Latest Police beating brutality went spiral online social network

Just in case anyone missed. There is a video that went spiral on social media such as facebook, people are sharing it all over. However the truth isn’t what it seems. People are sharing the video like crazy, but they don’t take the time to think what really happened.

The video was captured by someone nearby with a mobile device cell phone, recording Police Brutality beating up an unarmed person on the ground appears to be naked. Police appears to strike a baton on the person’s leg multiple times. Looks brutal and to the people whom had bad experience with police will definitely have more hatred and start to rumors and come to quick conclusion of Police brutality.

Police brutality? not really, now if the Police really being brutal, then the baton would probably not going to strike on the person’s leg, but to the head or other part of the body, however it is still bad police because the person already on the ground. The other question is where is the rest of the video clips? how does this happens, I’m guessing either the person whom shot the video left it off or came to the scene late.

Bottom line, it was on the news. Appears to be the person was mentally retarded or mentally ill, so it could have been something he did to others like disturbing the peace, expose himself to people around there, trying to rape someone, robbery, even attempted murder, we don’t know, all we see was a video of a person got beaten by Police. Why not take the time and think, and ask questions, don’t just jump into conclusion based on what you see, think outside of the box.

Conclusion. I’ve blogged something similar, in the past related to Police brutality, school shootings, and so on. At the end of the day it all come down to the person being having some kind of disorder problem, mentally ill, retarded, medical problem, and so on. So as a result, I speaks of recommendation to flag these types of people. Taking this latest incident for example. The person was mentally ill, he might have did something unacceptable to the public and 911 was called. Now if this person was flagged as mentally ill, and the Police saw that flag the decision of solving this matter would have been different.