Teenagers makes mistake being impetuous is it there fault? Steubenville rape case

I have comment on this case, since it made headline news on CNN. The rape case of a 16 years old girl in Steubenville Ohio back in 2012. In general, kids, teenagers, most if not all are not experience enough to make the right decision, it’s the reason we classifieds them as teenagers. They still guidance for the many years to come.

Put it this way. If you put a kid, as old as late teens years, hanging around with drugs attic, what will become of the kid? If you put this kid in a farm area where people does farming all day year round, what will become of the kid? If you’re a rich wealthy parents, makes a lot of money but keep on foccussing on making more money, and give the kid whatever he/she want and go out and hanging around with friends with no parental guidance. OK so we’re getting somewhere, you get the point.

The point is, kids, up to late teens years, they’re still kids. They cannot make the right decision, although they think it’s the right decision, but mostly it was based on what they know, their knowledge and wisdom. Therefore it is important to provide parental guidance as much as possible throughout their teenage years. Adult are to blame? maybe, kids are to blame probably not. If a kid is raised from a good family or with guardian that cares about them, communicate with them all the time, guiding them through life, then that what they will become and decision they make will be based on they learned. Now, I’m not saying that all good. Because parental guardian guidance might be different. Let’s take a true story as example, in Thailand, when the Khmer Rouge still exist with “khmer rouge pol pot” this group people trained kids to be killer, and indeed they became killer with no mercy. Now if the same kid is being trained to to go to school and learn with education guidance from teachers and school staff, then go home sharing with their parents or guardian how they did in school and doing activities with the kids after school week end and so on, for sure this kid will have a much better chance in life.

The better chance in life? yes, away from drugs and violent, away from bullying, away from bad influences such as violent sex video games, violent sex movies, violent people or other groups of kids hanging out smoking crack wheat and so on. Once the child grown up passed their teenage year, (18 perhaps), then you can set them loose. The chance of this kid will succeed in life having a good life, contribute to society is greater than those other groups of kids.

The case with the 16 years old got raped in 2012 Steubenville Ohio, is just among one example kids need parental adult supervision, but the adult supervision in this case aren’t the one fit for the job.


16 years old raped by football team players at a party in 2012 ohio cell phone cam videos

16 years old raped by football team players at a party in 2012 ohio cell phone cam videos

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