payout request error message can no longer request payout

How long is this message going to last people wonder. It doesn’t make sense that it tied to payment requesting. OK so there was a DDOS attack and it does impact earning calculation, but many thought that ThreadManager are a separate entity to the website. Perhaps not, but ThreadManager were running while the website was down. So how was earning impacted? Or the real truth is that using this DDOS as advantage to provide reason for cannot make payment and surely will delay more and more and probably forever on payout because they use the advantage of this ddos happening, so surely enough they will delay what they said previously.

press release for October 2013
we will have all payment issues rectified by October 15th
Payza payouts will be available starting October 21st
PayPal payouts in November

Payment cannot be done

As a result of recent DDOS attacks some information was corrupted
and we are validating the database to make sure all users’ balance and earnings are up-to-date and valid.
We apologize for the hassle and promise to take care of the mismatches within the nex 24-48 hours. Thanks!

Digital Generation Administration 14 October 2013