Latest blog to hacking hijacking attempt from ITALY

Just in case you missed. Coingeneration blog new entry, indicating the following.

To all members who funded their accounts and are from ITALY.
By Joao on Mon, 09/02/2013 – 16:57
Currently we are limiting all payouts to ITALY, mainly because we have detected several attempts of hijacking by bots and several people attempted to hack our system using tools developed by some users with bad intentions in order to protect our website and our customers.

We will apply a limitation of 5 daily withdraws, without a limit of maximum of value.

This measure will be applied in order to prevent bots and any attempt to bypass our security system.

After our release of funds and payouts to our account we have noticed and extreme number of attempts to hijack our account.

Many of the complaints that we received are from people from other countries and lots of users who have opened disputes.

To keep everyone happy and keep loyal to our customers, we have worked the following solution.

All users who didn’t use PAYZA and NOT in a HIGH RISK COUNTRY will have their account running normal to withdraws.

All users who funded their account from PAYZA in the past, will have their accounts currently on hold to prevent chaos and attempts of hacking.

Today we will evaluate the list of the 1000 users who opened the last disputes and we will open all accounts who haven’t opened disputes.

Later on we will decide if we ask our users to help us with the hijacking situation.

Digital Generation Administration