cointellect mining pool down?

It’s been confirmed by many users. Cointellect mining pool appears to have problems over the past few days, it seems to happens more often during week end especially. Some people can connect, some cannot. The majority of the users cannot connect to cointellect mining pool are loosing earning, and as cointellect mining pool going down hill users are feeling being manipulated. Manipulated in a way that deterred them from mining and forcing them to have to buy a contract. That is what cointellect have in mind as many are foreseeing this coming.

Ever since late Thursday night 12/25/2015, Christmas evening, cointellect mining pool started to drop users. Users are being disconnected, cgminer, bfgminer, are being frozen even if it’s configured to retry over and and over again, most likely the IP of the users trying to reconnect got temporary banned. Meaning the users cannot reconnect again and if there isn’t a backup pool on user’s software then the miner simply freeze, and users are loosing earning that period of time. If users don’t check every so often, let say for a week, few days, those are the days the users will not earn anything.

Could cointellect mining pool doing this on purpose? we don’t know, but what cointellect really be doing to support its slogan of “mining done right” is to focus more on fixing and maintaining its mining pool at its optimal speed and reliability than focus on other stuff. It appears that cointellect spent more time and effort on getting users to creates blackhat methods websites (SEO) through social media such as facebook, twitter, youtube, and so on to get popularity. Users are taking advantage of the 10% commission and creates tons of blackhat websites to people to join cointellect.

Again, cointellect should be focusing more on maintaining and upgrading and monitoring its mining pool more.