[SCAM] Coingeneration.com DGstocks.com final attempts to scam more people

As more and more people are now well aware of coingeneration.com DG CG DigitalGeneration scam, this includes new members as well. Some new members are now no longer getting paid or having problems requesting payout. While the Founder Stock Holder promised to have priority getting paid, but apparently that’s not true and proven that coingeneration.com made many lies, lied and lies over and over again, fake reasons, making up stories just to kill time, not paying, while making payout to new members repeating the same old process to get the investors invest more and more to get trapped just like the older members. This is worst than HYIP.

All new members to coingeneration.com, you are getting paid nicely instantly, but do not fall for this coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG scam, they will trap you manipulate you and you will not be able to profit, they’re trapping you putting in certain groups of members and start milking tricking you to invest by showering you with money, so you can invest or refer more people for them to be a victim of coingeneration.

6:55:13 PM Beljalex: I tried to cashout a few minutes ago but it doesn’t work. I write the second captcha but nothing, balance still the same
6:55:48 PM Beljalex: I see I am not the only one to have this problem
6:56:24 PM ENIGMAx1: red..
6:57:06 PM Beljalex: I am a founder too… no money for us???
6:57:18 PM Beljalex: MattoDavvero1, no Egopay is green for me
7:00:18 PM ENIGMAx1: for me too
7:00:41 PM ENIGMAx1: !?!+%
7:02:30 PM Alex_bannato_SOON: Beljalex, Never money…. founders are out now!
7:04:03 PM Kostas84: hi
7:04:17 PM Kostas84: i ahve a question regarding stocks
7:04:33 PM Kostas84: could someone help please?
7:08:22 PM ILuvBEANS: yo
7:08:31 PM ILuvBEANS: whos messin with my access?
7:11:33 PM Kostas84: they dont pay any more?
7:19:55 PM Raul Albiol: not scam: http://www.argentglobalnetwork.com/?Cash94
7:20:02 PM Raul Albiol: not scam: www.libertagia.com/Rayman22
7:20:09 PM Raul Albiol: http://www.argentglobalnetwork.com/?Cash94
7:20:14 PM Raul Albiol: www.libertagia.com/Rayman22
7:20:21 PM Raul Albiol: http://wad.ojooo.com/register.php?ref=jakson94
7:20:28 PM Raul Albiol: http://www.probux.com/?r=jakson94
7:20:36 PM Raul Albiol: http://www.argentglobalnetwork.com/?Cash94
7:20:43 PM Raul Albiol: www.libertagia.com/Rayman22
7:27:09 PM AlexandreS0: They pay 😉 http://www.ipuservices.com/user/signup/?referred_by=IPU068094
7:30:55 PM AlexandreS0: http://dollarsflowsystem.com/?ref=fantom_korg
7:41:29 PM Jerome789: secure code incorrectement, s’il vous plaît essayer à nouveau plus tard.
7:45:25 PM Fredyscat: http://dollarsflowsystem.com/?ref=FredysCat
8:06:49 PM Mario02: hello
8:47:43 PM 5339839GYI: oi
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8:49:12 PM Jorgerd: alguien habla español?
9:06:39 PM AngelaAlfonso: Hola Jorge
9:09:46 PM Cumla: Best Regards, Digital Generation Team
9:10:51 PM Cumla: Dear users!
9:14:07 PM Fofored: Cumla, what?
9:19:08 PM Selin_mohantyyahoocom: when withdraw will be again available?
9:54:22 PM PlagaElvis: Cuando van a reactivar los pagos para las personas de america?
9:54:39 PM Crossover: Selin_mohantyyahoocom, never
9:54:53 PM Crossover: PlagaElvis, nunca mas
9:55:04 PM Crossover: jajajajajaja
9:55:12 PM Crossover: this week
9:55:27 PM Crossover: idk. we all waiting
9:55:41 PM Crossover: but its proly scam
9:55:51 PM Crossover: good night all
9:59:45 PM PlagaElvis: jejeej Crossover tu crees que es una estafa?
10:02:11 PM PlagaElvis: nos cerraron el grifo entonces,, y no se sabe hasta cuando?
10:23:41 PM Ziro89: quando potranno ritirare i founder?
10:25:23 PM Fredyscat: http://dollarsflowsystem.com/?ref=FredysCat
10:35:46 PM Kerguru2: DG is scam!!!
10:37:07 PM JHassan1125: 2.8k invested in 7 months and I could not make a profit, I feel cheated by DG and we do not seek solutions to the founders
10:37:59 PM JHassan1125: we have taken the medium, if DG does not seek solutions to look for ways to submit to justice
10:38:29 PM JHassan1125: invested thousands of dollars here, seven months lost
10:39:48 PM JHassan1125: responsibility lies with DG, it was they who proposed this project, make yourselves responsible
11:03:23 PM Chicalati67: hello
11:03:49 PM ILuvBEANS: hallo
11:06:23 PM Chicalati67: as it can be founder’m new at this
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11:25:52 PM Believes12: test
11:40:08 PM ManOnFire: Hello , what i have to do if they ask for phone bill and ID when i’m tryin payment process
11:48:39 PM SERVER: you have connected to USA