What is the reason for coingeneration to frozen accounts and did not approve any payment?

What is the reason for coingeneration to frozen accounts and did not approve any payment? – Many people with coingeneration.com Digital Generation account had their account frozen due to problem with payza, and account that didn’t get frozen cannot get approval to get payout “pending” status. The answer lie in the “ponzi” scheme definition at the GOV website, also known as the government website how they described “ponzi” scheme.

According to the Chat room at the moment, coingeneration.com frozen many accounts, this has been going on since 7/16 or so, meaning you can only buy threads in other word you can only send them money to pocket and you cannot withdraw or request any successful money you make with threads, chance are your account will never get unfrozen, what they’re now is recover all the loss and getting ready shut down and run away.

Also based on the Chat room at coingeneration, by the way the chat room is popular, at one point it has up to 700s users in there, but most just watching some are chatting and assuming. Any how, based on the chat room, no one ever received a successful payout on top of that other account got frozen they couldn’t even request payout. So even if you can request payout, it will stay in pending status for weeks and the next thing you know, yes you guess it, they’re gone. It’s strange that you can only spend money on them but cannot withdraw a single penny!. In the chat room so call “Admin” are approval free threads but would not take any action to help existing users to approve payout and doesn’t give a direct answer on reasons that it doesn’t make sense to frozen people’s account when they have no transactions that tied to payza for the duration that payza took action against coingeneration.

Just to remind us that coingeneration.com is the domain will expired sept. 2014, however their name on the website is Digital Generation, their business as they stated is super computing power, their offices addresses in the US and other countries are just a virtual office which anyone can rent, but for what they’re doing may we never know but people are speculating it’s fake program doing nothing other than have nice # calculating running and messages receiving and sending. Every revision to the program updated are also fake, just to gain people trust a few simple feautures, and it work! many people fell for it and buy in. Again based on the Chat information, people now are believing more than ever and understanding it could be one of the biggest scam in history on the internet. Sooner or later people will report this the government if coingeneration don’t stand up to their promise.

For any story, any scam, any situation, there has to be a positive side. The positive side of this is, coingeneration.com are updating their homepage on what they’re doing, but kept on extending the completion date on top of that it has nothing do with why they frozen or stop approving payout for users. They tried to be honest look like it, but I think there are more details behind it. Could it be that coingeneration has a lot of funds being hold at payza so they don’t have the fund to pay out other members requesting today, if so coingeneration could have been a little more honest and tell the users that. As a result this made the users think it’s a scam bigger than ever. However it’s pretty obvious to many coingeneration is a scam but people fall for it anyways and try to make money off of it as much as they can, some even have a technique or method they use, for all hyip also know as high yield investment program you need to request payout everyday or as much as you can, or as fast as you can when permitted just request payout immediately! unfortunately this don’t work because coingeneration also frozen payout as well not just the whole account tied to payza. Some people just simply create a tons of account with different IP just to get $30 a month for unique IP they have. Let us hope for all the best! let’s hope coingeneration is not a scam! because this program helps many people to make money to support their income to help pay bills and support their family, put food on the table and buy a gift for someone that they’ve been saving up to do so.