Fishing Attack or also call Phishing or Hacking account happening on

For all of you whom are using, there has been a flood of phishing or fishing attack, meaning someone send you a link either via email or somewhere in the chat or forum that link you to fake coingeneration website that look exactly like even the domain look the same except it has missing letters or a letter got switched, to the normal eye you would think it’s website but it’s not, it’s a fake website that will steal your account once you login. So if you don’t know about this, better to login to your account by going directly to the website and change your password. Then if you need to access coingeneration website, it’s probably better to go directly or type in the domain name or better yet use the software that’s running to access your account to be sure.

Anynow, once the hacker got your acocunt he/she will quickly go in and change the payment or payout address to someone else, and get payment from there. So be careful. As coingeneration are growing, so does the hacking activities and probably ddos attack too, or even taken advantage of it’s weakness through the software installed on your computer or API and hack and there go your money.

From: DigitalGeneration <[email protected]>
Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2013
Subject: Fishing attack!

Fishing attack! Do not open any links to prevent compromise of your account. Make sure URL and certificate are correct in browser address bar –