[Resolving problems?] Topcapitalist.com still not paying all its members and now required verification of members

Before I start. I would like to recommend a better paying hyip, new and they will last long, so get in now today before it’s too late like topcapitalist.com It is Geniuscapital.net There has been mix feedback from members at topcapitalist.com after its email to its members to verify account.

Our upstream bank require to provide them our members documents in order to verify the identities, for this purpose please send the following documents and your username at the subject.

Required Personal Documents :

* A scan of the valid passport .
* A scan of the drivers license or National Identity Card
* photo of yourself( shoulder and head)
* Proof of physical address (original or notarized copy of utility bill, bank statement or credit card statement). YOU NEED TO SEND TWO DIFFERENT BILLS SHOWING YOUR ADDRESS. ( not older than 3 months ago )


Right after this email was sent from topcapitalist, a lot of people jumped into facebook fan page and goldpoll and other hyipmonitors and started commenting. Only a couple people where I see indicating that they sent documents as requested and within 1 hour later their pending payment was released all together one time. However there are large amount of people does not trust topcapitalist to handle documents such as driver license ID, password, phone bill and so on, so they didn’t not submit document.

What’s strange about this is that, topcapitalist is not really a real company or bank, so people should be wary about sending identification proof, unless they can actually go to the office of topcapitalist and hand them the information. It is true that, safe to provide proof of identity to a bank, not topcapitalist, they’re not bank. However just use your best judgement. If you are going to send the documents, ensure to follow the direction carefully as they say. If you ask question, most likely you will not get an answer, they will probably ignore all the request via email except this identify verification.

From a good source, the email everyone got was simply a final attempt to get people identify to sell it.Since topcapitalist didn’t make enough money from you, so now they plan on extra income by collecting your identity and selling it.

Don’t do that, they wrote in their own FAQ: Does Top Capitalist require verification documents to opening an account?

No, we do not ask you any verification documents during registration.

How Top Capitalist verify members’ identity?

secret question and secret answer will be identified as an account owner.