Cointellect mining pool still have problems for over 4 days already

Ever since Christmas day December 25th 2015 late night, cointellect mining pool have been having problem with connectivity. Miners are being dropped off, cannot connect, connected for a brief moment, mining frozen and so on and so fort. The issue is cointellect mining pool isn’t working properly for 4 days now, cointellect mining pool isn’t reliable. We don’t know why for sure because cointellect have not published any official news on its news website.¬†

Anyone mining at cointellect pool over the past few days and continue counting will not be making much doge, at least 50% loss, some loss more because the mining software just freeze.

Mining pools in general does have problems. However the owners or operators would let the users know immediately on what happening, but cointellect isn’t doing any of that. We have no idea what exactly happened, and for how long is this going to be, it’s been almost a week and it’s not getting better at all. At this point, members are thinking cointellect doing this on purpose to decrease the dogecoin earned by members. Discourage members from mining, instead invest.

The strange thing is from support respond to one affiliate members indicating mining pools have problem for members but contract mining have no impact. Isn’t that strange? Cointellect mining pool have problem, but contract mining have no problem! Ding Ding Ding Ding! does that ring a bell? Does cointellect even know what they’re talking about. How many cointellect members out there are that stupid not to understand how pool work? unfortunately a lot of people don’t know how mining pool work. If a pool have problem, everyone will see the impact, so in this case why cointellect say contract mining have no impact? simple answer, cointellect contract mining is a scam. The bottom line is cointellect tried to get people in buying contract, and who knows what cointllect are doing with your money, gambling perhaps. For sure it’s not mining. The mining piece of it for the members are simply lure in more miners and investors. The lure in this case to spread the word of high profit. Later all investors with contract will keep on putting in more and more money getting trapped ¬†with reinvest money and eventually the program just closed, and nothing anyone can do about it.