Cointellect charged 30% fee for withdrawal of earnings

** The 30% fee is imposed now! not December 24th or Christmas day new year day*** so now you see I’m right about they change rules plan and policies anytime they want to without notifying you in advance. 

So one day they can say, we now taking your money and run away nothing you can do 🙂 ok this one is joke for now, but it’s possible due to cointellect bad business practice.

It’s in effect now for all cointellect members. See screen shot below. This appears to be mostly for miners and investors whom don’t invest enough money to earn 10EUR a day will see this 30% fee imposed. This 30% was initially misinterpret  as temporary holding fee, but does not appears to be temporary.

Again, this fee as indicated below by many many members now complaining on many forums and blogs and social media including twitter. This fee clearly indicated below as fee, not temporary hold. So this 30% fee is a fee, not temporary hold. So most likely you will never this amount back, it’s a permanent fee. So if you want to withdraw without fees, you need to wait for a long time to get 10EUR in order to withdraw but hopefully by that time cointellect still around.

Strap down to your seat folks, going scam starting now. 2015 will be all over. Those that invested using credit card, better to start contacting their banks and prepare a claim to get their money back. If you invest using cyptocurrencies like bitcoin, tough luck for you. Your Bitcoin is gone. Nothing you can do about it.

Prepare to report to the FTC The sad thing about this is that not too many going to report, just like the they won because people don’t report to the FTC or authority due to various reasons, some still have hopes, some afraid they will loose their money, and many just don’t care because it was a gamble they bid and loss.

cointellect charged 30% fee for withdrawal of earning December 2014

cointellect charged 30% fee for withdrawal of earning December 2014