Cointellect manipulate members to buy contract instead of mining

Here’s a nice way to say you must buy the cointellect contract scam than mining with your equipment.

Knowing the cointellect up and down since late Thursday 12/25 and it’s been over 3 days and not much improvements. Except this message below was posted by an affiliate members to cointellect indicate cointellect know there are connectivity problems with the pool and they’re working to fix it. Well it’s been three days and not fix yet? How long is this going to be? Until everyone drop off to buy cointellect scam contract? ¬†Well that’s what cointellect would like members to do.

Here’s the problem with contract. Not all credit card are accepted, and eventually the only funds that will be accepted are crypto currencies. Why? – because with crypto currencies, cannot be trace, meaning cointellect can closed and run away with your money and not a damn thing you can do about it. Only certain credit card are being accepted and even accepted some banks will block the transactions. It is a lot safer to buy with a credit card than with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Let’s hope cointelelct mining pool will be up and running normally soon. Otherwise all you miners connected to cointellect is screwed. The transparency started to show about cointellect scam plan of execution little by little, one step at a time. This is the same manipulating process performed by the earlier scam that have some level of similarities to cointellect.

Dear shibes we are aware of the pool connectivity issues , thank you for your patience as this is resolved. You may experience Coinminer idle times, asic miners wait times for work to be available. Contracts miners are not affected. Will post updates as they come.
Thank you for understanding and please dont flood support with emails as its not gonna speed things up. In cases like this is always better to check social media channels for updates before emailing support. Thank you and remember keep calm and let the support engineers sort out the issues.