OFFLINE DigitalGeneration DG CG any day now and not a damn thing anyone can do about it

You want to know something? or something you already know and or will not be surprise! OFFLINE DigitalGeneration DG CG any day now and not a damn thing anyone can do about it.

DG have their finger on the OFF switch taking the whole operation down, and not a damn thing anyone can do it. Report POLICE? no ain’t gonna work unless you can show proof that you loss thousands of dollars, but if you shows this proof be prepare to answer some questions from the authority, so probably not too many people will report to POLICE. Same with reporting to CIA FBI GOV. However you can try the to report internet fraud.

The domain registrar address data information are all anonymous, fake, stolen identity. Same with hosting servers purchase using stolen identity of people. The same with their new website registrar under a fake person, fake address, already proven address don’t exist on database or google map.

The bank account information they mentioned are all unfamiliar bank, except a few that they done business with just one time and got shut down, suspended, funds frozen, but they still listed as partner. The payment processors, such as EGOPAY and Perfect money, these are virtual and can obtain by anyone with an email address. Paxum is a little more strict where the account owner required to have real identity, so if members really wants to find out the link of this account to this could be path, but need to contact to start the investigation though, however with that being said, again, the might have belong to someone else, stolen identity or was hired to supply chain the funds short term. Payza already terminated its relationship with

Paypal was an interesting one to DigitalGeneration DG CG. It’s interesting because it appears that DG hired another company to as a middle man to accept payments from members paid via paypal, so this way if something happens, wouldn’t hold accountable but the middle man would be. So there were some negociation going on there. In any case Paypal was only merely a one way transaction into No payment was ever paid via Paypal. Furthermore it was on for just several weeks then disappeared.

Conclusion: New Members to DigitalGeneration DG CG, mostly members that signed up on Nov. 2013 onward with ID# probably in the 500K, will get paid consistently and instantly! However it will be short live, DG will lure this new members in paying them big money so members feel comfortable and gain trust, and the end result the members reinvest or invest more and more, in addition to the 20% commission, members will refers many other members including their love ones, family members and even the poor. Sadly, this is the same methods DG CG DigitalGeneration used before with older members, and DG decided to stop paying giving make up reasons such as funding to payment processors problems, payment processors seized its funds, taking full advantage of whatever small reasons or make reasons for not paying, the cycle continue. Lied and lies and more lies, new members don’t realize this because new members are greedy or just don’t want to do any further research since they’re getting paid greatly! Think! new members! Who would gives you money back within 1.5 months 100% back, and pure profit after that for a year??? Think hard! That’s right! only Ponzi scheme!, SCAM, Fraud, lure, tricks!, they will outsmart you! you’ll see. So for new members we urged you not to invest anymore, not to refers anyone poor people don’t have money and you’re hurting them. Take whatever money available in your account daily, do it quick and fast. Ask any older members Founder Stock Holder, you’ll see their responses, however most likely the old members Stock Holder founders are in different chat room, not the same one as new members so the new members are blinded without know the scam activities DG done on them.

6:15:17 PM Alexalexalexalessandro: Supertapis, you are founder?
6:15:24 PM Supertapis: yes
6:16:20 PM Supertapis: When I request my money it redirect me on the main page 😮
6:16:34 PM Alexalexalexalessandro: founders are blocked
6:16:55 PM Supertapis: Why :O
6:17:15 PM Supertapis: Founders help DG I don’t understand
6:18:04 PM LukeRiga_2014: What DG does not understand is that we have funds we can’t withdraw and we might need these money to invest in other sectors
6:18:39 PM LukeRiga_2014: the damage that DG is doing to founders that have been sold to have more priority to payouts, is huge, they just put the carrot stick to the new members
6:19:03 PM LukeRiga_2014: and then they will come up with something else, they put founders and old members in third class, disgrasful
6:19:27 PM LukeRiga_2014: we have the people that made DG strong, investing our money in the beginning and this is our we get treated
6:19:49 PM LukeRiga_2014: DG time will come for you, everyone will turn their back to you and then you will have to say goodbye to your dreams
6:19:54 PM LukeRiga_2014: you are nothing without us
6:20:43 PM Supertapis: If they do such things yes new members will be rare
6:22:16 PM Supertapis: and they are gonna die…
6:24:44 PM LukeRiga_2014: Supertapis, well new members can see what we are going thru so I don’t see why they would invest
6:25:09 PM LukeRiga_2014: some investing because other new members are getting payout, but they only do this in the beginning
6:25:27 PM LukeRiga_2014: really what they do is to pay you back with your own money making you think you are getting paid
6:25:43 PM LukeRiga_2014: smartarses DG greedy jews
6:32:14 PM 1Grandi33: jkjk
6:41:00 PM Russo94: LukeRiga_2014, so
6:50:17 PM Z_spirit: 5days online only…LOL.. Enjoy it now before it close (or not)
6:55:52 PM Agnban01gmail: LukeRiga_2014, I think DG wants the founder to go…voluntarily…in peace..
6:57:58 PM Agnban01gmail: DG can at least a maximum limit applied to all members..
6:59:05 PM Agnban01gmail: set*
7:00:18 PM Agnban01gmail: what’s the point that DG allows the new Users to sd large amounts..and 0$ for founders?
7:00:31 PM Agnban01gmail: wd^
7:03:03 PM Clyver:
7:16:21 PM Andre Maranello: voltei amigos
7:21:15 PM Daflip_23: the delayed payments turned out to not pay at all, SCAM
7:22:43 PM Daflip_23: you can’t afford us founders but you can afford to pay this amount
7:22:49 PM Daflip_23: 2014-01-28 06:38:32 #600235 $278.32 Paxum mjcm****************com
7:38:36 PM Maihoangsu208hushmailcom: Admin, my account in Vietnam so Can I withdraw funds?
7:40:27 PM Maihoangsu208hushmailcom: accounts in Vietnam have trouble joining with DG?
7:57:26 PM Gicatore CR7: new Bitcoin in the world, becomes a partner and earn dividends
8:00:50 PM LukeRiga_2014: Dear users! Although we have been doing everything possible to sustain payouts and prefer not to pay founders, even though they actually saved us in the first place
8:01:26 PM LukeRiga_2014: without founders DG would be broke because DG owed lots of money to them, so they robbed us from threads, took em away, saved money and now this is thank you, no payouts to us
8:01:41 PM LukeRiga_2014: only to new investors getting caught into their evil trap
8:02:48 PM LukeRiga_2014: disgrace and yes DG time will come when every single one of us will be against you, 700.000 members will turn your back, put a bad word, organise legal actions, lots to come…t…
8:06:37 PM Gicatore CR7: New Bitcoin in the world, Becomes a partner and earn dividends
8:21:23 PM Why DG Why: Guys if you want to make some real money give me your email right now and i will send you the link..
8:31:00 PM Agentw4b38: test4
8:35:47 PM Yuiyu: so no more cashout for other members?
8:35:54 PM Yuiyu: like me/
8:36:00 PM Yuiyu: ?
8:37:20 PM Yuiyu: Why DG Why, hey email me here>>> [email protected] tnx man
8:50:38 PM CupuBlagu: DG JUTTT LAHHH
9:02:59 PM Sukhovinskyyhotmailcom: Why DG Why, [email protected]
9:07:38 PM Coelho93: if you want a program like DG but actually pays try
9:07:42 PM Sukhovinskyyhotmailcom: Why DG Why, [email protected]
9:19:03 PM Z_spirit:…aproveitem agora….;)
9:46:59 PM Jack_ripper: did some one invested on -> already?
9:48:37 PM HoChiMinh: u know bitcoin is irreversible
9:48:56 PM HoChiMinh: just like egopay perfectmoney
9:50:07 PM Jack_ripper: HoChiMinh, yeah
10:17:12 PM Yuiyu: I wonder if DG ever felt bad about the situation or they just don’t care
10:19:21 PM HoChiMinh: they don’t care apparently even worse they use profanity against us saying “shitting”
10:20:02 PM HoChiMinh: no way they can succeed with this much negatives already on the internet
10:20:44 PM HoChiMinh: you google search their company name whether it’s dg cg digi whatever all negatives
10:20:59 PM HoChiMinh: no one will trust their business anymore
10:21:31 PM HoChiMinh: however they can still fix this by paying it’s founder stock holder at least the min like $10 a day people were still happy
10:23:14 PM SERVER: you have connected to USA
10:23:42 PM HoChiMinh: suspend payment like this will only brings confusion bad reputation and bad reaction behavior
10:26:15 PM Yuiyu: they banned us because we complain and they don’t like the negative comments about them of course we complain they don’t want to pay us lol it’s normal no?
10:27:28 PM HoChiMinh: agreed 🙂 they’re becoming more less professiona
10:29:31 PM Yuiyu: how if they experience that? they will not complain too?
10:33:59 PM Yuiyu: it’s not good if they only think about their pocket it’s hopeless like that
11:09:16 PM Yllcn: nasılsınıx
11:11:54 PM Duckets: hello
11:15:25 PM Duckets: Jack_ripper, another HYIP rip off site!
11:17:19 PM GoatHerder200: test
11:17:30 PM GoatHerder200: morning
11:43:22 PM Messengerboy: DG deceived us,,an network business they are not , are playing with our money.. they are lazy freeloaders and scam artists
11:54:23 PM LukeRiga_2014: DG does not pay so we need to promote other businesses here, they use us we use them.
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11:56:35 PM RicardoSa: f
12:02:08 AM HoChiMinh: fair
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12:07:18 AM Spoon18: does anyone konw of anything thats like DG online to make money?
12:07:19 AM 6451215HB: oi
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12:07:45 AM 881144: ▇ ▇ ▇>SELL your Pc POWER<▇ ▇ ▇ 12:14:28 AM Spoon18: how much can you really make from that? 12:25:03 AM Dgmaster: 12:28:16 AM _Mybetter_: test 12:28:28 AM GoatHerder200: 12:28:51 AM _Mybetter_: hi all 12:34:32 AM GoatHerder200: _Mybetter_, hi m8 12:35:52 AM Daflip_23: payment is back? 12:35:58 AM Daflip_23: the note is not there anymore 12:36:18 AM Lordzskull: yes it is i just tried to withdraw 12:36:26 AM Lordzskull: but some people are getting paid 12:36:26 AM Daflip_23: i get, payment cannot be done 12:36:32 AM Daflip_23: this looks like its going back to normal 12:36:35 AM Lordzskull: I dont 12:36:44 AM Daflip_23: mee too 12:36:46 AM Lordzskull: i get that note 12:37:01 AM Daflip_23: atleast were not blocked 12:37:09 AM Daflip_23: but once it gets funded we can widraw 12:37:19 AM Daflip_23: we will have to keep trying now 12:37:22 AM Lordzskull: who knows really 12:37:33 AM GoatHerder200: i get the Dear users! 12:37:44 AM Daflip_23: oh ur acount is not done yet 12:37:53 AM KuumaPeruna: . 12:38:00 AM GoatHerder200: Daflip_23, me? 12:38:18 AM Daflip_23: maybe so 12:38:34 AM Daflip_23: u still have dear user not when ur widrawing? 12:38:41 AM Daflip_23: i dont have that anymore 12:38:50 AM Daflip_23: i have the "payment cannot be done" 12:39:33 AM GoatHerder200: when i try withdraw it says Dear users! 12:39:37 AM Daflip_23: or is it, instead of the dear user thats what i have instead 12:39:58 AM Daflip_23: because all acount is different 12:40:11 AM Daflip_23: but mine changed, i have the payment cannot be done now 12:40:48 AM GoatHerder200: Daflip_23, i think so m8 🙁 12:41:10 AM GoatHerder200: are you founder? 12:41:26 AM Daflip_23: yes 12:41:53 AM GoatHerder200: i don't think they will pay us yet for a while 12:42:34 AM Samrise: daflip can you tell me the first 3 digits of your id? i dont mean username.. 12:42:50 AM Daflip_23: 12:42:58 AM Daflip_23: this is my new error now when widrawing -- 12:43:17 AM Daflip_23: User ID: 233036 12:44:33 AM Daflip_23: does this mean im not blocked from payments anymore? this is what i have before the dear user 12:44:35 AM Samrise: ok and do you have more or less than 10$ on your AB 12:44:56 AM Daflip_23: i have 124$ 12:44:57 AM Samrise: it seems so like you are not blocked so you need to keep trying 12:45:04 AM Daflip_23: Samrise, yes 12:45:07 AM Samrise: ok thank for infos 12:45:15 AM Daflip_23: wat about u 12:45:23 AM Daflip_23: do u still have the "dear user" info 12:45:32 AM Samrise: yup 12:45:59 AM Daflip_23: oh i could be the same as "dear user" maybe dg just trying to switch around 12:46:05 AM Daflip_23: lets see 12:46:21 AM Samrise: maybe, we wait.. ^^ 12:46:30 AM Daflip_23: but i dont see user ID below 400kx 12:46:45 AM Samrise: within cashout? 12:46:57 AM Samrise: withis cashouts page? 12:46:58 AM Daflip_23: 12:47:14 AM Daflip_23: if u go there theres no payments below 400k on userids 12:47:24 AM Samrise: yes got it 12:47:40 AM Daflip_23: so lets wait if i see 200k- 600k range then its unlock 12:48:07 AM Samrise: daflip country? 12:48:33 AM Daflip_23: USA 12:48:37 AM Samrise: k 12:48:57 AM Daflip_23: i only have 2 wallets, EGO and paxum 12:48:59 AM Founder 62: founders did not pay problem. Egopay - paxum go pay to have it? 12:49:04 AM Daflip_23: payzaa gone 12:49:34 AM Founder 62: I do not Payza 12:50:08 AM Founder 62: Daflip_23, 12:50:25 AM Founder 62: Payza no icon 12:50:43 AM Founder 62: big problem 12:51:01 AM GoatHerder200: don't cost to join and it could make some cash in the future after launch 12:53:47 AM LukeRiga_2014: I wrote to support into DGstocks 12:53:57 AM LukeRiga_2014: and the confirmation message was in russian ahahahahaha 12:54:03 AM LukeRiga_2014: who are these people!!!! 12:54:08 AM Bodose: DG is a scam, but this is not a scam - Try the regret. 12:54:09 AM LukeRiga_2014: Тут надо написать что мы благодарны за вопрос и постараемся ответить как можно скорее. Серёг, с тебя текст. От Игоря тут немножко дизайна. 12:54:23 AM LukeRiga_2014: this is the actual message from Dgstocks IN RUSSIAN!! 12:58:16 AM GoatHerder200: launches on 31st and it will definitely make money 12:58:52 AM Macar: привет всем 1:00:36 AM GoatHerder200: You've got to write that we are grateful for the question and try to answer as soon as possible. Earrings with your text. Igor From here a little design. 1:01:04 AM GoatHerder200: what is that all about?' 1:04:32 AM GoatHerder200: I have not invested but some of my friends have made quite a bit and they think it will last a while longer 1:04:38 AM GoatHerder200: 1:05:24 AM GoatHerder200: I will be investing 50 usd later today 1:17:08 AM DG_Phoenix: GoatHerder200, it's good decision to invest here in DG 1:17:11 AM GoatHerder200: test 1:17:20 AM DG_Phoenix: you'll get your money back 1:17:29 AM DG_Phoenix: within 2 days only 1:17:34 AM DG_Phoenix: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 1:17:45 AM GoatHerder200: i have invested here m8 I'm founder 1:18:17 AM GoatHerder200: I'm rich thanks to DG 1:19:02 AM DG_Phoenix: GoatHerder200, give me some money 1:19:13 AM DG_Phoenix: 😀 1:20:24 AM GoatHerder200: 😀 1:28:40 AM Mafiy: умрите твари!!!!! 1:32:17 AM GoatHerder200: anton thanks for joining global share 1:35:51 AM GoatHerder200: 1:36:19 AM GoatHerder200: don't cost to join and it could make some cash in the future after launch 1:46:10 AM ClickBetter88888: Software/Miner.BTC>LTC>PPC>NMC>FTC>DOGE>>>>
2:02:54 AM ClickBetter88888:
2:09:44 AM Voael: This site grading is complete shit all scam sites who know them them out “Saints”
2:20:11 AM Rock The World 4: Voael, agree
2:29:45 AM Kalyan74: зачем в социальной сети рефералы?
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2:32:29 AM Hitler Nazi : Kalyan74, ai suki russkie zdesi evropa ne azia tak shto po russkom zapresiaet idite nahui s tvoimi slavonskii huioskii iazac
2:33:42 AM Kalyan74: Hitler Nazi , а ты сам то какого хуя по-русски пиздишь мудила?
2:34:57 AM Hitler Nazi : ia potomu shto znaiu shto va ruskie nihuia ne znaiete toliko po ruskii va tupaie kak duraa
2:35:19 AM Hitler Nazi : i can talk english and fuck ur mom in russian lool
2:37:28 AM Svaccogatto: there is support?
2:45:00 AM Postpolicescamm:
2:45:09 AM Postpolicescamm:
2:45:12 AM RobyNud: —
2:45:17 AM Postpolicescamm:
2:45:27 AM Postpolicescamm: http://www.neobux/.com/?r=filippo567
2:45:36 AM Postpolicescamm: not scamm
2:54:36 AM Peripoli: We create them and share BitCoin You just have to buy the shares for the hardware!
2:55:34 AM Samorodov: I want to become a founder. How do I do this?
2:57:35 AM Postpolicescamm: Samorodov, better not!!!
2:57:46 AM DGlover2014: test
2:58:13 AM Postpolicescamm: Samorodov, on stock page
2:59:04 AM DGlover2014: i invested 20$ over here and bought 100 rented referrals and producing pretty well Give it a try folk
3:00:03 AM DGlover2014: PTC are slow But we patience you can achieve a target of earning 100$ to 1000$
3:00:15 AM DGlover2014: with patience*
3:00:27 AM DGlover2014: a month*
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3:03:37 AM Malichflambizcz: DGlover2014, how to give money to probux to rent refferals? its possible to deposit?
3:03:59 AM DGlover2014: More fast if you buy Gold membership for 72$ for 1 year ( discount available till 30 january) Then just sit back and click once a day
3:04:18 AM DGlover2014: Malichflambizcz, yes you can through paypal Sir
3:05:17 AM Malichflambizcz: where? I dont see any icon there
3:05:51 AM DGlover2014: Malichflambizcz, next to Rental balance there is icon called Add funds Click there!~
3:06:45 AM Malichflambizcz: I see
3:07:12 AM DGlover2014: There are many PTC sites But i gave up on them Now only stick to
3:07:40 AM DGlover2014: Met many many users from DG and they are doing very very well
3:08:28 AM DGlover2014: Even if someone dont want to invest Just dont invest and keep accumulating funds there once u hit a certain target then purcahse RR
3:08:59 AM DGlover2014: there was many strategies available on google on how to follow that 🙂
3:09:16 AM Salsaman77: lover novita?
3:10:28 AM DGlover2014: Since DG has stopped payouts to founders So i am waiting but i have joined where i am creating bitcoins with GHS
3:11:38 AM Garry_M52: Hi!
3:11:47 AM DGlover2014: you can buy bitcoins on and transfer them to your wallet and then transfer to and buy GHS and mine bitcoins
3:12:19 AM DGlover2014: But wait until prices fall down Then buy You can always trade GHS for bitcoins 😉
3:13:05 AM DGlover2014: They do charge certain fee for pool management They also sell bitcoin miners And i usually see 1700 to 2k people in chat
3:13:09 AM GoldenArmy: DGlover2014, give me your skype
3:13:12 AM DGlover2014: Running very successful
3:13:24 AM Solim: hi
3:13:34 AM DGlover2014: GoldenArmy, rockstarzsz
3:13:43 AM GoldenArmy: DGlover2014, thanks
3:14:06 AM DGlover2014: GoldenArmy, welcome 🙂
3:14:51 AM Dailyincome: Free…earn money on short links
3:14:56 AM DGlover2014: i love DG and i still have hope from DG but i am diversifying my portfolio of investment so i can hedge my future risk
3:16:16 AM Salsaman77: io spero che dg si riprenda
3:16:17 AM Malichflambizcz: DGlover2014, daily earnings with 100 rented refferals?
3:16:28 AM DGlover2014: Moreover Guys you can always visit my personal website Where i am daily posting about Forex training
3:16:58 AM DGlover2014: Malichflambizcz, check here it will show u estimations 🙂
3:17:16 AM GoldenArmy: DGlover2014, check your SKYPE
3:18:49 AM Afters:
3:20:05 AM DGlover2014: Malichflambizcz, please keep this in mind : On autopay option and Recycle Rented referral if anyone who dont click for 4 days or whose average is below 1.33
3:20:32 AM Afters: DG scam …. this is a solid company, no hyip:
3:20:35 AM DGlover2014: Malichflambizcz, you can always google probux strategies 🙂
3:21:04 AM DGlover2014: Afters, dont say THAT You can advertise but dont call the platform where u r advertising !
3:21:32 AM GoatHerder200:
3:21:40 AM GoatHerder200: lol
3:23:17 AM GoatHerder200: don’t cost to join and it could make some cash in the future after launch
3:24:10 AM Afters: A webmaster holed up in a hole …. …. afraid? It’s disgusting the founder …. God will punish you … he sees it.
3:26:23 AM Afters: Fuck DG and come with earning a real company and not the result of:
3:27:53 AM Zovat: hi
3:28:06 AM Zovat: any good news?
3:28:28 AM GoatHerder200: Zovat, i had a blow job this morning
3:28:46 AM Afters: scamvoid? Do not believe all the boys …. they do it cleverly to deceive the whole world
3:29:21 AM DGlover2014: GoatHerder200, lol
3:31:21 AM Dailyincome: -FREE…Shorten URL and get paid…
3:31:29 AM Peripoli: We create them and share BitCoin You just have to buy the shares for the hardware!
3:31:38 AM GoatHerder200:
3:32:26 AM GoatHerder200: don’t cost to join and it could make some cash in the future after launch
3:34:37 AM Zovat: the dgstocks website is working, someone can log in?
3:36:51 AM GoatHerder200:
3:37:39 AM GoatHerder200: .paradoxcash launches on 31st so get in now 🙂
3:38:51 AM GoatHerder200: Zovat, m8 it’s been like that for some time now..they will let us know how and when we can use it
3:46:36 AM Zovat: oo:)oke. thanks
3:49:07 AM Anverd10: eee
3:49:23 AM 6451215HB: hi
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3:51:10 AM Joona Gas: dg stocks yet open?
3:52:06 AM Postpolicescamm:
3:52:15 AM Postpolicescamm:
3:52:27 AM Postpolicescamm: http://www.neobux/.com/?r=filippo567
3:52:35 AM Postpolicescamm: not scamm
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4:00:40 AM Denise2: test
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4:13:23 AM ErnestG: spammer jungle …!!!!
4:17:40 AM GoatHerder200: ErnestG, lol
4:19:47 AM GoatHerder200: don’t cost to join and it could make some cash in the future after launch
4:25:09 AM Szpagi: someone know when the stock market willstart??
4:25:37 AM GoatHerder200: Szpagi, should be in a couple of days i think
4:27:15 AM Szpagi: ok thx for thr reply
4:27:37 AM Margus: do i need to register a new account in to get in ?
4:28:01 AM Szpagi: good question
4:31:41 AM Tailer49: hey i need admin
4:33:17 AM GoatHerder200: Tailer49, why
4:33:51 AM GoatHerder200: Margus, they will let us know what we must do in an update
4:34:09 AM Nieske: will we ever get paid ?
4:34:13 AM GoatHerder200: DGstocks is not ready yet
4:34:55 AM Nieske: i’m founder and can’t withdrawl. hope that’s gonna change …
4:35:18 AM Nieske: i have 100 threats and can’t do anything with them
4:35:31 AM Nieske: any news ?
4:35:33 AM Margus: Okay, thanks
4:35:42 AM Afters:
4:35:56 AM GoatHerder200: Nieske, I still have some faith
4:36:14 AM Nieske: GoatHerder200, thanks
4:37:33 AM GoatHerder200: don’t cost to join and it could make some cash in the future after launch
4:41:18 AM John5767: hy
4:42:46 AM Mili87:
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4:52:19 AM Postpolicescamm:
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5:13:49 AM Madhat: ClickBetter88888, hello
5:17:25 AM Seixo: TelexFree dos pobres
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5:20:02 AM Russo94: any news people?
5:20:17 AM GoatHerder200: Russo94, no m8 sorry
5:20:48 AM GoatHerder200: welcome to spam chat
5:22:09 AM Russo94: mmmm so bad i dount understand about dgstocks
5:24:11 AM GoatHerder200: Russo94, it’s not working yet m8..They will let us know in an update
5:24:37 AM GoatHerder200: don’t cost to join and it could make some cash in the future after launch
5:26:22 AM Waiting4dg: earn money 🙂 ……
5:27:27 AM Waiting4dg: .
5:27:33 AM Waiting4dg:
5:29:01 AM Dailyprofit: DFS paying
5:30:42 AM Garry_M52: .
5:31:35 AM Rock The World 4: Waiting4dg, how does it work
5:31:54 AM Rock The World 4: Waiting4dg, is it a hyip?
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5:34:45 AM Edynho: Hi, can someone explain me what is going on? I am talking about the home page anoucement
5:38:01 AM Moha53:
5:39:32 AM Eld_ist_krieg:
5:40:38 AM GoatHerder200: Edynho, founders are not being paid at the moment
5:41:01 AM GoatHerder200: don’t cost to join and it could make some cash in the future after launch
5:41:23 AM Steew: Anyone of you want to make a lot of money by playing a game in virtual forex? or just sitting down on a chair? possibility of over 2000$ per week
5:41:34 AM Steew: add me on skype: auraldo
5:41:44 AM Hitler Nazi : Steew, did u made this money
5:41:50 AM Hitler Nazi : show proof
5:42:07 AM GoatHerder200: Hitler Nazi , lol
5:42:30 AM Prosystem: SIMILAR
5:42:45 AM Moha53: We cannot get money from you, please read follow information.
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5:43:50 AM Steew: add me
5:43:58 AM Steew: i show you
5:44:42 AM GoatHerder200: #618005 $200.06 Paxum comp*******************.fr But founders get NOTHING
5:48:28 AM Moha53: DG are insulting us!!!! You guys are sh*tting at the same place where you eat, that’s the straightforward comment we’ld like to add regarding the whole situation. Just to remind…
5:49:10 AM Moha53: You guys are sh*tting at the same place where you eat, that’s the straightforward comment we’ld like to add regarding the whole situation. Just to remind, there are no janitors …
5:49:27 AM Rfabrto_founder: don’t spam us please, user will be banned and founds blocked!
5:49:36 AM Moha53: DG why
5:50:08 AM Steew: add me on skype : auraldo
5:50:09 AM Rfabrto_founder: Moha53, I don’t see any admi here!
5:50:15 AM Moha53: DG why are you insulting us?????
5:50:41 AM Rfabrto_founder: Moha53, they where talking about perfecmoney
5:50:50 AM Rfabrto_founder: I think
5:51:40 AM Moha53: Rfabrto_founder, but they insult us in their messages
5:54:28 AM Rfabrto_founder: Moha53, I don’t think so!
5:54:47 AM Rfabrto_founder: let me read it again on the blog!
5:55:28 AM Steew: Anyone of you want to make a lot of money by playing a game in virtual forex? or just sitting down on a chair? possibility of over 2000$ per week
5:55:41 AM Steew: add me on skype: auraldo
5:57:27 AM Moha53: Rfabrto_founder, look here
5:58:06 AM Rfabrto_founder: thank, cause I was looking for it
5:59:21 AM Peteer: market is working?Cannot log in
5:59:32 AM Moha53: they say also that :Italian, Portugal and Brazil communities will have their payments re-instated first as a courtesy to level of comfort we have been experiencing with them. It…
6:00:01 AM Edynho: I didn’t get that anoucement
6:00:25 AM Edynho: what they want to tell us?
6:00:51 AM Rfabrto_founder: Moha53, I think
6:01:32 AM Rfabrto_founder: It’s just a way ot talking due the situation
6:02:05 AM Edynho: what is going on?
6:02:22 AM Rfabrto_founder: no paying is on!
6:02:45 AM Rfabrto_founder: !no is paying on….
6:02:47 AM Moha53: no paying,no funding also!!!
6:02:54 AM Edynho: what is the reason?
6:03:03 AM Edynho: yeah
6:03:04 AM Rfabrto_founder: no money!
6:03:15 AM Edynho: I wanted to fund and I couldn’t
6:03:24 AM Moha53: me too
6:03:40 AM Rfabrto_founder: payza has blocked some like 2mill$
6:03:59 AM Edynho: what is the deal about 100k?
6:05:24 AM Rfabrto_founder: I think somebody must go to Gibraltar and place a bomb on Payza office!
6:05:29 AM Edynho: did someone read the atm thing?
6:05:39 AM Edynho:
6:05:47 AM Postpolicescamm: ,
6:06:02 AM Rfabrto_founder: Postpolicescamm, you can be banned and your founds blocked!
6:06:07 AM Postpolicescamm: .
6:06:10 AM Achiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: assente
6:06:18 AM Rfabrto_founder: just if an admin see you!
6:06:18 AM Postpolicescamm: http://www.neobux/.com/?r=filippo567 .
6:06:57 AM Rfabrto_founder: Postpolicescamm, scam yourself!
6:07:36 AM Achiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: Ecco l’alternativa 2047 usd senza fare un tubo http://salvatore48.STIFOR…
6:07:41 AM Rfabrto_founder: Postpolicescamm, this PTC is yust time wasters!
6:08:23 AM Achiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:
6:08:39 AM Achiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: provare per credere
6:09:51 AM Steew: Anyone of you want to make a lot of money by playing a game in virtual forex? or just sitting down on a chair? possibility of over 2000$ per week add me on skype: auraldo
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6:13:01 AM Achiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: ht…
6:13:28 AM Achiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:
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6:20:52 AM Moha53: the best ptc site
6:22:03 AM Misa_G11: čítajte 🙂
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6:23:50 AM RipDG:
6:24:31 AM Misa_G11: Fuck all of your spaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!!!
6:26:16 AM Moha53: only $1.95 investment
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6:30:50 AM Paovidiugmailcom: Com’è la situazione dei vostri gatewat, tutti anrancioni?
6:35:55 AM 6451215HB: oi
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6:41:10 AM ErnestG: spammer forum !!!
6:48:17 AM GrandDgFan1: too much spam here,where are the admins??
6:50:40 AM 3ARNM0N3Y: ……..
6:51:58 AM 3ARNM0N3Y: GrandDgFan1, they’ re gone
6:52:08 AM 3ARNM0N3Y: …………….
6:53:11 AM 3ARNM0N3Y: ………………
6:54:10 AM Lodoteam123: Money-
6:55:30 AM 3ARNM0N3Y: ……………….
6:58:12 AM Mahmut SOYLU: 3ARNM0N3Y, spam please banned
6:58:27 AM Mahmut SOYLU: 6451215HB, spam please banned
6:58:37 AM Mahmut SOYLU: Postpolicescamm, spam please banned
6:58:45 AM Mahmut SOYLU: SAndokan58, spam please banned
6:59:45 AM Lodoteam123: money-
7:00:40 AM Rfabrto_founder: so many spammers and no admi to ban them!
7:01:03 AM LukeRiga_2014: looking at the users ID in the payouts seems like founders or older users are getting paid
7:01:34 AM LukeRiga_2014: I try and I get the same Dear Users! Message, they must target certain users and block em from payouts
7:01:50 AM LukeRiga_2014: bravo DG, you are such a sustainable reliable business
7:04:01 AM Rfabrto_founder: I can’t stand still!
7:10:34 AM LJOSS: ;((
7:11:02 AM Sineperde: admin burada olsa onları ban atacağına bize cevap verirdi değil mi mahmut kardeşim?
7:11:47 AM GrandDgFan1: Please stop temporally chat rooms before payments resumed(if),too much spam…
7:13:38 AM Mahmut SOYLU: banned yazınca bazen server otomatik banlıyor 🙂
7:14:55 AM Gonnger: can anyone login ?
7:15:13 AM Basrii: I can’t
7:15:16 AM Rambos: Gonnger, NO
7:15:39 AM Gonnger: ok thx
7:16:08 AM Rambos: how can I sell my DGstocks?
7:16:56 AM Gonnger: if you login maybie
7:17:19 AM Lodoteam123: money money-
7:18:05 AM Mahmut SOYLU: Lodoteam123, are you sick? please stop spammer
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7:19:13 AM ANDREY_X: .
7:19:37 AM Sineperde: en ufak bi tartışma da sistem başkalarını da banlar o zaman al başına belayı açtır hesabını açtırabilirsen bunlara?
7:20:16 AM Mahmut SOYLU: buradaki ban chat odası banı hesap banlama değil
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7:34:45 AM 3ARNM0N3Y: …………
7:35:07 AM 3ARNM0N3Y: ………………….
7:36:25 AM Agnban01gmail: hi
7:37:39 AM Agnban01gmail: get paid directly,
7:37:46 AM Postpolicescamm: EARN WHTIOUT SCAMM
7:37:55 AM Postpolicescamm: EARN WHITOUT SCAMM
7:38:10 AM SERVER: User Lodoteam123 – BANNED!
7:41:08 AM ID 140457: DG is a scam
7:45:34 AM SERVER: User ID 140457 – BANNED!
7:49:30 AM Pjfm45: noticias não dão mas BAN ja sabemm dar
7:58:42 AM SERVER: User Moha53 – BANNED!
8:01:25 AM GoatHerder200: don’t cost to join and it could make some cash in the future after launch
8:03:03 AM Founder 62:
8:03:56 AM Founder 62: it pays, not to wait for money
8:05:18 AM JoeL DG02: teste333
8:05:18 AM Acid_crash: It’s a PTC, but i’ve already got somy payout done!
8:05:39 AM Gilsantana BG Exrcito: SUPPORT:01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,19,20??/cadê vocês…quero ajuda,help,help,help!!!
8:05:41 AM Look4tru377: Rfabrto_founder, no money no admin ….DG didn´t pay them too 🙁
8:06:04 AM Founder 62: no paid
8:06:36 AM Agentw4b38: is not functional now
8:06:52 AM Look4tru377: Gilsantana BG Exrcito, não lhes pagaram
8:07:07 AM Look4tru377: Gilsantana BG Exrcito, foram embora
8:07:17 AM Founder 62: no work
8:07:29 AM Founder 62: stock
8:08:08 AM Gilsantana BG Exrcito: Estavam me pagando…agora parou!!!
8:08:25 AM HoChiMinh: hacked
8:08:53 AM Outronickname: Gilsantana BG Exrcito, tem um support no portugal
8:09:06 AM Agentw4b38: I want money back 🙁
8:12:06 AM GoatHerder200: test
8:12:15 AM GoatHerder200: don’t cost to join and it could make some cash in the future after launch
8:12:20 AM Gilsantana BG Exrcito: I am pretty sure that they will come back clear … are some problems!
8:16:29 AM Gilsantana BG Exrcito: This so clear that the DG is true … if not we would not be here coversando, this room would have gone to space … is that has people talking badly Site!
8:17:39 AM Cumilo: dgstocks???
8:21:02 AM Dontgiveuphope: test
8:21:20 AM Dontgiveuphope: admin in portugal room
8:21:42 AM Dontgiveuphope: brave man …i respect that
8:22:17 AM Cumilo: test
8:25:44 AM Spaca88: how to login to DGstocks?
8:25:51 AM ClickBetter99999: 200%Return.Payout EveryDay >>>>>>>
8:26:23 AM Dontgiveuphope: Spaca88, not fully working yet m8.They will let us know
8:27:18 AM Agnban01gmail: hi
8:28:08 AM Agnban01gmail: just $1.75…get paid directly…
8:29:00 AM 1234flo: #107235 $8.83 Egopay jlau**********.cz
8:29:09 AM 1234flo: is old user
8:29:54 AM Summer123: test…
8:29:59 AM Summer123: test passed)
8:30:00 AM Cumilo: only one
8:30:03 AM Agnban01gmail: 1234flo, DG keeps us in the dark…it does what it does…
8:30:33 AM Agnban01gmail: Dg couldn”t care less…
8:31:35 AM HoChiMinh: nope they don’t care since day 1
8:32:25 AM Agnban01gmail: 2014-01-28 13:27:20 #307475 $10.96 Paxum rr.r*************com OLD User????
8:32:26 AM HoChiMinh: dg have their finger on the OFF switch they can switch it off not a damn thing anyone can do about it
8:33:20 AM Gindelicatoemailit: i don understand why no founders are withdrawing and faounders can’t!!!!
8:33:21 AM Cumilo: lalalalalala
8:34:23 AM Agnban01gmail: Cumilo, only 1??? still not the norm..
8:37:08 AM Agnban01gmail: more old users/founders getting paid…not me…2014-01-29 05:06:30 #229832 $7.47 Paxum info**************com 2014-01-29 04:55:19 #228810 $2 Paxum amin******************…
8:37:49 AM JUSTENJOY IMAGINATION:!russia/component_71401
8:38:09 AM Postpolicescamm51: hi
8:38:31 AM Agnban01gmail: Selective payout for Old Users/Founders???? keep guessing…that’s DG’s way of doing things.
8:39:55 AM Postpolicescamm51: EARN WITHOUT SCAM
8:40:03 AM Postpolicescamm51: EARN WITHOUT SCAM
8:40:05 AM Cumilo: payza resoleved problems with dg severals month ago
8:40:42 AM Dontgiveuphope: Agnban01gmail, founders paid?
8:41:47 AM Dontgiveuphope: all i see is Dear users!
8:42:57 AM Civatek: i want to link this project, similar to DG but more amazing :
8:47:26 AM Smoker12: Founders are no longer able to withdraw ???????????
8:52:37 AM Dontgiveuphope: Smoker12, stopped payin on 23rd m8
8:52:58 AM Postpolicescamm52: EARN WITHOUT SCAM
8:53:15 AM Postpolicescamm52: EARN WITHOUT SCAM