SHUT DOWN chat room

No surprises to many people. DIgitalGeneration DG CG SHUT DOWN its chat room. The link no longer there, the chat room website address no longer exist. Members in chat room will see strange activities halted, refreshed get an error page. Tickets system no one ever answered, probably only answers to certain question such as deposit issue, they want your money, but don’t want to pay you! it’s pretty obvious.

Over the past few weeks, after announced that it will no longer pay any payout to FOunder Stock Holder people, the reaction from members were not so happy. On top of that, DigitalGeneration released news update with profanity saying “Sh*itting”, no longer professional. Are they angry at the members? are you kidding me? had lied, that’s the fact! they still have time to fix and turn around, but didn’t, instead angry at the members? The Founder Stock Holder members got lied at and yelled at, and did not get any payout as promised, and they’re using the term “Shi*tting” ?

Anyhow, the chat room of are currently down, probably ran by a one man band scam person, if they indeed have staff, then there shouldn’t be any problem controlling the chat room. The reason most likely tied to spam though, but who knows what their next plan is. BTC-O-MATIC.COM by way video is a fake, it was created with a blue green screen video special editing, don’t believe too much into it. There are real Bitcoin ATM machine out there, but not BTC-O-MATIC.COM ATM machine. Be careful, you’re investing in a online business that uses fake address virtual offices and lied and lies make up stories, just ask any of the members at especially the old one and find out for yourselves. Be careful though, some of them might be coingeneration themselves posses as members and also members greedy in getting referrals to make money might give you wrong information just to get you invest due to the 20% commission these people willing to lied and get you in to invest. Just like the movie :The Wolf of Wall Street” lied to get you in.