Is North Korea for real?

You betcha they are! Most and many people thinks I might be crazy after I posted my first opinion on the North Korea’s threaten to attach America, I posted on facebook and people probably think I’m crazy and probably an idiot! OK then an idiot that I am saying that North Korea will attack soon. It’s not a question of if they attack, but rather a question of when will North Korea attack, by firing those long rang missiles.

Today, just now, according to CNN, confirmation has been made, two missiles has been activated and ready to fire, it’s simply a push of the button. These missiles had been moved to the East a few days ago and aimed straight toward America. Speculation saying these missiles might not have nuclear war head but it will fly and hit anywhere it want to. Again, how do we know that for sure? We don’t even know much about North Korea as we think we do.

What I can say is North Korea is currently doing the same thing Japan used to do. Japan attacked America for stupid reason, superiority! Japan bombed Pearl Harbor attacked and killed innocent people. We didn’t get much warning during the time, no one was expecting that attack until it happened. So based on this fact, what make us think that North Korea will not attack us? huh?  – What I will see happen is this, if North Korea attack, America will use it as a good reason to bomb that country like it did when Japan attacked us. At this point, North Korea is being isolated, it doesn’t know what’s going on outside its country. It probably doesn’t know America military power. What it know is that a new young leader need to prove himself worthy, do something scary, command the army, in control. It could be just a test.

So those missiles are loaded and ready to be launch, it just a press of a button, I wonder if someone there accidentally press it and launch it, or if someone launch it on purpose and say it was an accident LOL 🙂


North Korea ready to attack launch missiles just a press of a button

North Korea ready to attack launch missiles just a press of a button

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