[Manipulated its members] Coingeneration.com DG Stock?

By now a lot of people wonder what is DG stock?, questions raised in the chat room. SUPPORT_DG scrambling to answer. The best answer members got so far was, it is best sustainable methods for DG coingeneration.com to stay on longer. So they admitted it? admitted that they lied, they never have the money to pay anyone in full. So as last resort coingeneration.com came up with this new manipulating methods, forcing the members to buy stocks that never be a real stock, in order to withdraw cash and payout. If you don’t buy DG stock, chances are you will never be able to withdraw because clearly stated, DG Stock holder as Founder will have priority to withdraw money, however when you purchased the DG stock, you available balance emptied to in the single dollars, doesn’t matter how much money you had, $100, $1000, $10000, $100000, it will all disappeared to so call DG stock and you will now have zeros balance or some lucky have $4 to withdraw instantly.

So for the folks whom didn’t buy the DG stock, no Founder for them, and no withdraw cash for them ever. Again this is manipulating methods that coingeneration.com is using to forced its members have no choice but to buy the Founder position DG stock holder, which is fake. Read more.

For the folks that purchased the DG stock, there isn’t any options for how much they can buy, so the total balance of whatever they have in the available balance will disappeared into DG stock. Now the members have $0 balance that they can withdraw, so what will happen next? Not so sure, but stay tuned until tomorrow. Will the dividend pays? will threadmanager continue to make money on top of that additional to the DG stock dividend? The most basic question of all, will members engaged into this DG stock will get daily payment instantly? All these questions, based on historical facts, of lies, of make up stories, make reasons, would most likely point to a BIG NO! it’s merely a way proving coingeneration.com DG DigitalGeneration practicing its ┬ámanipulating methods, where the members have no choice but to buy the stock, this is so call legal to do so by coingneration.com by very unethical. Very manipulating.