now offline since yesterday September 17th 2014

The domain expired yesterday September 17th 2014, the fraud owner will have 30 days to renew it and start new scam, or will be auctioned or owned by the domain registrar with advertisements on it. or the one that tied to the scam has been offline for a while. While the derive from scam is still up trying to scam more people on investing bitcoin to insall fake atm machine. It’s funny on how smart intelligent the scammer is, posting an Bitcoin ATM machine that resemble another manufacturer ATM machine bank, and took picture with nobody in the picture an unknown, undisclosed location even though they gave us a location and invited us to visit. wondering how many people already fell victims already giving them bitcoin ivnestment for fake bitcoin atm machine.

Now back to, this website appears to be informative about bitcoin, however one of it writer journalist or blogger, or even the owner him/herself posted a post in regard to ATM machine was a bad idea. This makes many readers know about knowing that it’s a scam and written about without realizing it’s a scam, or realized it’s a scam but take a risk. Many people aren’t stupid as this smart intelligent individual whom scammed hundreds thousand dollars from people all over the world on and got away with it link back to and might know something about this and one of the author writer at could have something to do with scam.

Up to today, not sure if anyone really reported to the authority on scam fraud online hundreds thousands dollars estimated to be loss by many all over the world. The merchants whom accepted money for should be held accountable also, the website hosting, and domain registrar should also held accountable, so depend on how much people loss, some may or may not reported to the authority of the

Last but not least, many indicate might be the same operators from the scam coinbeez,, all have same concept of scamming, posting professional news stories, news releases, big promises but failure to deliver after making excuses after excuses and manipulating members to gives out their credit card #, personal information like driver license ID, passport to steal the identity of the members to use it on new scam. They remain anonymous until the authority being notified and start investigation, most likely will not happen because we don’t know if anyone reported them to the fraud authority like