[SCAM] IPUservices.com You MUST be DIVISION ACCOUNT to share in LLC Earnings to be distributed on March 31

Do not all for this trick from IPUServices.com. The latest news update they have in regard to payout to Division Manager are simply want you give them free money, in this case $150 per person. Most likely it’s not 45 accounts available but more than that, it’s just another marketing strategy to get people in giving free money. The money you send to IPUservices.com via EGOPay, Bitcoin, cannot be reverse, cannot be dispute, it’s a one way transaction, you cannot complaint to anyone to get your money back, your complaint will be ignore.

IPUservices.com initially started back in June 2013, a lot of people recruit and convert to Division Manager and got paid $50 commission, several months later, they stopped paying, then too many complaint was posted on the forums, the forums was closed! shut down! The respond of support IPUServices.com were like kids running the show.

Since beginning of November 2013 IPUServices.com have not paid anyone, not even commission converted to Division manager let a lone the people whom downloaded the software and let the software run. What happen to the promise that IPUservices.com minimum payout $50? for people running the software.

The website IPUServices.com still very unprofessionally done, no chat support, and fake # published as the amount payout, all fake, use http://www.changedetection.com/log/ipuservices/index_log.html and you will see.

Once again, please! please! please! do not fall for this trick, this trap, fraud, giving $150 away for free, the news update they had simply to get you motivated in give them $150  which you will never able to get it back. It’s a one way transaction Egopay and other payment method where it will not allow you dispute and get money back. Your $150 is gone.

By the way! Egopay and Payza had already been suspended in operating in the USA, and eventually STP, moneyPack and so on will also get suspended in operating in the USA, the reason simply because of users cannot create a dispute to get their money back even real 100% SCAM or Fraud like coingeneration, ipuservices.com, coinbeez and so on.

From: IPU SERVICEs – News / Updates <[email protected]> To:
Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2014
Subject: Division Account Earnings – IPU Services

ACCOUNT STATUS – Standard (You MUST be DIVISION ACCOUNT to share in LLC Earnings to be distributed on March 31)

The first quarterly payment to our 1000 Division Account Partners will be made on March 31. The current projection for the first quarterly payout to Division Managers will be $227.50 (Two-Hundred-Twenty-Seven Dollars and Fifty Cents) Per Division Account. The second quarterly payment to Division Accounts will be made on June 30, 2014 – amount as yet to be determined.

There are 9 days left to purchase the remaining 45 Division accounts

As you are aware, all Division Account Managers are equal LLC Partners in Idle Processor Utilization Services, LLC. As such, all Division Managers will share equally in 100% of the profits of the company. We originally planned on having 1000 Division Accounts, and, as of now, we have approximately 955 Division Managers and 45 openings remaining.

Once these are sold out, they will never be on sale again. Go here to upgrade to a Division Account – http://www.ipuservices.com/upgrade.php

Payouts – Payza has really thrown us for a loop with holding a significant amount of our funds, funds we need to make payouts. We are happy to announce that this problem has been corrected, and we will be able to make full payouts to everyone, on demand, beginning in the first week of March. We are also working with a new payment processor that we are very excited about, called “Anony-Pay”. They will accept payments in any format you wish (PayPal, Cash, Western Union, Payza, EgoPay, OK Pay, plus any others you care to suggest) and they will make payouts to you in any manner that you require. Will will shortly send you information regarding this exciting new company.

MAKE SUGGESTIONS PLEASE on what payment methods would be useful, and we will make it happen.

Thank you all for a spectacular first year!

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