What’s going on with Coingeneration.com? DGStocks.com? BTC-O-MATIC.com? what they been up to?

Let start out by saying. No doubt that they’re scam, and nothing we can do about it, we can whine, we can complaint to authority, but not much can be done. The only thing we can do is pray, and let karma do the work. Let karma get them!

This business coingeneration.com also known as DigitalGeneration stolen name from a real company, but modified the working naming convention to have the two words attached, instead of the real company Digital Generation based in Texas, coingeneration.com has it as DigitalGeneration, you see the different. They also have a name of DG and CG, just short for it.

This online ponzi scheme scam business coingeneration.com, operates just like any other others HYIP such as after90days.org, topcapitalist.com, geniuscapital.net and so on, it’s all disappeared or the website is on autopilot where they just left it on for people give them free money via EGOPay. Why EGOPay? well it’s not just EGOPay but many other payment processors as well that do not allow dispute, it’s irreversible, you cannot complaint or file dispute to get your money back. That is the reason why, EGOPay being shut down by USA. Same with Payza, and a few other ones long time ago also got shut down by USA such as Perfect money and so on.

When coingeneration.com started, they paid members nicely, instantly, no problem, then 3-4 months later, problems started. No surprise if people realized what a ponzi scheme scam is then should not be a surprise to them, same with how HYIP operates. There isn’t any regulation, these are like unregistered gambling site where the owner creator, webhosting, domain registrar are all anonymous. Sometime the name are real, but it’s not the owner or operator, in fact have no tied to it, because the it was a stolen identity can be purchased online for cheap. The stolen identity can be use to open online payment processors basic funding account such as EGOPAY, then use it to exchange to other processors such as paypal, and then use it to pay for Domain registrar and web hosting. As you can see this is all anonymous, so if you report this to the police or authority, it’s not going to be easy to capture these crooks.

No doubt coingeneration.com does not care or afraid of the authority, since they operates anonymously! however they do know that they will keep it low profile, meaning they will not do anything that will upset the whole community which will trigger large volume of members to report to authority such as the IC3.gov Coingeneration.com will continue to operates in a way that it will go through certain batch of members, pay them so they can reinvest and get more victims to invest, then pay little to nothing in a way that coingeneration.com still profits, and then eventually don’t pay anything at all simply provides make up fake reasons or new strategies for not paying such as will give members Stocks, will gives members a share of the company and so on and so forth. It’s a trick, and they will keep on repeating this cycle to the next wave of members and users whom doesn’t know about coingeneration.com At the same time they have already started a new scam site already. Look at coinbeez.com, IPUServices.com, PCearner and so on. All same concepts.

Bottom line, coingeneration.com ponzi scheme, beyond scam, stolen people’s identity and money, tell lies constantly! make up pictures of physical offices through photoshop, and the latest special video effect editing on fake bitcoin ATM machine btc-o-matic.com Sadly!  a lot of people still have faith and still believes in coingeneration.com because they loss or invest so much time effort and money. Some even referred their family members to invest, and you know the end result isn’t pretty.

So let karm do the work in this case, bad karma will get coingeneration.com not that we would like to see, but for them to know. If the people whom ran coingeneration.com scam fraud don’t suffer the consequences of miserable slow death sufferings themselves, their family members or loves one will, maybe it’s not death, but it might some kind of diseases illness they will suffers the rest of their lives, this is the result of bad karma, hurting people, lied tricked, trapped people in giving money, hard earned money from many people, hurting their families due to this fraud.