New blog added to Paxum, EgoPay & PerfectMoney

This blog probably is the same content message was posted on the member’s homepage. mentioned that all major issues in regard to payment were resolved. But – what they really mean to say is that payza issue resolved, they DG now have full access to their account. However payout payment to members will be limited, people with less than $50 appears to get their payment approved from pending in a few days, while other people reported pending still for over 1 month. This message from Digital Generation DG isn’t new, they kept saying they funded their account such as paxum, egopay and so on to make payment to users, but it never really paid to people whom purchased multiple threads, they appears to make payment to people whom requested $4 or $5 payout, the most would be $50, while others with over $100 payment request people never really reported success, but maybe some are out there but just confirming they did through the internet. Let’s hope this time is true.


Paxum, EgoPay & PerfectMoney
By Joao on Thu, 09/12/2013 – 20:36
We’re happy to inform all members that major issues regarding payment issues were resolved today. DG is fully re-charged to make another step towards future improvements and we’re working hard to catch up with old tickets addressed to billing dept. starting August 6th.

We kindly ask you to be patient as we are going thru the list of “missing payments” made via PerfectMoney right now. If you still have an issue concerning your payment please address your inquiry to [email protected] Due to extremely high volume of payout requests, which occurred today once all accounts were unblocked for payouts, we suggest to use Paxum and EgoPay for withdrawals until we receive our remaining balance from Payza to raise the payout limits. Last but not least, standby for our next update and please remain positive as we are almost done putting all things together as needed.

Thank you for your continued trust, your patience will be rewarded.

Digital Generation Support Dept.