[suspicious paying logic] Coingeneration.com updated their member’s homepage and blog

Just in case you missed this on coingeneration.com member’s homepage and also posted on the blog.coingeneration.com see message below. So what’s going as of this day of coingeneration.com? Not much change, same as in same situation, same ongoing problem, same old users complaining, same old questions asked, same old respond from SUPPORT_DG.

[suspicious paying logic] what is this? well, if you anyone monitor the chat would know a little bit about it, however if you test it with your friends or other trusted people would confirm this. The Gateway Status or so call “Real Time Payments” is working, but it’s not configured globally for all users, it is set to certain groups of users or members types. So what’s the types? If you have a lot of already withdraw fund payments, if you have a lot of threads mostly closed to 50 or even over 25 threads, you would never be able to get instant payment, it will show red for you, while other it will show green or whatever non-red colors. Again, this Gateway Status is not configured the same for all users! it is discriminated, whatever logic they have isn’t fair and very misleading.

According to the chat room, many people believe that all these changes and updates were merely to get more new users in spending more money as coingeneration.com loss a lot of money through somekind of high risks investment HYIPs such as after90days.org. It is total false! that coingeneration.com have the fund, and will pay everybody in full, this again is false, it’s been over 4 months they’re saying this and nothing had happened. There was never money available to fill up all the payment processors, people in the chat room believe that coingeneration.com does not have the money today, and they’re trying to make money, again through HYIP high risk investment programs to pay their users.

The new “Bank Transfer” will never work, the next update people that request through bank transfer will be from, waiting 3-5days, then to 10 days, then to 30 days, and then coingeneration.com will say they encounter new program and cannot complete bank transfer just like how it was before with pending payment never got approved and now got declined and people try bank transfer. People will keep running around trying to get money out. But, good luck! not going to happen anytime soon. The one that got payed today are merely new members, new threads purchased, coingeneration.com will only pay them until the amount spent equal to the amount invested or less, then people will be hanging around just like the rest of other people. The sad thing is no one can put  a stop into this, sooner or later paypal will shut down coingeneration.com and coingeneration.com will use it a reason for loss of business and then shut down or just simply stay quiet and run away.

No good news! so far no one have confirmed bank transfer work, everyone requested it, still processing mode, and when ask to Support_DG admins they said 3-5 days last week, then this week they said 10 business days, and then next week next month will be the same they will keep finding reasons to kill time.

New Features, Trials, Bank Payments
We have updated our script and would like to inform about latest changes that were applied. Firstly we would like to address the Payment Gateway tab which displays current status of payment system along with list of recent withdrawal transactions. We hope it will help you to have some better understanding how payouts are actually processed. The gateway is being configured at the moment to resume payouts to trial members as well 😉 Hooray!

We understand your anxiety for DG to raise the withdrawal limits and this time we would ask you to help us in some way too! Our network performance has not been increasing in growth that much within the last month as a drawback of side effects but nowadays we’re all set to move forward and need your help promoting DG across the world again. We need to catch up with 500k members within the next 3 months to enter into our most important round of investor funding and we seek your support and help getting DG to the required level by that time. Affiliates – it’s show time for you in the first place as we will raise the daily limits for most active users on a priority basis!

Our offshore unit has received a list of 1,172 pending bank transfers which would go into processing shortly, our staff will be informed about the status of the payments to keep you updated at all times. We have also received a lots of inquiries for personal visit to our office in Porto – yes, it will be possible to arrange a meeting upon request, however please note we don’t allow walk-in visits due to conditions of the business centre. DG will hold a conference in Lisbon in January 2014 and we look towards seeing you there at our global digital gathering.

Talk Soon,
DG Staff