updated pops up message on the request payment payout

There’s a different message now that update in the member’s request payout page. It’s a different than previous message in addition to the auto date signed message date change when the new day change. This does help the members a little bit, to feel they’re working on it, however it’s not real transparent on what kind of fix needed if any or anything wrong since people already reported that they got the missing payments or earning that is. Still have faith, but for how long will this message remain? no one know, but the way operate, their commitment never really get deliver as they said, never! Prove the member wrong this time, get payment up fully running! it’s been over 3 months and heading toward month 4, and eventually half a year to a year. Sadly, this is the indication that and similar operation concept companies out there can do the same thing, and no one can shut it down.

Payment cannot be done

Validation of our data is almost completed, payments will be resumed shortly!
We are working as fast as possible to finalize the validation process for all PayPal funded account later today,
the rest of accounts will be validated by Friday.

We apologize for this minor delay and are confident you will take a deep breath once all side effects will settle. Stay tuned – payments are on the way!

Digital Generation Administration 16 October 2013