Cointellect does not care about mining pool problems for miners

It’s been 5 five days and counting that cointellect mining pool isn’t working properly. According to many websites, forums, blogs and social media, which are littered with cointellect affiliates websites; many members especially miners asked about cointellect mining pool status but no official answer on; what happened? when it will get resolved? but again no official answers.

The official cointellect website news area¬† did not post any news message on this severe problem with the cointellect mining pool, it is almost like they don’t care, or it is indeed cointellect don’t care.

The only news in regard to the cointellect mining pool problems for over five days and counting are from the affiliate websites such as facebook indicated that the pool indeed have problems for almost a week and counting. Many support question no longer being answered.

Could this be because of the Holidays? if cointellect call themself “mining done right” then this is not mining done right. It is mining done wrong if cointellect kept on ignoring people’s question about what’s going with the pool. Mining done right suppose to have support and coverage 24/7, including Holidays if you call your business “mining done right”

I have attempted to operate a mining pool in the past, and also knew many people whom operated mining pools. It is indeed takes some effort, but there are monitoring protocol where if something happen, the operator will get a message to text or email notifying of the problem to get it fix. Most likely cointellect mining pool operator is one man band.

Cointellect mining pool is run by a one man band. In other word by one person, the data center is a shared hosting server and no one have access to it back end other than the operator. Maybe there is another person, but not a big team. The big team at cointellect probably the affiliates people.

Cointellect marketing strategies is simple. One person top of the chain refer another person, and refers more people, as more and more people came on-board, the more money the person on top of the chain makes more money. Yes, a pyramid scam, strategies that exist for quite sometime and it’s not going away, just have different such as multi level marketing. Notice this is confirmed by the invite code required when members signed up with cointellect.

Some people say it’s fine as long as they’re paying, those are the people that think themselves as the smart one and beat the system or shall I say this cointellect scam. Yeah, that’s true, some people will beat this cointellect strategies, but not much. The vast majority of the people aren’t mining, instead start investment with small amount of fund such as $15, then they got $15 back, but guess what? they can no longer invest in that same plan again, so now the members have to invest $99 for 3 months. That is the trick or shall I say scam. A lot of thing can happen in 3 months. Cointellect can disappear and not a damn thing you can do about it. However if cointellect still exist, the members whom got their profit from a 3 months plan, will reinvest that money into a higher plant $299 for 6 months, yes reinvest all the money made into that higher plan. You see where this is going? A lot of things can go wrong in 6 months. If again the members lucky enough the cointellect still exist, the member will surely reinvest all take another risk double or nothing and invest in $1200 12 months plan. For sure no doubt, cointellect will disappeared in 2015, as it already showing sign of scam little by little each day.

The end this blog entry, let reiterate the reason why I say cointellect does not care about the mining pool for members whom are mining. In one of the facebook fanpage affiliated to cointellect. Indicated, that only miners are effected with earning, contract purchased members are not being effected. You see the scheme or scam? it is a way to say nicely or in a manipulating way to force members to buy contract, eventually cointellect mining pool no longer works for whatever reason cointellect can take advantage off, the members have no choice but to buy in a contract, and now cointellect will shows its true transparency, HYIP scam. However cointellect can turn this around not going toward scam position by fixing their pool instead of marketing and trolling, knows your priority.

cointellect littered the internet websites social media facebook twitter with affiliates websites blackhat SEO style

cointellect littered the internet websites social media facebook twitter with affiliates websites blackhat SEO style