is no way have any link or relationship with btc_o_matic software in github confirmed

A few people did some further investigations/researches. Google search result for “btc-o-matic” point them to a website which tied to a person’s name “AnsgarSchmidt” appears to be a coder. Immediately contacted the “AnsgarSchmidt” and his respond to a simple question was “NO” a big “NO” really indicating that “AnsgarSchmidt” have no link or relationship with website.

So once again, is taking advantage of some open source project to scam people? Just like how use the name DigitalGeneration which belong to a real company name Digital Generation based in Texas and also confirmed they have no link or relationship to

This is bad business, because by slightly change the name, they can avoid being sued or get in trouble with patent or related lawsuit.

Please do not by any mean believe in ATM machine. It is not real. There are real Bitcoin ATM machine out there, but publicly registered and being interviewed by actual media people and showing faces and actual business publicly transparent with active developers. unfortunately is a SCAM. The youtube video you see created by Mark Peterson, probably not a real name, make up fake name. The video was professionally created, or should we say professional manipulated special video editing blue green screen. Clearly the image video on the ATM screen was embed, the orange light below makes it real, but it’s part of professional video editing. Noticed the the person’s face not showing, and the deposit of cash was not showing, because it’s fake. As always, hired professionals for updates wordings and video editing to market their SCAM products.

Bitcoin preferred. Do not fall for this. Bitcoin is irreversible, cannot dispute, cannot be traced to the actual person, so if you send your Bitcoin to whoever, it’s gone. Except for well known business such as AMAZON and TigerDirect, you should know the different. Although BTC-O-MATIC said they accepted credit card, but don’t be surprise if it doesn’t work and they excused for not being work, and will ask you to use your credit to buy Bitcoin somewhere such as Mtgoc, coinbase, btce, campbx whatever, and then use the Bitcoin you just purchased to send them the Bitcoin for them to process your BITCOIN ATM machine. Don’t be surprise if they never ship it, they will keep making excuses, reasons for not being able to ship in 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months, then eventually they will disappeared from the internet and so is your $3000. DO NOT FOR THIS SCAM. It is the same people operates has ponzi SCAM, fraud written all over the internet. could have fix the problem by continue to pay older Founder Stock Holder, even $10 a day, but they did not, and kept on lying lied lies and more lies, these are facts, not bias, or negative comments due to the hatred. Go ask a few Founder Stock Holder of OH I forgot, you can longer ask, because they shut the chat room. Giving an excuse of:

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