Digital Generation Administration 17 October 2013 Payout Request pop up message remained blocked

I wonder if even today anyone can request payout? As previously since the ddos problem, some users were able to request payout whether it’s true or not hard to say, because some user just posted fake photoshop of payout so they can get referrals credit for themselves, a very terrible way to recruit people just to get their money and let them suffer. So if you’re one of the people get pulled into coingeneration due to pressure from referrals trying to get them into the program doing anything they can, including creating fake reviews on youtube blog forums and even in chat room posting fake screen shot of payout in the chat room so their referrals can see and join the coingeneration, the unfortunate people didn’t know much and most will fall for it then it’s too late they cannot request payment. Very bad practice from referrals methods, hope people don’t fall for lies fake and scam.

Anyhow back to the pop up message. As predicted by many no surprise the popup request payout message still exist and the signed date being programmed automatically to change daily, so today it’s showing October 17th, then tomorrow will be 18th and so on and so forth. There isn’t any good news on the blocked payments button, no one can request payout and the message is misleading, it will lead people in believing that by Friday tomorrow account get validated for payout, that is totally false not true, it’s a separate validation that they’re talking about which tied to many accounts didn’t get validated that required photo ID to be uploaded. So again don’t get mislead by that message of by Friday! it’s not separate issue. The payment button no one know if it will ever be lifted anytime this month. As many and many a lot more people feeling distrusted on how operated, how they handle issues and how they communicated to members, and last but not least they feel it’s more important to take your money first and deal with payout later if that ever happen. They enabled paypal just for taking your money, many other promises but never really happened, always new story, new reason, new make story to kill time, as how many people are feeling.

So is there any good news? well not really, but it’s a sign that they’re doing something, not totally disappearing, but doing something just could be taking more people money as long as they can before running away? don’t know. Some people still have trust but just for show but deep inside they have no faith, these are the people that have thousands of dollars pending to be withdraw, 99 to 100 threads multiple account people, feel sorry them as no way they can withdraw those amount at one time. scam stealing real company Digital Generation hope one it will get force to shut down giving them reason to run away scam stealing real company Digital Generation hope one it will get force to shut down giving them reason to run away

Payment cannot be done

Validation of our data is almost completed, payments will be resumed shortly!
We are working as fast as possible to finalize the validation process for all PayPal funded account later today,
the rest of accounts will be validated by Friday.

We apologize for this minor delay and are confident you will take a deep breath once all side effects will settle. Stay tuned – payments are on the way!

Digital Generation Administration 17 October 2013