[SCAM] PCEARNER poorly functional design website HYIP

This PCEarner is another SCAM similar to IPUservices.com Coingeneration.com and Coinbeez.com, and off course many others I’m not aware of, it’s out there. Taking the famous HYIP (high yield investment program) into the next level. Ever since the day of coingeneration.com many copy cat of coingeneration.com start to pops up all over.

Basically how these program work are:

  1. The scammer, use fake identity of stolen identity with a proxy IP computer, registered a domain name, and purchased web hosting. Either hire a cheap freelancer to create a website or normally the scammer would design it him/herself to safe money and keep it as a secret on who’s behind the scam website.
  2. The contents normally copied from another legitimate HYIP websites, modified it a little bit and good to go with TOS (term of service)
  3. Then off the the intelligence scam contents, such as invest $50 and get back $50 in a month, and $50 a month after that for 12 months as example. The cycle continue
  • At First, there will be a lot of skeptical people invest a little bit of money, typically minimum, and then as they start to see consistent and instant payout, they start to trust the program and began to reinvest and in some cases the victims invested more and more. Then later on the victims start to refers their friends, and their family members, as the victims makes more money they became greedy, reinvesting, in the end the program operators scammer start to manage each individual investors or group them into certain categories and flag them when to stop payout to them because the calculation logic these intelligence scammer had very good working one, they know when to stop the payout and in order to profit.
  • Then the payout start to stop, then the scammer start to make up stories, develop new ideas and so on to keep the members from having negative feedback such as reporting the scam website to authority and payment processors. It work for a while but then the members realized they’re being scam, however it’s too late to file dispute or get money back. Especially today with EGOPAY Payza and many others are being prohibited from operating in the USA or anyone from USA cannot use these payments processors.

These goes for all similar operations like coingeneration.com coinbeez.com ipuservices.com pcearner and many more.

Back to PCearner.com, it’s no doubt that they had stopped payout for a long time, as soon as day one. Just like many other HYIP, but these types of HYIP taking advantage of new technology and lure people in to get free money, in the end the investors loss. Nothing the investors can do, since the scam website are being registered anonymously or registered with fake stolen identity of someone else, same with payment processors. It will be very difficult even the authority to track down who’s the operators behind these scam, could an individual like pcearner.com, could a group of people like coingeneration.com

Watch out for the new anony-pay.com as well, same scenarios, anonymous operators for the websites claimed to to be to accept and payout using any kind of payment processors. Wait and see this scam, see if I’m right, it’s a new scam but using the concept as HYIP, just new way to lure people in on using the service and stop at anytime to take your money, and sadly again nothing you can do about it.

Sent: Sunday, March 16, 2014

Name: fabio
Message: HELLO i was making some researches about PCEARNER because i\’ve subscribed in PCEARNER paying 137,50 $ and now the program is all steady…non going…

and when i\’ve tried to get information on facebook and writing to the support of PCEARNER, nobody has answered me…