[SCAM] IPUServices.com continue to send out scam email while no way knowing what happening with others

Here we go again. Last week or so, IPUServices.com sent out an email, similar one tricks more people in sending them money, even at $1 $2 level, that how desperate IPUServices.com is to steal people’s money. Hopefully no one falls for this trick email. Unfortunately a lot of idiots out there doesn’t know much about IPUServices.com SCAM or knowing it’s a scam but continue to spent money saying, oh it’s only $1 $2 not much, I can loose that, well guess what? that’s the thing, $1 from each person, 10,000 people that’s $10K easily, and there are over hundreds users and each users will not buy $1 or $2, some even will buy $100 or $150 for the division manager position. Again IPUServices.com is total SCAM, they shut down the forum so no one know what they’re doing or how bad of a scam they are. For some people gets to see this blog would think twice before spending money on IPUServices.com.

From: IPU SERVICEs – News / Updates <[email protected]> To:
Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Subject: IPU Services UPDATE – REFERRAL SALE!!

Due to server issues over the weekend, not everyone was able to log in and take advantage of our sale; We are therefore extending our offer for another 48 hours!

We are having a 48-Hour Referral Sale!

For the next two days, ALL Member Levels (Standard. Regional, and Division) may purchase referrals for your downline for $1 EACH (Minimum 10 referrals purchased).

These referrals are exclusively yours, and they NEVER expire – you will earn off of them forever!

(When this sale ends, our pricing for referrals will be set back to $5 each, and referrals will only be available for Regional and Division Accounts)


There are fewer than 75 Division Accounts yet available for purchase –

this will be our “last call” for these higher-earning accounts – Buy Now!!

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