Cointellect did not offers any explanation on what happened to mining pool over the past few days

According to many blogs, forums and social media. Cointellect mining pool appears to be back up and running as usual. At least better than a few days ago. However the website official news page¬† still does not have any updates about the mining pool problem. So this is “mining done right” huh?

The only websites that have some explanation in regards to cointellect mining pool not operating properly were those websites created by affiliates members or social media websites which is hard to tell if its an official business social media site.

The official website is the primary website for cointellect business. Why is cointellect scattered their information the “blackhat” way? could it be because can come back and say those other websites aren’t official? just affiliates members posting and not held responsible? So many blogs, social media, such as facebook, twitter, youtube, and many more now are scattered all over the internet that link to No one really know for sure which website or social media site that are really tied to cointellect. Because these social media websites such as facebook, twitter, youtube, blogspot, other domains, people can creates many free account and expand cointellect name all over the internet, black hat style. Most of these accounts that talks about cointellect have one thing in common, affiliates, earns 10% for every withdrawal from other members, like a pyramid scam.

There are so many facebook, twitters, youtube, blogs, domains created that links to cointellect business taking advantage to make 10% earning profit. This is the trick to get cointellect members to litter the internet websites will cointellect name. The sad thing about this is that of the 10% commission, members are forced into saying positive side aspect of cointellect, such as earning proof, makes money while you sleep and so on. In reality these members are skeptical themselves but due the 10% referrals commission, these members does not care about the possible victims they’re referring to cointellect.

Cointellect could fall apart at anytime, and nothing anyone can do about it. I’ve been researching many big HYIP. I’m talking about big HYIP style, such as scammed people just within 6 months. These HYIP are monitoring the balances to analyse the best time to close down and run away. Some scam does it slowly, intelligently, then there are some that just leave slowly, making up stories as they go along to filter out all the refund requested by banks all over the world.

At this time, isn’t a scam yet, but the business model tied to scam based on historical evidence of similar business online that double your money in short period of time which is impossible to do with the most highest interest from any legitimate banks all over the world. I don’t understand why people whom invested in cointellect don’t see this picture, maybe members whom invested in cointellect just taking a risk, a bet, gambling since the money they have can afford to loose. Honestly if I were them, I would rather spend $100 to my family or love ones for a nice dinner, than invest in this program such as cointellect.

The people whom are making money today with cointellect contract. Most likely they will reinvest, move up to a higher and higher plan. At the same time cointellect are monitoring their pool of money balances to see the right time to run away safely. This is not new, many people know this, but sadly still taking risks.