prosecute team will tried to uncover many things and including all emails.

As a result, the Police department has its wrong doing, which goes back to the chief and back to city mayor and eventually walk its way up the chain as more and more officials will need to resign.

Is it a win for the trouble maker? yes, is it a win for the people? NO.

Trouble maker don’t like police, some even call them as pigs.

For the people, they need better police force that supposed to do what they sworn to do. However mistake can happen and can be dealt with in court, fair and square. However if those email found indeed tied back to the department as being racist, it’s a different story and will be dealt as a separate case.

To me, the police office had been cleared for wrong doing, that’s done. However the department is not. The department wrong doing could bring back the Police officer for retrial to redetermine the case again.

As for the trouble maker, they use this advantage as a reason to hurt more police office and other authority, this include violent against police officer as we’ve already seen, there will be more violent such as these in that area and around the countries.