and scam no support chat no support tickets and scam no support chat no support tickets. Wondering how many old members, members that have founder stock holder purchased stock with all their money, how many of them are now still believing in after many lied lies has been proven and admitted. Old members are members that have ID # 550k or so, or members that joined before November 2013.

Over the past couple of days there was one person on the chat room said that he joined before November 2013 and has referrals and his referrals earning money and was able to cash out, and he/herself was able to cash out also as old members. Turns out that after he/she posted those comments in the chat, many people asked the person various questions and the responds from that person does tied out or connect correctly! as a result the person was a fake or does not know what he/she talking about, like if he/she was drinking much beer or wine or possible on drugs while chatting in chat room.

Bottom line, has multiple names, the domain name will expires on Septemeber 17th 2014 and no sign of it getting renewed, on this day will be the last day will be on the web. The new website was registered for one year and will expires in November 2014, and this site was poorly designed, no https ssl and from a cheap server that normally cost $2 a month, the domain is currently also registered under fake name or stolen identity so they can be anonymous. This is part of the reason why it’s so hard for any average person to find who’s behind

However if you feel you’re being fraud by DigitalGeneration DG CG, please proceed to this website with enough people reporting, officials will step in and will start the investigations and possible get the funds back or at least force the owners whoever running the business o tied to this business will get their asset sold to compensate the members whom got scam tricks into false promises, being manipulated. The sad ting is a lot of people don’t report to because they’re afraid of loosing their money or still have trust and faith with coingeneration.

New members are still reporting that they got paid, and probably will continue to get paid for many days and weeks to come, but getting near September or so, most likely DigitalGeneration DG CG will launch its final attempts to scam more money from new members and run away. This the same way many hyip are doing scam people tricking them by showering them with money and reinvest those money and more pocket money in the end, most members loss, only a handful or small # of members wins.

8:15:37 AM CryptogenerationCom: i got mine at $10 per stocks so now i have 524 of them and can only wait for stock market or atm offer
8:15:49 AM CryptogenerationCom: i perosnally like both options and have no issue waiting
8:16:25 AM CryptogenerationCom: btu here are a lof of members that invested money they coudlt afford to loose so many are very angry
8:16:47 AM CryptogenerationCom: i always advise people dont invest what you cant afford too loose
8:17:13 AM CryptogenerationCom: many people also market and promote internet ventures , with words like 100% working
8:17:21 AM Unbreakable: hello all
8:17:23 AM CryptogenerationCom: guarantied easy income……. and thats wrong
8:17:40 AM CryptogenerationCom: with every internet vernutre its always a risk
8:17:57 AM Unbreakable: who can helpme pls, i need 50 dollar in my perfectmoney account. i can send it via paypal back + fees
8:19:04 AM Harvestor: Free Bitcoin every hour
8:19:58 AM CryptogenerationCom: Unbreakable, Google (exchange paypal to perfectmoney) there are a few exchangers left
8:20:07 AM Unbreakable: or is there a exchangesite, paypal to perfectmoney?
8:20:16 AM CryptogenerationCom: Unbreakable, and its shure beats trusting someone you dont know
8:20:31 AM Unbreakable: didnt found one where i can change from paypal ti prefectmoney
8:20:55 AM CryptogenerationCom: Paypal can be disputed so good luck finding a member that will do it
8:21:10 AM Larofid: Unbreakable,
8:21:17 AM CryptogenerationCom: Harvestor, You mean free satoshi 🙂
8:21:44 AM Larofid: DGslovenija,
8:22:25 AM CryptogenerationCom: Larofid, Nice domain name 🙂
8:22:38 AM Larofid: DGslovenija,
8:23:46 AM CryptogenerationCom: Larofid, Hehe yo uforgot you aff id 🙂
8:25:17 AM Larofid: DGslovenija, Puts many in a row Satoshi
8:27:07 AM CryptogenerationCom: Satoshi fauclet, i dont do those it takes like a milion years to get payment if fauclet doesnt get robbed before
8:27:33 AM CryptogenerationCom: Larofid, Thanks but i dont do those
8:27:51 AM CryptogenerationCom: I reffer to mine 🙂
8:29:10 AM CryptogenerationCom: Goota go now , everyone have a nice day/night
8:29:16 AM CryptogenerationCom: Bye all
8:29:34 AM Larofid: DGslovenija, Satoshi many are collected in two portfolios together and then paid
8:41:39 AM Dionisis: any news about stock????????
8:45:41 AM IC3_GOV: all founder get to grab on this (_!_)
8:46:00 AM IC3_GOV: it’s a liar liar your butt crack hole pants are on fire! 🙂
8:46:14 AM Vitas: Hi everyone present. come here more support?
8:46:27 AM IC3_GOV: no they all got fired!
8:46:41 AM IC3_GOV: <--- [email protected]@K 8:46:52 AM Earnwithjangoldenlion26: Congratulation to ALLL ATM SharesHolders OWNERS of NOTHING!!!! 8:47:23 AM Fcbatlasy: 8:48:11 AM JUSTENJOY MENTIRAS:!russia/component_71401 8:48:42 AM Earnwithjangoldenlion26: First, ALL ATM Sharesholder PLEASE , Unminstall THIS CRAP from YOUR PC....This Is The Best Way to END this SCAMs 8:58:31 AM Raul Albiol: 8:58:49 AM Raul Albiol: 8:58:56 AM Raul Albiol: 8:59:02 AM Raul Albiol: 8:59:08 AM Raul Albiol: 8:59:13 AM Raul Albiol: 8:59:21 AM Raul Albiol: 8:59:40 AM Raul Albiol: 9:00:16 AM Raul Albiol: 9:00:22 AM Raul Albiol: 9:03:12 AM John576: spam 9:03:20 AM Virtualatackblueray: coingeneration a ver si cambiais los capchas por otros mas faciles de leer porque lo he puesto 5 veces mal ya que no se entienden y me han bloqueado durante dos horas 9:03:56 AM Virtualatackblueray: esta claro que son para que no usen el sistema los bots pero coño al menos que las personas podamos leerlos 9:07:41 AM ClickBetter87778: New 150%Return.Instant payment.Every day:>>>>>>
9:12:35 AM Cumila: Dear users!
9:14:39 AM Kanec: Free Bitcoin every hour
9:17:11 AM GUCO69: im so pissed off
9:19:38 AM Ulixes: will there be founder payments again or certainly not?!
9:26:41 AM ClickBetter87778: New 150%Return.Instant payment.Every day:>>>>>>
9:27:04 AM Wxp012: Ulixes, no. founders are done. for good