DigitalGeneration lied lies about Payza still holding their funds

*** UPDATED **** after this blog went up to public, decided to paid new mebers with Payza,and payza working for new members. While the founder and stock holder can only look and see and observe, more disappointed than ever on Founder Stock Holder being treated like “shit”.

Here are proof directly from Payza employee confirmed it has been resolved many months ago. So did kept its promises to pay the members? Apparently not, Payza situation resolved, money released back to DG but they never paid back to the members. Are you still believing in DG? face it! they lied and keep on lying.


payza-released-all-funds-back-to-coingeneration-late-2013 but never paid back to members

payza-released-all-funds-back-to-coingeneration-late-2013 but never paid back to members

Does Payza Actually seize Digital Generation Funds till now ?
ThomasThomas Posts: 1Member ✭
3:50AM in Business Accounts
Digital Generation ( say that Payza are not releasing their funds for payments to it’s members
is this True ?

what is the problem ?
they were paying us using your service before but now they say that Payza seize their money so that’s why they can’t pay us.

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Chris_PayzaChris_Payza Posts: 255Member, Moderator, Content Specialist mod
Our issue with Digital Generation was already resolved several months ago. Please contact them so they can clarify their current issue for you.

4:13:51 PM Sustr: and about 1 week ago , 30 dollars for 3 days. 10 dollars limit for 1 day
4:13:55 PM Dokalamo: Why DG Why, I read it never sees that this should happen to be
4:14:01 PM Pedriso: Solim, Myslism ze nie je rovnaky metr na kazdeho tu je to neseriozne a povrchne
4:14:36 PM Hcmdvt: Alexmensa12345, Never more what?
4:14:51 PM Hitler: Kuacho, russvinia idite nahui pidari otsiuda
4:15:01 PM Solim: Pedriso, čo už na jednotky ručne nemáš šancu vybrať aj botom je to už problém lebo záleží na stotinách sekundy tak vyberú len tí najrýchlejší boti
4:15:21 PM Why DG Why: Founders Message —>>>
4:15:21 PM Hitler: Pedriso, ai huipleota idite nahui pidarasov
4:15:29 PM Hitler: shto ne vidite shto ato evropa
4:15:46 PM Hitler: zdesi na ruskam ne nado gavariti
4:15:52 PM Dokalamo: Easy, easy, quiet ….. wait 72 hours and see. But I know the DG will continue
4:15:56 PM Hitler: suki ibucie
4:16:09 PM Hitler: Dokalamo, take it easy baby “D
4:16:40 PM Solim: Pedriso na, v tomto projekte som investoval 10000 doláčov a zarobil som 2000 doláčov takže pekná osemtisícová strata nádhera
4:16:44 PM Gaucho80: helloo DG friends
4:16:48 PM Pedriso: Solim, Sak ale to je potom co za system ked sa taketo veci daju robit
4:17:13 PM Gaucho80: payza is working for non founders !!! niiiice
4:17:14 PM Dokalamo: Easy, easy, quiet ….. wait 72 hours and see. But I know the DG will continue…!!!!!!!!!!!
4:17:37 PM Hcmdvt: Dokalamo, Yeah, that’s for sure
4:17:44 PM Pedriso: Solim, Mali by byt strikte rovnake pravidla pre kazdeho a zamedzit neopravnenemu vyberu atd.
4:17:47 PM Sustr: Dokalamo, :D:D:D
4:17:49 PM Why DG Why: Dokalamo, what for? What shall we wait for?
4:17:55 PM Hcmdvt: Gaucho80, And founders like me get fucked up
4:18:15 PM Hitler: Pedriso, fuckin idiots dont spam this site with ur stupid language admin ban this shits
4:18:29 PM Fifthelement89: there are members getting paid with payza
4:18:36 PM Fifthelement89: right now..
4:18:41 PM Sustr: ty vole fakt jde payza !
4:18:59 PM Solim: Pedriso to máš pravdu môjho priatela zablokovali údajne koli botu,ale to len niektorich
4:18:59 PM Dokalamo: Why DG Why, Will update …
4:19:04 PM Gaucho80: Hcmdvt, hhhhhhhh no no no im founder too ; but we have just waiting
4:19:07 PM Hitler: proof show me img proof u received maney
4:19:20 PM Pedriso: Hitler, F.OFF
4:19:45 PM Why DG Why: Message to all founders –>>
4:19:49 PM Hcmdvt: Gaucho80, We will get globaled
4:20:11 PM Sustr: ZMRDI!
4:20:21 PM HoChiMinh: will support_dg be online soon moderate this room? it’s getting out of control? 🙂
4:20:39 PM Sustr: LongHotDogBigToo, support kaput
4:20:50 PM Solim: a supporťáci dali asi výpoveď stejne by nám už nemali čo povedať a nadať si môžu aj sami pred zrkadlom
4:20:54 PM Hitler: Sustr, HITLER KAPUT LOOL
4:20:56 PM HoChiMinh: too much profanity hurting my loghotdog 🙂
4:20:58 PM Hcmdvt: LongHotDogBigToo, Oh you realized? JJenius
4:20:59 PM Pedriso: Hitler, Nazis in gas!
4:21:05 PM HoChiMinh: lol
4:21:08 PM Gaucho80: Hcmdvt, lool dont worry my friend everything will be fine
4:21:13 PM HoChiMinh: how did hitler died anyways?
4:21:22 PM Pavel Vlcek: Co je prosim vas v te sprave o tom atm
4:21:26 PM HoChiMinh: same way dg died? 🙂 lol
4:21:34 PM Hitler: Pedriso, I WIL KILL U ALL
4:21:44 PM Solim: Sustr, inak sa čudujem že ešte nezablokovali chat
4:21:48 PM Why DG Why: No payout for founders –>>
4:21:52 PM Sustr: LongHotDogBigToo, to neres to je minulost je dalsi zprava kde rikaji ze jsou v prdeli 😀
4:22:12 PM Sustr: Solim, vidis tu payzu? At jdou do hajzlu to melo byt pro foundery
4:22:13 PM Hcmdvt: Gaucho80, I know =)
4:22:22 PM Hcmdvt: Hitler, Go to sleep RETARD
4:22:23 PM Dokalamo: support the slain me today
4:22:41 PM Hitler: Hcmdvt, go fuck ur mom i think she need u
4:22:44 PM Sustr: Hitler, Hitler has one ball 😀
4:22:55 PM SERVER: you have connected to USA
4:22:56 PM Solim: a nám trepú čosi o Payze nech idú do riti
4:23:03 PM LongHotDogBigToo: lol
4:23:19 PM Hcmdvt: Hitler, Nah
4:23:20 PM STiago1: 2014-01-27 16:19:16 #591856 $300 Payza luca**************.it….. just incredible
4:23:30 PM Why DG Why: Founders are doomed…
4:23:39 PM Gaucho80: Hcmdvt, i think ;;you are old user in DG ???
4:23:49 PM Hitler: LongHotDogBigToo, are u that long so u can fuck sustr mom
4:24:01 PM Hcmdvt: Gaucho80, Well 4 months here =)
4:24:07 PM LongHotDogBigToo: Hitler, clm down bro i didn’t say anything bad to you
4:24:19 PM Gaucho80: Hcmdvt, goood yes you are old
4:24:22 PM LongHotDogBigToo: you shoudl be getting mad at dg not me geesh
4:24:30 PM Hcmdvt: Gaucho80, And you?
4:24:31 PM Hitler: LongHotDogBigToo, yeaa watever i l kill u
4:24:46 PM LongHotDogBigToo: Hitler, cool bro we’re in same boat
4:24:51 PM Hcmdvt: LongHotDogBigToo, Just ignore that hotfagg
4:24:55 PM LongHotDogBigToo: take anger at dg not me
4:25:06 PM LongHotDogBigToo: he needs help
4:25:06 PM Gaucho80: Hcmdvt, mee I am since May 2013
4:25:14 PM Pedriso: Solim, To je nejaký zhúlený feťák čo má absťák 😀
4:25:20 PM Why DG Why: No payout for founders…
4:25:24 PM Hcmdvt: Gaucho80, You’re really old
4:25:40 PM Dokalamo: Support_DG _007- Hi
4:25:45 PM Hcmdvt: LongHotDogBigToo, Yes, some serious physhic help
4:25:46 PM Gaucho80: Hcmdvt, héhéhé grand father
4:25:47 PM Alexmensa12345: No payout for founders. Thanks great DG! Very fine!
4:25:57 PM Hcmdvt: Hitler, Go to cry to your mommy n00b trash
4:26:03 PM Sustr: Hcmdvt, kokaina 😀
4:26:11 PM LongHotDogBigToo: sheesh
4:26:12 PM Hcmdvt: Sustr, Hahahahahhaha
4:26:26 PM Hcmdvt: Gaucho80, =)
4:26:30 PM LongHotDogBigToo: now we’re against each other
4:26:44 PM Why DG Why: Founders fell for DG traps.
4:26:55 PM LongHotDogBigToo: like we know?
4:27:02 PM Hcmdvt: I know I’ll get paid
4:27:07 PM LongHotDogBigToo: some of us greedy for money and keep on going
4:27:20 PM LongHotDogBigToo: some are smart though
4:27:30 PM Sustr: 700 dollars from payza…bravo!! FUCKERS!
4:27:40 PM Hcmdvt: Sustr, Who?
4:28:06 PM Sustr: 11 non founders together
4:28:07 PM Why DG Why: Sustr, that is prabably fake.
4:28:27 PM Sustr: Why DG Why, i hope so
4:28:41 PM LongHotDogBigToo: or a test
4:28:48 PM Dokalamo: Hitler, You want to get ban
4:29:05 PM LongHotDogBigToo: Dokalamo, calm down bro he’s gone
4:29:47 PM Dokalamo: LongHotDogBigToo, :)…..
4:29:49 PM Why DG Why: Can we now call this the end for DG?
4:30:27 PM Hcmdvt: Why DG Why, Leave if u want ju dafaq kares
4:30:32 PM Intakt: not yet
4:30:41 PM Alexmensa12345: Why DG Why, I think yes
4:30:44 PM Dokalamo: Why DG Why, No end. DG goes on …!!
4:31:12 PM Alexmensa12345: Dokalamo, yes it goes on… without money for founders!
4:31:41 PM Why DG Why: Hcmdvt, sure. I will leave if i want while you stay here and hope to get pay one day…. Ha ha ha ha…
4:31:50 PM Alexmensa12345: Dokalamo, with a daily ball 🙂
4:32:12 PM Alexmensa12345: Why DG Why, right
4:32:21 PM Dokalamo: Alexmensa12345, Wait 72 hours and see …! Trust me …!
4:32:37 PM Alexmensa12345: Dokalamo, I will see a new great ball!
4:32:41 PM Sustr: and see error 403 😀
4:32:48 PM Alexmensa12345: A new lie
4:33:53 PM Why DG Why: Hcmdvt, if most of us leave… You will not get pay either… Because DG needs the power of our computer to mine Big Blocks Of Bitcoin…. So think again before you talk…. Ha …
4:34:15 PM Dokalamo: Alexmensa12345, When not believe so what are you still doing here ….!! She’ll …
4:34:29 PM Sustr: Why DG Why, Thread manager is fake
4:34:38 PM Sustr: just numbers no energy for DG
4:34:55 PM Why DG Why: Sustr, no… Thread manager it not fake at all….
4:35:20 PM Sustr: Why DG Why, just see power on your CPU when the TM on and off…the same
4:35:21 PM INSPECTOR: payza working but nothing sour us founders 🙁
4:35:58 PM Hitler: Why DG Why, yes it the biggest fake in the world
4:36:41 PM Alexmensa12345: Sustr, DG = lies power
4:36:42 PM Why DG Why: Sustr, what you need to understand is that… DG is using our GPU instead of our CPU… Ha ha ha…
4:36:56 PM Jonas: KeepDreaming, vão te por uma máquina multibanco em casa
4:36:58 PM Dokalamo: Hitler, You’re a fraud with your name.
4:37:54 PM Why DG Why: Sustr, when our GPU is being used it seems our computer it still running normal…
4:38:10 PM ErnestG: Hitler is definitely hell …
4:38:33 PM Alexmensa12345: Dokalamo, See what is Happened and think seriously about that!
4:39:47 PM Alexmensa12345: Dokalamo, a lot of people in the past sayed the same thinks you are telling now… and then? Only disaster here
4:40:18 PM Dokalamo: Alexmensa12345, Wait 72 hours and then talk … OK …!?
4:41:03 PM Alexmensa12345: Dokalamo, I’ve waited for all christmas holiday… and then? No payments for founders!!’nn
4:41:26 PM Alexmensa12345: Dokalamo, I’m sleep only when I’m in bed
4:41:57 PM Marcinkus: Hitler, please change that stupid and inglourious nick!
4:42:36 PM Why DG Why: Alexmensa12345, yes and those people who were saying the things as he is not saying had left…
4:42:55 PM Why DG Why: now saying***
4:43:12 PM Inmoguejar: payza payment
4:43:44 PM Alexmensa12345: Why DG Why, Thank you
4:44:52 PM Alexmensa12345: Why DG Why, you understand me 🙂
4:45:32 PM Eurosfree:
4:46:04 PM Jahlovealways: according to the stock page we would be getting an opportunity to trade in bitcoin
4:46:34 PM Eurosfree: DGwill will start paying tomorrow
4:46:49 PM Eurosfree: no worries
4:48:39 PM DG_Phoenix: Members are getting paid via payza
4:48:46 PM Satman45: Eurosfree, u think so
4:49:08 PM DG_Phoenix: Those mother fuckers said that payza hold their money
4:49:17 PM Pedriso: Good night all friends
4:49:27 PM DG_Phoenix: fuck them everyday new story
4:51:09 PM Pavel Vlcek: Bye for now.
4:51:25 PM Nieske: was support in here today ? anybody knows ?
4:51:46 PM DG_Phoenix:
4:51:52 PM DG_Phoenix: check that
4:52:05 PM DG_Phoenix: mother fucker liars
4:52:55 PM DG_Phoenix: they said we are shitting here
4:53:03 PM DG_Phoenix: we must shit on their faces
4:54:30 PM Alexmensa12345: Eurosfree, are you sure about that?
4:55:41 PM DG_Phoenix: all members here are dogs and coward
4:55:44 PM DG_Phoenix: fuck you all
4:56:01 PM DG_Phoenix: keep sucking DG Dick
4:56:56 PM Serra__Pelada_Da_Silva_Junior: Ganhe 5% por dia do que vc investir e ainda com saques minimos de 1usd… \0/
4:59:05 PM DG Trust: Is there a reason that we founders can’t withdraw
4:59:18 PM DG Trust: i would love to understand that i really would
4:59:29 PM DG_Phoenix: Hcmdvt, fuck you no one will get paid they were lieing
4:59:35 PM DG_Phoenix: read this
4:59:43 PM DG_Phoenix:
4:59:59 PM DG Trust: jsut read it
5:00:12 PM DG_Phoenix: DG Trust, they said today that payza hold their money
5:00:17 PM DG_Phoenix: mother fuckers
5:00:27 PM DG Trust: i know i really dont understand
5:00:36 PM DG_Phoenix: and now paying new members via payza
5:00:48 PM DG Trust: i really try to understand but i cant i feel so abused 🙁
5:01:03 PM Pavel Vlcek: And what is the atm installation? It is for what?
5:01:49 PM DG Trust: i feel like this will be another running gag. This people owe me approx 24.000 Dollar right now.
5:02:11 PM DG Trust: and they never contact me or throw any founder a bone
5:02:55 PM DG_Phoenix: #588717 this member withdraw $300 daily
5:03:01 PM DG Trust: they could really pay us at least a little bit. but instead they ignore us. all these promisses of them that we founder will end up on top are making me tired
5:03:25 PM LongHotDogBigToo: it’s actually very easy now to make money with DG just turn off uninstall your TM log off from website get a new ip# and register new DG account 🙂
5:03:32 PM DG Trust: Admin, freaking talk to us already. Dont hide.
5:03:37 PM Dimitar Raychev: why others can translate and I cab problem and I have atstsioner please help
5:03:39 PM DG_Phoenix: and we are here for 9 month and have 100 threads and 500 reff and can’t withdraw ashit
5:03:54 PM DG Trust: DG_Phoenix, yes
5:04:15 PM LongHotDogBigToo: 500 referals?
5:04:23 PM DG Trust: i dont even know how many refs i have anymore. all i know is i lost 55 threads which were transformed into, so far, useless stocks
5:04:24 PM LongHotDogBigToo: holy macaroni
5:04:31 PM Dimitar Raychev: constantly look that withdraw paused and I do not give why
5:04:39 PM DG_Phoenix: LongHotDogBigToo, and more than that but they remove them
5:04:48 PM DG_Phoenix: because i am founder
5:04:59 PM LongHotDogBigToo: ouch!
5:05:05 PM DG Trust: just the word founder will forver stuck in my head as something bad …
5:05:22 PM DG_Phoenix: LongHotDogBigToo, they did that for all
5:05:38 PM DG Trust: i never was a founder of anything, and i thought i do the right thing .. just to learn that i literally screwed myself
5:05:48 PM DG_Phoenix: you can’t earn from non founder earning if you are founder
5:06:15 PM Dimitar Raychev: help
5:06:16 PM DG_Phoenix: so they steal us by this way
5:06:23 PM Dimitar Raychev: constantly look that withdraw paused and I do not give why
5:06:27 PM DG Trust: you know whats the worst part about all this ?
5:06:28 PM DG_Phoenix: unbelivable
5:06:41 PM DG_Phoenix: DG Trust, what ?
5:06:42 PM DG Trust: i recommended this website to my mum, and brothers.
5:06:51 PM DG_Phoenix: DG Trust, no
5:06:52 PM LongHotDogBigToo: damn that’s sad
5:07:02 PM LongHotDogBigToo: u reocmmend your family
5:07:02 PM DG Trust: yes
5:07:07 PM LongHotDogBigToo: they spend all they have? 🙂
5:07:11 PM DG Trust: one of my brother stoped talking to me
5:07:20 PM DG Trust: he blames me, and i cant blame him for that
5:07:22 PM Nieske: do you think guys we’ll never get paid ?
5:07:34 PM DG_Phoenix: I hope i can find this shit admin i swear i’ll murder him
5:07:35 PM LongHotDogBigToo: Nieske, never ever
5:07:36 PM Nieske: i’m founder too
5:07:48 PM LongHotDogBigToo: Nieske, it’s all tricks and gimmicks
5:07:48 PM Nauticus: Nieske, :))) from where ?
5:07:59 PM DG Trust: my mum forgives me, but she paid roughly 3000 for threads, because i litereally recommended her to do that
5:08:02 PM Nieske: belgium
5:08:07 PM Nieske: europe
5:08:14 PM LongHotDogBigToo: DG Trust, did she get her ROI back?
5:08:27 PM LongHotDogBigToo: that is a sad story bro
5:08:29 PM DG Trust: not even close
5:08:30 PM Nauticus: which business makes 100% in 2 months ?
5:08:40 PM LongHotDogBigToo: Nauticus, exactly!
5:08:57 PM LongHotDogBigToo: Nauticus, we have no one to blame but blame ourselves for being stupid
5:08:57 PM DG Trust: she upgraded like me to founder, she is back in germany and she dont talk english.
5:09:06 PM Nieske: Nauticus, where are you from ?
5:09:19 PM LongHotDogBigToo: what more stupidier is we accepted the facts that DG news using profanity toward us as shitty ..
5:09:27 PM DG Trust: i feel so ashamed you dont even know.
5:09:28 PM Basrii: dead***********com this user make a cashout 3 times for 10 mins and he have a different # ID how ?
5:09:47 PM Nauticus: Nieske, Romania
5:09:52 PM LongHotDogBigToo: DG Trust, i feel u bro
5:10:03 PM DG Trust: is live now .. so its my last hope to actually get the ball rolling.
5:10:03 PM LongHotDogBigToo: i almost asked my fam on this
5:10:15 PM DG Trust: dont do it bro !
5:10:27 PM Nauticus: is a 10 minutes website :)))
5:10:35 PM LongHotDogBigToo: DG Trust, don’t gives out anymore money
5:10:41 PM LongHotDogBigToo: Nauticus, exactly!
5:10:41 PM DG Trust: seems like a bought script template to me
5:10:50 PM Dimitar Raychev: All weights only why I can not and vials became scammers
5:10:51 PM Nauticus: :))
5:10:55 PM LongHotDogBigToo: Nauticus, I can create a better website in 5 mins with wordpress 🙂
5:10:58 PM GiovannieR: i think it is
5:11:06 PM GiovannieR: xD
5:11:15 PM GiovannieR: but the back end takes some time
5:11:19 PM DG Trust: i started cloud mining now. seems to work FOR NOW
5:11:30 PM DG_Phoenix: Kids can make a website better than
5:11:36 PM Nauticus: you give your money and when you got 50-60% payments blocked
5:11:36 PM GiovannieR: haha
5:11:51 PM GiovannieR: but no back end
5:12:05 PM Dimitar Raychev: at least explain to not waste time with you
5:12:06 PM GiovannieR: the front is a template for sure
5:12:06 PM DG Trust: its tough to understand how they expect us to trust them on this entire ATM machine thingy.
5:12:46 PM DG Trust: there will be my name on this thing …
5:12:53 PM Nauticus: the new users had seen only the positive feedbacks and not the negative ones
5:13:02 PM DG Trust: … what if DG decides to stop paying THEM?
5:13:44 PM Nauticus: DG Trust, they are not paying them
5:14:24 PM Nauticus: you are paid with your money that you have invested and when you have 50-60% payment stoped
5:15:33 PM DG_Phoenix:
5:16:21 PM DG_Phoenix: DG Today: Payza hold six figure numbers
5:16:39 PM DG_Phoenix: DG also Today: Paying new members via Payza
5:16:57 PM Nauticus: anyway i think is the biggest business in the history !!! DG you have my respect , you are smart!
5:16:58 PM DG_Phoenix: Smart
5:17:37 PM DG_Phoenix: And payza said that the problem solved several months ago
5:17:43 PM DG Trust: and cold hearted !
5:18:12 PM Dimitar Raychev: you are full of cheaters among my other no’s that do not understand fashion at least explain zayto What I’ve done
5:18:23 PM DG Trust: last time i told this to a SUPPORT his response was, that nobody forced me or my family and friends to invest anything
5:18:56 PM DG_Phoenix: DG Trust, he is one of fuckers that moderate this shit
5:19:06 PM Dimitar Raychev: Your account is verified Dimitar logout Available Balance: 13.1948 / Current Balance: 8.5793 Daily dividends: 0.01 / Stocks profit: 0.7000 Total balance: 66.1841 / Stock balanc…
5:19:07 PM DG_Phoenix: they are group of dicks
5:19:10 PM DG Trust: well, if i place a mouse trap and bait with good smelling cheese i dont need to force the mouse to suicide .. she will be distracted by the cheese and take the chance
5:19:50 PM Vivian P: Hello, everyone.
5:19:58 PM DG_Phoenix: Dimitar Raychev, you are just another victim
5:20:05 PM Vivian P: Any news about the payments?
5:20:15 PM Vivian P: I’m starting to belive that is a scam…
5:20:19 PM Bidik: Well since Payza loves to ignore people, Lets hope this gets their attention and the respect it needs. So we comment on their announcement about frozen account and no response, …
5:21:27 PM DG_Phoenix: Vivian P, here is the news
5:22:16 PM Bidik:
5:22:37 PM Dimitar Raychev: в момента гледам че плаща в payza …
5:22:54 PM Dimitar Raychev: currently looking that payments payza
5:24:02 PM DG_Phoenix: Bidik, members are getting paid via payza now
5:26:03 PM Dimitar Raychev: plstate my ass or just only navashte people and others do not
5:27:08 PM Dimitar Raychev: full of scammers
5:27:34 PM Bidik: elle est ou l option alerte play pour les paiement??
5:27:35 PM Thomdom: Has somebody tried payout via credit card ?
5:27:41 PM Nicolight: Dimitar Raychev, go to see the Gateway statut silly
5:28:18 PM Nicolight: PAYZA FOUND NOW !! GO GO GO
5:29:04 PM Bidik: it is or alertepay option for payments subject in account management??
5:30:38 PM Rock The World 4: Nicolight, its not paying founders
5:30:39 PM Nieske: Nicolight, can you withdrawl ?
5:30:48 PM Hitler Nazi : Dimitar Raychev, u dont talk in russian caz il tell u sometin u dont like russvinia
5:31:25 PM Nicolight: yes with payza, everybody withdrawl
5:31:26 PM Dimitar Raychev: and how we pay as a bright yellow like TVA are full izmamnichi for some apparently lit green for other green
5:31:33 PM Hitler Nazi : u know here are not aziaaa here it EUROPE
5:32:03 PM Hitler Nazi : Dimitar Raychev, ai ti pidar suka nahui ea tebe scazal ne govori ruskii
5:34:21 PM Nieske: Nicolight, i can’t i’m a founder – and you ? non-founder ?
5:35:51 PM TihrdEye88: payza non c’è in europa!!
5:36:43 PM Dimitar Raychev: I saw why everyone can and I can not retire
5:37:29 PM Rock The World 4: I can not make payout with payza
5:37:42 PM Rock The World 4: I am founder
5:38:48 PM DG_Phoenix: Rock The World 4, read this
5:39:15 PM Dimitar Raychev: I am the founder but I can not
5:39:42 PM Rock The World 4: DG_Phoenix, I am no my phone
5:39:44 PM DG_Phoenix: DG Today: Payza hold six figure numbers DG also Today: Paying new members via Payza
5:39:57 PM Dimitar Raychev: and you know is yellow
5:40:11 PM DG_Phoenix: DG Today: Payza hold six figure numbers
5:40:33 PM Rock The World 4: DG_Phoenix, what does it mean
5:43:55 PM Dimitar Raychev: please explain why I can not make a payment and I am the founder
5:44:41 PM Dimitar Raychev: and how so others can and I ne
5:45:26 PM Dimitar Raychev: please help
5:48:37 PM Attila: DG want five hundreds abandoned founders account? We need sign up for a new account for payout? What is this?
5:51:27 PM Fcbatlasy: founder can’t WD?
5:53:13 PM Attila: Fcbatlasy, no
5:54:15 PM Attila: Admin, eliminate the stock system if it is not good! Nobody wanted.
5:56:27 PM Dimitar Raychev: Attila you currently Moyen her payment
5:56:46 PM Attila: SUPPORT team where are you?
5:57:00 PM LongHotDogBigToo: they got laid off
5:57:31 PM Dimitar Raychev: because currently looking that constantly takes a break and I I can not
5:58:31 PM LongHotDogBigToo: all support_dg are european people btw
5:59:03 PM LongHotDogBigToo: most from italy ponzi scheme nest
6:02:46 PM Attila: Reality show, experiment, how to move the money people.
6:04:55 PM Neokatarn: DG_Phoenix, why DG pay only new members ? =(
6:05:46 PM Dgfounder: DG WHY???
6:09:01 PM DG_Phoenix: Dgfounder, they are paying members now via payza
6:09:09 PM DG_Phoenix: only new members
6:09:30 PM Attila: Neokatarn, that’s a good question.
6:11:18 PM Attila: How many new member is now?
6:12:05 PM Dgfounder: DG_Phoenix, founder is blocked
6:13:14 PM Seven8: this is the real thing. sell your computer power and get paid !!
6:14:02 PM Neokatarn: Attila, It’s true
6:15:02 PM Smoker12: why cant i use payza like everyone ?
6:15:06 PM Neokatarn: DG_Phoenix, It’s okay I’ll be patiente like always… anyway Idon’t have nothing to do, only hoping
6:15:43 PM Neokatarn: Smoker12, payout and PAYZA only for new member
6:18:35 PM Smoker12: when are we gonna get to payout for founders ?
6:19:10 PM Attila: Payout for founder account: /founder/message/
6:21:44 PM TaqEdit: what is the actual situation of DG??
6:22:16 PM _Lie2me_: they block payments by country on database
6:22:30 PM _Lie2me_: read the update
6:22:50 PM TaqEdit: I am french and I am not a founder
6:22:50 PM _Lie2me_: only some country allowed take money
6:23:45 PM TaqEdit: I can just withdraw with egopay, do you think DG will be back on the rise ??
6:24:43 PM _Lie2me_: No one can answer the toughts or focus of another. each persons head is a differnt world
6:24:44 PM Elitewealth: this is not fair, new members received payments, we don’t , when start paying ?
6:25:35 PM Attila: Elitewealth, you are right
6:25:40 PM _Lie2me_: TaqEdit, who is to say
6:26:11 PM _Lie2me_: they lie …
6:26:44 PM _Lie2me_: they use our pc’s as a bot to cloud mine bitcoins
6:27:13 PM _Lie2me_: which is fine but they should pay all people something
6:27:22 PM Elitewealth: They avoid all tell us when payments begin. What happend?
6:28:08 PM Tio_Adolf: hello
6:28:14 PM _Lie2me_: only politicians act this way
6:28:50 PM _Lie2me_: even thieves have rules among thieves . DG is worse
6:30:20 PM Codyyyyyy25: bonsoir a tous
6:30:58 PM _Lie2me_: but we are this far into this clouded journey. you can stay and vent in hope or turn and go home
6:31:30 PM _Lie2me_: that is my say -*-
6:31:56 PM Codyyyyyy25: Payza already has to regler the problem with dg since plusieur month it is of the swindle I think
6:32:20 PM _Lie2me_: Payza is blocked in many many countrys
6:33:23 PM _Lie2me_: they refuse to follow idiot fiat rules .. again .. stupid greedy politicians
6:33:45 PM Alexmensa12345: They lie everyday
6:34:09 PM Alexmensa12345: Everything is a lie here
6:34:39 PM Codyyyyyy25: Alexmensa12345, yes
6:35:00 PM NeoX69:
6:35:17 PM Codyyyyyy25:
6:35:56 PM LongHotDogBigToo: NeoX69, that’s a 5 minutes website 🙂
6:36:14 PM LongHotDogBigToo: Codyyyyyy25, we already know dg lied and lies 🙂
6:36:35 PM _Lie2me_: watch blockchain …. they cash out
6:37:25 PM _Lie2me_: LongHotDogBigToo, call payza and ASK the TRUTH. they will say
6:37:57 PM _Lie2me_: LongHotDogBigToo, VERIFY
6:39:30 PM Codyyyyyy25: _Lie2me_, You still believe in it has dg
6:40:07 PM _Lie2me_: Codyyyyyy25, I believe in cryptocoins period
6:40:33 PM _Lie2me_: I can’t speak for unethical actions of DG/CG
6:41:16 PM _Lie2me_: Codyyyyyy25, I’m also a founder .. where DG shits in my kitchen as we feed them
6:42:25 PM _Lie2me_: Codyyyyyy25, get a seperate ISP line
6:42:41 PM _Lie2me_: setup a PC and mine
6:43:41 PM _Lie2me_: -*- .. maybe Mark / Larry / Victor / Thomas…….. will WAKEUP
6:44:01 PM _Lie2me_: Admins of DG / CG