Wow Butterfly Lab BFL March 2013 orders has the most volume which will takes time to fulfill

According to BFL Jody website. Jody is the person whom updated the shipments status for all BFL equipment shipped. It appears that she updated daily after business day ended or shipments cleared, which is good. I’m sure it’s not her fault that these equipment were delayed for so long and by the time most if not all users got their hand on it the mining difficulty level skyrocketed sadly users will be able to even recover the cost of investment in a year.

I’ve been checking BFL Jody blog for update, and it appears that as of today October 17th Thursday, they have shipped the Little Single which is my device, for ordered back up to March 2nd 2013. Mine order was on March 7th, so at this rate I’m sure my order will get shipped tomorrow which is October 18th, Friday, and I will surely get it next week. By then I believe the difficulty level mining will reach 300million, and the price of BTC holding steady at $130, I will be making about $150 a month, would take me at least 1 year to recover the investment. What a total loss! big mistake pre-order BFL product, never again! However if Bitcoin price rise to $200 that would be nice but not aint’ gonna happen. MtGOX have big problem haven’t paid anyone yet since July Wire Transfer