Digital Generation Scam? payout request pops message with signature auto date?

Many people in the DigitalGeneration DG chat room noticed the pops up message when request payment or payout have an auto date message. Meaning that since the message was posted on October 14th, the message signed October 14th, then October 15th came, so the message signed with Oct. 15, and today is Oct. 16th, and yes the message now signed with Oct 16th date. This is very misleading information, as it mislead people in believing is playing with them on top of that October 15th supposed to be the date where all payment issues resolved but it never happened, they uses the DDOS attack to back up their claims of problems reason for being able to pursue this, but apparently no message in this regard posted.

The good news is, people did report that now they have received the missing compensation threads earned yesterday or earlier today October 16th. However look like the referrals earning on that missing date were not compensated, which I don’t will raise big issue. The issue would be have to do with DG need to update the members on October 15th promise date all payments issue resolved. OK so if the DDOS impacted the commitment date, DG would need to communicate this to the members on the new date or they cannot meet this date but again, the way operated would lead more members in distrust and people are leaving and there will not be anymore motivation to get more people to join even they have a 20% 10% 1st and 2nd level referrals offers.

For many people still believe in “hang in there, the problem is real, the concept is real”