IPUServices.com say good bye to you and take your money include $227 broken promised in a very effective way

Ever wonder why, they (IPUServices.com) announced the $227 after the last wave of scam 1000 division account of $150 each? Lets be clear, $150 multiplied by 1000 that’s equal to $150,000 that they pocket, however it could be a lot more, because we don’t really know if they really open for 1000 position or more, the #1000 is manually manipulated, updated, not automatic each time a person purchased $150 division account. This figure does not include regional manger position and off course the rent referrals. Anyhow, the reason for the the announced $227 to motivate the last wave of scam people to give IPUS free $150, and it work like a charm. On top of that the fake anony-pay.com which does not exist, and domain expires set in a few months, then they noticed and renewed to another year.

OK so after that last wave of scam, IPUS announced the date of March 20th, then was changed to March 30th, ever wonder why? very simple, because to kill time. Kill time for IPUS to withdraw your money from payment processors, then to their bank account, then closed their bank account, so they successful doing that within a period of time which is why they set up March 20th, but apparently wasn’t enough time so to be sure they changed to March 30th. Once they’re successful withdraw all your money cash to their bank and closed their bank, run away hide your money without any easy trace. Then IPUS will make up stories and announced news that tied to no payout for you. Like this merger announced 5 days ahead of time.

Then BOOM! IPUServices.com shut down its operation with a nice ending, point finger at coingeneration.com blame it on coingeneration.com let coingeneration.com eat crap! nothing coingeneration.com can do, because they’re all in the same business. Nice huh? By the time people realized this, it’s too late. IPUServices.com already got your cash out of payment processors to their bank account and withdraw all the cash, and way gone. The website still on just to kill time, and the ending point it to coingeneration.com just to get authority look at coingeneration.com instead. Unless in the next few days coingeneration.com have some kind of respond to IPUS claim, it will be interesting.