DigitalGeneration DG CG Scam their mission now is to fraud newer members

By now many if not all old members (ID # ~500k or less or members that register before November 2013. These members should already know where DG is heading, in addition to not getting payout anytime soon or ever for that matter. The last day as of now for domain is September 17th 2014, the day where domain registrar will get expired. The new domain have one year registration will expire in November 2014. Bottom line, lied lies and more lies, making DigitalGeneration DG CG among the worst HYIP ever.

The intention of DigitalGeneration DG CG towards its older members (Founder Stocks Holders) are clearly indicated to get rid of old members and they don’t know how yet. Their current attempt appears to be getting the old members tired of waiting and gives up, but that might not work if that’s the case, because many members are in this until the last day of DG. These members will keep on gossip, hypothesize, speculating what will happens and talks about the negatives behavior of DigitalGeneration.

Unfortunately not too many new members knows about DigitalGeneration DG CG scam yet, but it’s getting large wave of negativity making new members think twice before reinvesting or invest more or even referrals more people to be victims of Sadly again most new members does not believe or just don’t want to believe is scam, the reason new members doesn’t believe it’s a scam because they get paid instantly and consistently, but what they don’t know is this is how it was for old members falling into a trap, a ponzi scheme scam with a twist. The twist in this case is not to shut down right away and run away, but to enhance the products deliverable to something else, some delay, some better investments lies. Theory and ideas they comes up to tricks more and more members.

This HYIP probably among the first, and there will be many more like it in the future, so watch out! Many people also believes that DigitalGeneration DG CG are currently running with one or two owners, running the whole show, lots of indication! So these people are stealing pocket a lot of money from members already. Very hard to captures these people because they use fake identity or stolen identity to register the domain, buy the web server, and payment processors under fake identity or stolen identity and use a proxy anonymous to connect to the internet to run their ponzi scam operations. It is the reason why they’re not afraid, keep on running! don’t care much as HYIP

7:23:44 PM Ballerss: yoyoyo any1 can Withdraw anything?
7:23:53 PM Alexmensa1gmailcom: Cumila, no new lies today
7:24:08 PM Cumila: Alexmensa1gmailcom, nothing new just some blabla bla
7:24:27 PM Cumila: Sexidark, of course
7:24:45 PM Alexmensa1gmailcom: Cumila, this is only a joke now
7:24:50 PM LJOSS: This product is all rubbish
7:25:10 PM Cumila: Alexmensa1gmailcom, trying open without lies
7:25:30 PM Alexmensa1gmailcom: Cumila, Who?
7:25:38 PM Alexmensa1gmailcom: Cumila, when?
7:25:45 PM Alexmensa1gmailcom: Cumila, what?
7:25:46 PM Cumila: Alexmensa1gmailcom, monday will be a new news of old news
7:26:03 PM Cumila: Alexmensa1gmailcom, me
7:26:06 PM Alexmensa1gmailcom: Cumila, a new/old lie?
7:26:29 PM Cumila: Alexmensa1gmailcom, what?
7:26:56 PM Cumila: Alexmensa1gmailcom, blog have a lot of lie check
7:26:57 PM Alexmensa1gmailcom: Cumila, They says only lies. What will happen monday?
7:27:10 PM LJOSS: what give for ass
7:27:23 PM Cumila: Alexmensa1gmailcom, hm another lie lol
7:27:39 PM Alexmensa1gmailcom: Cumila, right!
7:27:43 PM Cumila: LJOSS, ???
7:28:24 PM Cumila: LJOSS, maximum
7:29:15 PM LJOSS: this is very negative
7:30:03 PM Cumila: I trying open something serious help me build a real need about 25000 to start paypal payza egopay paxum [email protected] trying open emroidery biz an i need buy a machine 7:…
7:30:50 PM Cumila: we are founders and lot of founders invest
7:31:02 PM Cumila: for nothing
7:31:24 PM LJOSS: dg is something jinx
7:31:33 PM LJOSS: or much lol
7:32:05 PM LJOSS: is your karma lol
7:32:25 PM Cumila: lol
7:32:41 PM LJOSS: bye bye
7:33:08 PM 442290: ▇ 500 days online.▇ ▇ ▇
7:33:36 PM Cumila: anyway you have my email and you can ask
7:33:56 PM Cumila: 442290, hm maybe 501 online
7:34:15 PM 442290: Cumila, you’re andrei?
7:34:26 PM Cumila: 442290, no
7:34:36 PM 442290: Cumila, excuse me
7:38:22 PM Cumila: help me build a real need about 25000 to start paypal payza egopay paxum [email protected] trying open emroidery biz an i need buy a machine 7:18:57 PM Cumila: any change wil…
7:39:37 PM Cumila: 442290, no problem
7:40:42 PM Cumila: help me build a real need about 25000 to start paypal payza egopay paxum [email protected] trying open emroidery biz an i need buy a machine and you can ask for details at mail
7:41:28 PM Abcdefghi: 2014-02-01 19:18:56 #110825 $7.86 Paxum???????????????
7:42:37 PM Cumila: Abcdefghi,hm maybe officer friendly
7:45:00 PM Alexmensa1gmailcom: Abcdefghi, he’s not a founder
7:45:40 PM Cumila: Alexmensa1gmailcom, no??
7:47:15 PM HYIPortugues: The Best IM IN WITH 3000$!!!! Everyday i withdraw 300$ per day for the next 75 days!! camon!! Right Here ->
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7:56:17 PM Abcdefghi: Your Referral Link:
7:56:29 PM Pabulo:
7:56:37 PM Alexmensa1gmailcom: Abcdefghi, what’s your name?
7:59:27 PM LostSoul75: This system would be SOOOO much more successful if we had a way to contact our 1st and second line referrals.
8:00:13 PM Alexmensa1gmailcom: LostSoul75, soooo or soon? Soon! By DG
8:00:17 PM LostSoul75: I have gained quite a few but almost none of them are paid members yet. Still trials, and I have no way to contact them to suggest or help
8:03:31 PM LostSoul75: Alexmensa1gmailcom, Cool. You have inside info on this? I know I’m loosing potential money without this feature so I KNOW that DG is too.
8:05:05 PM Cumila: help me build a real need about 25000 to start paypal payza egopay paxum [email protected] trying open emroidery biz an i need buy a machine and you can ask for details at mail
8:06:08 PM LostSoul75: Cumila, if you’re going to hit people up like that… Check your wording. IT really makes no sense although I think I get the picture.
8:07:10 PM Cumila: LostSoul75, hm i can send you machine details but ask me at email thx
8:07:56 PM 442290: ▇ 500 days online.▇ ▇ ▇
8:14:13 PM Bruno_Vieira: boas
8:15:31 PM Bruno_Vieira: those who register for me to return 10% of the investment in time-
8:15:56 PM Bruno_Vieira: [email protected]
8:18:22 PM Sexidark: ADVGeneration – CryptoCoin Mining Team. Simple. Sure. Without Risks.
8:23:39 PM SERVER: you have connected to USA
8:42:33 PM Trainhaqdhotmailcom: 678
8:48:25 PM IC3dotGOV: liar liar your butt crack hole pants are on fire!
8:57:32 PM Axebrand1: IC3dotGOV, hi
9:05:01 PM Axebrand1: how to unblock my ID ?
9:07:08 PM Duckets: dg isn’t paying anyone!
9:07:22 PM Duckets: the single person behind his PC running DG is not paying us!
9:07:45 PM Duckets: the one man band lost control of his dg game and now has nothing to say
9:20:39 PM 442290: ▇ 500 days online.▇▇▇
9:29:54 PM IC3dotGOV: already gone back in june 2013 just that they plan their final attempts to milk as much money from you as they can before you all no longer invest
9:30:25 PM IC3dotGOV: if you still invest they will still run until no one invest anymore
9:31:23 PM Axebrand1: how to unblock my ID ? You are trying to access your account from different locations, for your security we require to provide scanned copies of your ID & Phone Bill to verify y…
9:32:16 PM IC3dotGOV: your account is gone when you get that error, don’t try to upload docs it will never get unlocked no matter what
9:45:40 PM Duckets: this is just another disguised HYIP site! they are crooks!
9:57:45 PM Mrppt: hi everyone
9:58:22 PM Mithu: I am getting the same error.I have uploaded my docs and the billing department replied me that you have to wait some more days.still i am waiting
9:59:13 PM Mithu: i know that waiting will never end
9:59:28 PM VVRJ4: you will wait forever
10:02:49 PM Mithu: vvrj4 what about u?
10:04:11 PM VVRJ4: together with you
10:04:21 PM VVRJ4: 🙁
10:04:38 PM VVRJ4: lol
10:08:43 PM HYIPortugues: The BEST PROFIT!!! IM IN WITH 3000$ Receive: 300$Day for 75Days 22.500$
10:08:49 PM Agnban01: #628170….highest ID…fewer people are signing up with DG..
10:09:34 PM Agnban01: Dg have not reach the 7K membership
10:10:02 PM SohanChotia: they already have digested our Payza 6 figure money…
10:11:33 PM Agnban01: i don’t understand why DG post the payout for New Users…for what??? Giving us reason to exit?
10:12:13 PM Agnban01: lose hope…and just exite quietly…psycholical persecution.
10:12:37 PM Agnban01: psychological*
10:12:49 PM Agnban01: mental abuse.
10:14:15 PM VVRJ4: thats right
10:14:16 PM Agnban01: DG change Gateway to Green…and doesn’t allow us to payout anyway….mental abuse..???
10:15:07 PM Agnban01: It’s like showing lots of food….to hungry people….but not allowing to get the food.
10:15:29 PM Agnban01: This is mental torture!
10:17:50 PM Agnban01: it’s been going for months after months….WHAT THEY THINKING???????
10:18:09 PM Agnban01: WHAT ARE THEY THINKING????
10:20:42 PM Agnban01: Even added Security Code… for what???
10:21:30 PM VVRJ4: to show that they are working on the side so new people can invest and never ged payed back
10:22:29 PM IC3dotGOV: they added this and that changes this and that just to motivate members to believe and some people will still believe and invest lol so dumb these people 🙂
10:23:22 PM ByeByeMoney: founders are blocked to invest… they add that to keep pll with TM open hoping they will get the money
10:24:22 PM VVRJ4: true true
10:24:22 PM IC3dotGOV: take latest news for founder as example wait 48-72 hours launching trading plarform, LOL that was a week ago LOL 🙂
10:25:00 PM ByeByeMoney: IC3dotGOV, yep… just same old lie
10:25:02 PM Agnban01: That’s DG normal…
10:25:07 PM IC3dotGOV: 48-72 hours DG time is 48-72 years 🙂
10:25:29 PM ByeByeMoney: its in fact 4872 hours
10:25:36 PM VVRJ4: or write us a letter and Your ticket will be answered within 48 wrote to them 8 letters 2 weeks a go never answered
10:25:44 PM ByeByeMoney: ByeByeMoney, lol
10:26:14 PM VVRJ4: maybe they meant 48 years not hours
10:27:03 PM ByeByeMoney: VVRJ4, i dont even know what i’m doing here
10:27:20 PM ByeByeMoney: i’m totality frustraded
10:27:26 PM Agnban01: They pist the old users, so they quit…because they have no need of vampire after sucking all the the blood out…leave the victiem for dead.
10:27:48 PM Agnban01: How evil…
10:28:33 PM Agnban01: If they’ve done this to us for so long…what else can do to pist us off?
10:28:36 PM ByeByeMoney: they need old ppl to keep mining btc for them
10:29:30 PM Agnban01: ByeByeMoney, don’t understand much about mining…
10:29:52 PM VVRJ4: ByeByeMoney, aha
10:29:54 PM IC3dotGOV: I don’t thin that threadmanager mine any coins or does anything besides running some #
10:30:26 PM ByeByeMoney:
10:30:33 PM ByeByeMoney: this is dg IP
10:30:42 PM Agnban01: all I know that somehow…who ever is running DG will pay for what they are doing…may be not in this life…but certainly in the next…
10:30:43 PM ByeByeMoney: on blockchain
10:32:04 PM Agnban01: Take care guys….bye.
10:32:29 PM VVRJ4: Agnban01, good luck
10:32:31 PM ByeByeMoney: if they only mining btc they never will have money enough to pay all
10:32:39 PM ByeByeMoney: Agnban01, you too
10:36:07 PM VVRJ4: ok am going to leave to, good luck all
10:39:00 PM IC3dotGOV: i wonder if this dg thing is run by the chinese?
10:39:13 PM IC3dotGOV: chinese hackers pretend to be from europe
10:50:51 PM Duckets: dg fuckpigs!