Latest investigations on DigitalGeneration DG CG Support_DG staffs exposed?

Let me start by giving a couple links to the findings of some chat members in the chat room of DigitalGeneration DG CG.

That one link above and the picture screen shot below are not in English but if use google translator or someone know Portuguese can read it and see if they can understand what’s going on. From what I heard and see in the chat room, more and more expose more transparent about has been a scam for a long time, all lied lies and more lies are true. Even the Support_DG staffs are speaking about it offline elsewhere on the internet websites and forums, is it true? some may ask. The bottom line is, whatever, DG is getting expose more in a negative ways which doesn’t look good them. Obviously DG does not have money to pay its members, so where does the six figure money go? yes you guess it, they pocket and did something else with it, it’s not they don’t have money to pay, but they don’t have the funds because they use it else where, whether it’s investments for themselves and members will never get a penny back or just playing more games to see how far they can go without getting in trouble with the law.

Well the truth is, the law cannot do much, unless thousands of members report to the IC3.GOC or create a petition and proof that thousands of members loss money total up to the millions or so, then for sure FBI agents CIA FED GOV. Interpol will get involve. It’s difficult to track real owners, it is because they use fake or virtual address email, and some cases stolen identity hacked identity to buy domain name, web server, payment processors bank accounts, so it is very difficult to track them down.


expose the truth about DigitalGeneration DG CG SCAM shutting them down new members need to stop investing soon they will be in same shoes as founders sotcks holders old members

expose the truth about DigitalGeneration DG CG SCAM shutting them down new members need to stop investing soon they will be in same shoes as founders sotcks holders old members

7:02:34 PM Sussanoho: Holidaysugar, 5 minutes ^^
7:02:55 PM Holidaysugar: :/
7:03:12 PM Sussanoho: Holidaysugar, 2 minut dont panic
7:03:42 PM Sussanoho: Richie_Rich, je me vois pour le moment obligé de finir ce que j’ai commencé
7:04:15 PM Sussanoho: on reste en contacte si cela ne vous dérange pas
7:06:11 PM Richie_Rich: pas de souci!
7:08:41 PM Richie_Rich: PayPal financial partner but no Paypal payment, lol joke
7:10:14 PM Richie_Rich: PayPal don’t even know they are partners lol
7:14:31 PM Sussanoho: bon je vais dodo
7:14:48 PM Sussanoho: dur journé de restauration demain qui m’attend
7:16:02 PM Sussanoho: bonne soiré ^^
7:25:08 PM Lebinvest: Sussanoho, bank transfer was never reported as completed or successful
7:31:20 PM Raycheng1979gmailcom: hi all , now payza and egopay both atm or still pending ?
8:17:45 PM ErnestG: Raycheng1979gmailcom, vh
8:17:54 PM Haiak12: when will be available the option for min later add background in Account Balance
8:18:08 PM ErnestG: Raycheng1979gmailcom, check payments update
8:19:25 PM Victoriacovileacgmailcom: hi
8:19:45 PM Haiak12: help me
8:19:51 PM Haiak12: when will be available the option for min later add background in Account Balance
8:21:20 PM Victoriacovileacgmailcom: Haiak12, I think never
8:24:56 PM Haiak12: serious and how can I buy new treads
8:27:54 PM Dia 19 Foi Mentira Sim Sim Sim Sim Foi: ld
8:28:24 PM Haiak12: hi
8:28:36 PM Haiak12: serious and how can I buy new treads
8:34:49 PM CupuBlagu: anybody know WD with payza ??
8:36:31 PM Victoriacovileacgmailcom: Haiak12, dont
8:36:56 PM Victoriacovileacgmailcom: they will block me again
8:37:13 PM Victoriacovileacgmailcom: payza its not working
8:41:07 PM Anti False Promises: Hi! Any news? 48/72 h gone or is it just my watch?
8:42:03 PM Haiak12: Victoriacovileacgmailcom, but why did this happen
8:42:32 PM Oploel91gmailcom: hy
8:43:07 PM Haiak12: hi
8:43:21 PM Oploel91gmailcom: i have any problem
8:43:29 PM Haiak12: Oploel91gmailcom, when will be available the option for min later add background in Account Balance
8:43:29 PM Oploel91gmailcom: i buy 9 treads but
8:43:53 PM Oploel91gmailcom: the money on my account not increas
8:44:03 PM Anti False Promises: A promise is a commitment by someone to do or not do something…….by wikipedia
8:44:07 PM Oploel91gmailcom: only in my compiuter
8:44:40 PM Haiak12: I’d buy 8
8:45:11 PM Oploel91gmailcom: yea but your account increase
8:45:41 PM Oploel91gmailcom: mine i start whit 18 dollars and now 2 day after is 18 dollar??
8:46:09 PM Anti False Promises: Oploel91gmailcom, refresh it……
8:46:33 PM Oploel91gmailcom: haved refres but in site on my account not increase
8:47:19 PM Anti False Promises: mmmmm……off by tm and on again?
8:50:10 PM Oploel91gmailcom: can help me
8:59:17 PM Oploel91gmailcom: i wach on site
8:59:22 PM Oploel91gmailcom: my tread
8:59:45 PM Oploel91gmailcom: is actived but no money
9:03:23 PM Richie_Rich: wait, they refresh every day
9:08:21 PM Oploel91gmailcom: not on my accaunt
9:12:40 PM Oploel91gmailcom: on my pc i have 23,456 dollars, on site have18,164
9:15:03 PM Oploel91gmailcom: guys can help me??
9:15:19 PM Oploel91gmailcom: i have buy 450 dollars on tread but no moneyyy
9:19:54 PM Nuno Arruda: how do i login in Do i use the same login from coingeneration?
9:20:35 PM Fearsom: You are trying to access your account from different locations, for your security we require to provide scanned copies of your ID & Phone Bill to verify your account status. Ple…
9:30:28 PM Haiak12: hi
9:30:36 PM Haiak12: dgstock
9:30:44 PM Haiak12: help me ogin
9:30:53 PM Haiak12: login
9:57:29 PM Maninhopower2013: its true?
9:59:49 PM SERVER: you have connected to USA
10:09:16 PM Daflip_24: what is their reason for not rleasing the funds to us founders, i dont get it.. why are we still blocked if payza funds already released
10:09:46 PM Daflip_24: there reason is egoy problems???? what does that have to do with founders its our choice what wallet to use
10:09:58 PM Daflip_24: i dont use ego pay, i can use payza and paxum no problem
10:29:42 PM Goatherder1235: testing
10:29:53 PM Goatherder1235: Morning all
10:30:05 PM Goatherder1235: Same shit different day
10:30:30 PM Goatherder1235: going for breakfast , back later
10:41:31 PM VVRJ4: hi all
10:43:26 PM Garrone: How do I send copies of the ticket with my phone
10:45:41 PM Goatherder1235: what ticket m8?
10:51:15 PM Garrone: when I did my registration was in Portugal
10:52:48 PM Garrone: Last month I went to my first serve and it was not possible
10:56:49 PM Goatherder1235: Garrone, I’m sorry I do not understand what you are saying..If you mean send documents. Go to your profile and at the bottom you can send
11:05:36 PM Andrea592hotmailcom: hey how long takes bank wire?
11:16:39 PM Goatherder1235: Andrea592hotmailcom, I don’t think anyone has ever received a bank wire payment
11:16:57 PM Goatherder1235: I could be wrong though
11:17:26 PM Andrea592hotmailcom: this is a scam
11:17:49 PM Andrea592hotmailcom: big scam, i have to report this to the police
11:23:46 PM Goatherder1235: how much do they owe you
11:29:40 PM Goatherder1235: Wow the Asia room is 100% spam lol
11:31:05 PM Andrea592hotmailcom: i got 100 threads for a long time, cant take my money
11:36:55 PM Daflip_24: Andrea592hotmailcom, how much did u invest and got back?
11:41:04 PM Goatherder1235: Andrea592hotmailcom, so you are not a founder?
11:47:01 PM Daflip_24: i just find it funny that all payouts now are payza, why there no ego or paxum?? seems like after anouncing the fees of payza they went all out… seems fake not realistic
11:47:20 PM Garrone: thank you now and wait unblock my account
11:53:39 PM Ilcavaliere: to’ DG ha fatto qualcosa di buono
11:53:49 PM Ilcavaliere: 1 volta allanno la fa giusta
11:54:03 PM Ilcavaliere: all’anno
11:59:52 PM Goatherder1235: Garrone, you are welcome my friend. Good luck
12:01:32 AM Goatherder1235: Daflip_24, I agree
12:02:21 AM Goatherder1235: I think DG think if they pay some members the police will do nothing
12:06:04 AM Goatherder1235: Tomorrow I will have enough in available balance to buy another crappy thread LMAO
12:12:25 AM Ruan1234: Is not everyone’s account, to be validated? Attempt to access blocked sites account, upload validation data
12:15:32 AM Goatherder1235: Ruan1234, in your profile you must upload documents
12:24:56 AM Goatherder1235: Payment cannot be done Uncorrect secure code, please try again later.
12:25:19 AM Goatherder1235: captch was correct ..more crap from DG
12:26:22 AM Goatherder1235: no such word as uncorrect .They can’t even write in English ..Try incorrect you morons
12:28:13 AM CupuBlagu: i need my money
12:33:16 AM Irtdrf: how come I can’t login to
12:33:44 AM Goatherder1235: Irtdrf, not ready yet
12:33:54 AM Goatherder1235: CupuBlagu, and me
12:34:46 AM Irtdrf: Goatherder1235, are we gonna use the same email and password?
12:35:23 AM Goatherder1235: Irtdrf, they will let us know in an update
12:35:57 AM Irtdrf: pls stop restrictions DG it’s not cool
12:36:37 AM Irtdrf: and stop paying same people
12:37:47 AM Goatherder1235: Irtdrf, they are paying new members so they will trust and buy more threads with real money
12:39:11 AM Irtdrf: yep but I see founders getting paid over and over too so I dunno
12:41:20 AM Goatherder1235: Irtdrf, no m8 founders are not being paid. They are using paxum 1 to pay new members
12:43:19 AM OfficerFriendly11: Goatherder1235, Paxum 1 is not in service and is for Founders. Not new users. New Users get Egopay2 and Paxum2 which are both open and paying.
12:45:13 AM OfficerFriendly11: Daflip_24, If you read and stop bitching you would see they are all Payza because they just have 6 digit funds unfroze in their Payza accounts.
12:46:05 AM Garrone: which parents have the code call Next please dial the free number +390-294-754-015 to confirm your phone number and country of residence.
12:46:13 AM Pr0Gambl3r: OfficerFriendly11, they change now new user use egopay & paxum
12:46:47 AM OfficerFriendly11: Pr0Gambl3r, No.
12:47:08 AM Cumila: lol
12:47:20 AM OfficerFriendly11: Garrone, Children shouldn’t have accounts here so there is no reason for their parents to confirm anything.
12:48:24 AM Pr0Gambl3r: i wonder how long they going to release fund for founder to withdraw -.-
12:52:05 AM Goatherder1235: OfficerFriendly11, they are using Paxum to pay new members as well as paxum 2
12:52:56 AM Goatherder1235: OfficerFriendly11, founders are not paid as yet so if we see a payment in paxum it is to a new member’s simple as that
12:53:31 AM Goatherder1235: Pr0Gambl3r, should be in the next day or two I hope
12:54:02 AM Pr0Gambl3r: well we wont b pay first only portugal, brazil & italy get pay first…
12:54:26 AM Goatherder1235: Pr0Gambl3r, that is what they said
12:54:31 AM Pr0Gambl3r: & all other country gotta wait again…
12:54:52 AM Pr0Gambl3r: wait & wait & wait yawn….
12:55:15 AM Goatherder1235: just because a few members complain in chat…what a weak excuse
1:12:23 AM DG_Boss: Goatherder1235, you can’t buy threads
1:13:10 AM DG_Boss: youcan’t add funds
1:16:48 AM Goatherder1235: DG_Boss, what do you mean can’t buy threads
1:17:22 AM Goatherder1235: have you tried?
1:19:20 AM Goatherder1235: and no founder would add funds lol
1:25:51 AM DG_Founder_LukeRiga2014: hi
1:27:23 AM Goatherder1235: DG_Founder_LukeRiga2014, morning
1:28:47 AM Pr0Gambl3r: u guys know y supporter is not here anymore take a look
1:29:27 AM DG_Founder_LukeRiga2014: Total balance: 9445.0093 / Stock balance: 9219.6 ALL BULLSHIT
1:29:57 AM Pr0Gambl3r: u guys know y supporter is not here anymore they are fired take a look
1:31:12 AM DG_Founder_LukeRiga2014: DG will be paying no matter what you think now, period. YEA RIGHT YOU GOT YOUR PREMESTRUAL PERIOD EVERY MONTH, THATS WHY YOU ARE SHITHOUSE AND FAIL FOR OVER 12 MONTHS
1:31:26 AM Pr0Gambl3r: DG_Founder_LukeRiga2014, its hard to believe they can pay u $100/day & $3000/month really
1:33:05 AM Pr0Gambl3r: once founder wallet open for withdrawal it will quickly b empty again i believe
1:33:20 AM DG_Founder_LukeRiga2014: Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! FUCK OFF AND PAY YOU FUCKING CUNTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!
1:33:39 AM DG_Founder_LukeRiga2014: Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! FUCK OFF AND PAY YOU FUCKING CUNTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! FUCK…
1:33:45 AM DG_Founder_LukeRiga2014: Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! FUCK OFF AND PAY YOU FUCKING CUNTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!
1:33:51 AM DG_Founder_LukeRiga2014: Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! FUCK OFF AND PAY YOU FUCKING CUNTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! FUCK…
1:33:57 AM DG_Founder_LukeRiga2014: Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! Dear users! FUCK OFF AND PAY YOU FUCKING CUNTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!
1:34:37 AM DG_Founder_LukeRiga2014: KNOBS BASTARDS LIARS, SCUMBAGS
1:38:53 AM Goatherder1235: DG_Founder_LukeRiga2014, I see you are still a bit upset this morning
1:40:03 AM DG_Founder_LukeRiga2014: Now it is all about BITCOINS, fucking miners and that’s all you are
1:40:12 AM DG_Founder_LukeRiga2014: where is all this shit gone then?
1:40:20 AM DG_Founder_LukeRiga2014: Worlds Top Supercomputers (Top 25) ?????????????
1:40:29 AM DG_Founder_LukeRiga2014: fucking liars
1:42:57 AM Goatherder1235: In the light of the current state of things and our future strategic plans we find it necessary to inform you of the changes in the way we process payments to our shareholders.
1:48:03 AM TM___DG: Latvian pig
1:48:33 AM Goatherder1235: TM___DG, who?
1:54:19 AM Ukgold: Cumila, I am now very worried about my investment here. DG are not responding to my tickets and there phone number does not work
1:54:52 AM Goatherder1235: Ukgold, have you invested much?
1:55:07 AM Ukgold: Cumila, do you think we have all been scammed here?
1:55:32 AM Goatherder1235: who is Cumila?
1:56:10 AM Ukgold: $4,000
1:56:26 AM Giuseppe_64: Does anyone know if MasterCard integration will really be implemented by the 4th?
1:56:30 AM Goatherder1235: that is a lot. Are you a founder?
1:56:33 AM Ukgold: Cumila is my upline
1:56:51 AM Ukgold: Yes I am a founder
1:57:13 AM Goatherder1235: Ukgold, we can only hope they will pay again soon
1:57:26 AM Ukgold: My earning are no longer going to my available balance
1:57:42 AM Goatherder1235: when did they stop
1:57:50 AM Giuseppe_64: Goatherder1235, do you know if Mastercard integration will really be available on the 4th?
1:57:51 AM Ukgold: 28th
1:57:53 AM Goatherder1235: mine are
1:58:20 AM Goatherder1235: Giuseppe_64, no idea my friend but i would not use it anyway
1:58:50 AM Goatherder1235: Ukgold, I would stop TM and re start it if i were you
1:59:13 AM Giuseppe_64: Goatherder1235, Why not? That’ll avoid the hassle of waiting for funds to be deposited into the e-currency gateways.
2:00:03 AM Goatherder1235: Giuseppe_64, Because i don’t trust them they said we could use bank transfer remember?
2:00:36 AM Giuseppe_64: Bank transfer?
2:00:50 AM Giuseppe_64: Doesn’t that have a $500 min payout?
2:00:58 AM Goatherder1235: anyway they need to start paying and stop this bullshit all the time
2:01:13 AM Ukgold: Goatherder1235, ok I will give that a try
2:02:04 AM Goatherder1235: Giuseppe_64, 500 yes but members who tried were not paid
2:02:15 AM Giuseppe_64: Goatherder1235, No kidding. I was unable to access funds at all for a month and a half. No comunication.
2:02:53 AM Giuseppe_64: Every time I called their admin office, I could only speak to the receptionist.
2:02:54 AM Goatherder1235: Giuseppe_64, they won’t pay with mastercard either
2:03:15 AM Goatherder1235: it’s all crap
2:03:29 AM Ukgold: Giuseppe_64, what number do you call for office
2:04:02 AM Ukgold: Goatherder1235, no luck with restart of TM I’m afraid
2:04:50 AM Giuseppe_64: Ukgold, You can find their US address and phone number for their Admin office on ‘The Group’ tab above.
2:05:21 AM Giuseppe_64: Just make sure that when you call, you’re calling during THEIR business hours.
2:05:21 AM Ukgold: I tried 415 659 1492
2:05:46 AM Giuseppe_64: Try +1 415 6591543 instead.
2:06:03 AM Giuseppe_64: That’s the number I see on their ‘The Group’ page, and that’s the number I called.
2:06:30 AM Goatherder1235: I’m going to do some housework. Take care and have a nice day
2:06:37 AM Giuseppe_64: Goatherder1235, I really hope this isn’t all crap. So far I haven’t invested any serious money
2:06:49 AM Giuseppe_64: And I hope to see this work.
2:06:51 AM Ukgold: Giuseppe_64, ok will give it a try later
2:07:08 AM Giuseppe_64: You too, sir. Here’s hoping things work out for all of us.
2:07:30 AM Giuseppe_64: Ukgold, good luck getting through to someone other than the receptionist!
2:08:39 AM Ukgold: Giuseppe_64, thanks for the number
2:10:40 AM Ukgold: Giuseppe_64, DG Support is very poor. This really needs to change. I won’t refer anyone else here until this is cleared up and I receive money
2:11:31 AM Ukgold: Giuseppe_64, Do you think this is a HYIP
2:12:59 AM DG_Boss: HYIP? IT’s More advanced than HYIP
2:13:15 AM DG_Boss: it’s SUPER HYIP
2:13:30 AM DG_Boss: Multi Core HYIP
2:13:33 AM Ukgold: DG_Boss, You think it’s an advanced HYIP?
2:13:53 AM DG_Boss: DG A smarter way to steal your money and generating lies
2:14:10 AM Kvetapradlo: can some verify me account status.
2:14:21 AM DG_Boss: pay for week and stop for a year
2:14:48 AM Ukgold: DG_Boss, How long have you been here?
2:15:07 AM DG_Boss: DG paing period 20 April 2013 – June 15 2013 stooped paying
2:15:45 AM DG_Boss: they continue after 5 months November 13 – Dec 13 only then stopped till now
2:15:53 AM Ukgold: DG_Boss, How many threads do you have?
2:16:15 AM DG_Boss: i am founder the converted all my threads to stocks
2:16:20 AM DG_Boss: now i have only 4
2:17:13 AM Pr0Gambl3r: DG_Boss, i only know super kamehameha nv heard of super hyip >;D
2:18:47 AM Ukgold: DG_Boss, How much you have available balance?
2:18:56 AM Pr0Gambl3r: DG_Boss, is super ponzi or super pyramid >;D
2:20:52 AM Ukgold: Pr0Gambl3r, I really hope this is not a kind of HYIP
2:21:40 AM Pr0Gambl3r: DG_Boss, very detail analysis m8 >;D
2:22:00 AM DG_Boss: i know a lot about this shit site
2:22:04 AM Giuseppe_64: The Trick would be to not invest much in the project until you know of it’s effectiveness…
2:22:11 AM Pr0Gambl3r: DG_Boss, how do u know they r jews??
2:22:12 AM Ukgold: I used PayPal to make payment and notice it is no longer there
2:22:25 AM Giuseppe_64: I myself have only sunk about $100 into this.
2:22:42 AM DG_Boss: Pr0Gambl3r, their symbol refer to the Zionist
2:22:42 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Ukgold, chargeback via paypal?
2:22:54 AM Giuseppe_64: Because of that, when I make a return, I spend it back here to get more threads. That way I am only ever out $100.
2:23:27 AM Giuseppe_64: Which seems reasonable to me, at least.
2:23:33 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Giuseppe_64, good for ya $100 is nothing >;D
2:23:34 AM DG_Boss: a group of killers theft
2:23:50 AM DG_Boss: and they think they are the are the chosen people of god
2:23:53 AM Giuseppe_64: Pr0Gambl3r, Not quite nothing
2:24:08 AM DG_Boss: they have the right to kill anybody
2:24:11 AM Giuseppe_64: But enough so I won’t cry over it if it goes down the tubes.
2:24:21 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Giuseppe_64, $100 compare to $1000 is nothing
2:24:51 AM Giuseppe_64: Pr0Gambl3r, To myself
2:25:02 AM Giuseppe_64: It is worth both the risk and the potential payouts.
2:25:09 AM 22cardinale111111111111111122222222222: investment whit paypal
2:25:23 AM Pr0Gambl3r: DG_Boss, this dg site seems to be very professional dun ya think?
2:25:26 AM 22cardinale111111111111111122222222222: iinvestment whit paypal
2:25:54 AM 22cardinale111111111111111122222222222: investment whit paypal
2:26:05 AM Ukgold: You guys are making me really nervous and worried about my $4,000 investment here
2:26:06 AM DG_Boss: Pr0Gambl3r, they are very very shit
2:26:34 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Ukgold, u r not alone dun worry >;D
2:27:12 AM DG_Boss: Ukgold, ahahaha you won’t get it back it’s gone
2:27:21 AM Giuseppe_64: Ukgold, Why did you invest $4000?
2:27:26 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Ukgold, there is around 500k or less member ready to perish together with u >;D
2:27:28 AM DG_Boss: believe me or not
2:27:38 AM Ukgold: Why is there no Admin here?
2:27:54 AM Giuseppe_64: Ukgold, They don’t have the # of staff for that
2:28:01 AM Giuseppe_64: Apparently
2:28:18 AM Giuseppe_64: Ukgold, Seriously. Why did you pay $4000
2:28:55 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Ukgold, not admin is chat supporter they had been fired take a look here
2:34:22 AM 22cardinale111111111111111122222222222: ainvestment whit paypal
2:36:44 AM Nlu20nienteSoldi_: se volete trasferire soldi tra wallet online tipo esempio da egopay a paypal in 3 minuti andate su
2:37:27 AM Ukgold: Pr0Gambl3r, A lot of conflicting views in that forum. It’s all very worrying
2:44:08 AM Ukgold: Giuseppe_64, I liked how the company generate profit- The business plan is good and website professional
2:44:46 AM Ukgold: Giuseppe_64, They also use PayPal
2:45:14 AM Giuseppe_64: Ukgold, But they won’t allow people to use it just now?
2:45:19 AM Giuseppe_64: Not for a little while yet?
2:45:48 AM Ukgold: Giuseppe_64, If this is not real we will track them down – they will go to jail
2:45:59 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Ukgold, they said paypal few months ago up to now still no sign yet
2:47:05 AM 440000: ▇ ▇ MINE YOUR BTCoins ▇ revolutionary money making ▇
2:47:21 AM Ukgold: Pr0Gambl3r, Yes it’s been up and down. I used PayPal to purchase licence. They say they are changing the script so we can make withdrawal via PayPal
2:47:41 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Ukgold, they also said stock 42-72 hours & look wat happen no sign of it
2:47:50 AM Rock The World 0: test
2:48:14 AM 440000: ▇ ▇ ▇>SELL your Pc POWER<▇ ▇ ▇ 2:48:29 AM Ukgold: Pr0Gambl3r, The timing is not always 100%. I can understand that 2:49:16 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Ukgold, when i can no longer add fund to ur account u know something is very wrong 2:50:21 AM Ukgold: Pr0Gambl3r, Yes indeed. And what makes it worse is no support. 2:50:57 AM Rock The World 0: good day every one 2:51:19 AM Giuseppe_64: I think the biggest issue is that they have too little staff for the huge project they are trying to work. 2:51:24 AM Rock The World 0: would you like to see some DG fotos 2:51:33 AM Rock The World 0: 2:52:21 AM Ukgold: Giuseppe_64, Yes you could be right. I will give them the benefit of doubt for now. It’s far too early to give up on them 2:52:22 AM Giuseppe_64: Rock The World 0, nice to see the project is working for SOMEONE. 2:52:42 AM Rock The World 0: and they have no money to pay us founder 2:52:50 AM Rock The World 0: Giuseppe_64, i know 2:53:23 AM Rock The World 0: la mafia non e solo in ITALIA 2:53:36 AM Giuseppe_64: I’m a full time student, I can barely afford it… so this could really help me and my family out, haha. 2:53:54 AM Giuseppe_64: I was hoping that DG would have picked up the pace by now, but… wishful thinking for now I guess. 2:53:55 AM Pr0Gambl3r: tis project looks like it wun last long by e looks of it 2:54:37 AM Rock The World 0: and that is 1 foto there is much and much more 2:54:46 AM Ukgold: Pr0Gambl3r, Let’s wait and see how it all pans out 2:55:45 AM Giuseppe_64: Rock The World 0, Do you think that we’ll have mastercard integration by the 4th? 2:55:57 AM Giuseppe_64: Or did they mean this coming Friday? Thier post was a little weird. 2:55:58 AM Ukgold: Pr0Gambl3r, It’s a very big project and things do not always run smoothly. This I understand completely 2:57:41 AM Wxp012: Ukgold, u understood nothing. this project is not big. the only big thing here is the FAKE 2:58:20 AM Ukgold: Wxp012, How do you know it’s fake my friend? 2:58:25 AM Wxp012: Ukgold, small group of people got other’speople money and spent them (probably into bitcoin hardware) 2:58:46 AM Wxp012: Ukgold, and now make a profit 2:59:51 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Giuseppe_64, theres nothing about mastercard integration by 4th where u saw this nonsense 3:00:35 AM Giuseppe_64: Pr0Gambl3r, Just a sec I’ll grab the link 3:00:58 AM Giuseppe_64: 3:01:15 AM Pr0Gambl3r: bitcoin is now nearly $1k usd per btc 3:01:20 AM Giuseppe_64: Or did I somehow misunderstand? 3:01:40 AM Giuseppe_64: Pr0Gambl3r, BTC went over 1k a few days ago, then went back down under 940. 3:02:48 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Giuseppe_64, this blog is dated back few months ago isnt it? 3:02:57 AM Wxp012: Giuseppe_64, and????? there is no conection between actual market price of bitcoins and a good will of DG to release some money 3:03:25 AM Ukgold: Pr0Gambl3r, $942 on MTGox 3:04:22 AM Pr0Gambl3r: only had china accepted bitcoin we would have got our money by now lol 3:04:41 AM Goatherder1235: Guys look on blockchain and see how much DG are making in Euro 3:04:47 AM Goatherder1235: 3:05:06 AM Goatherder1235: NOW PAY US 3:05:29 AM Giuseppe_64: Wxp012, I was just speaking to BTC’s value by itself 3:06:02 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Giuseppe_64, tat blog is dated back months ago my friend… 3:06:04 AM Giuseppe_64: Mon, 01/27/2014 – 09:47 Means January 27th, 2014 3:06:08 AM Goatherder1235: € 240,253.06 on the 24th 3:06:11 AM Giuseppe_64: This previous monday. 3:06:23 AM Goatherder1235: PAY US 3:06:32 AM Giuseppe_64: Pr0Gambl3r, Mon, 01/27/2014 – 09:47 reffers to this past Monday. 3:06:53 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Giuseppe_64, if u look at all e blog date all is e same go see 3:06:57 AM Ukgold: Pr0Gambl3r, I have received my earning 3:07:37 AM Giuseppe_64: Pr0Gambl3r, Holy sh*t, you’re right. 3:07:49 AM Giuseppe_64: Pr0Gambl3r, That’s disturbing. 3:09:30 AM EAllooora: hello 3:09:41 AM Ukgold: Giuseppe_64, But I still have 2 days missing 3:10:12 AM Rock The World 0: guys do you remeber the guy joao making payouts all the time? 3:12:39 AM DG_Boss: Rock The World 0, sure we remember 3:12:49 AM Goatherder1235: Rock The World 0, yup 3:14:06 AM Giuseppe_64: Rock The World 0, I’m a little new to the project 3:14:13 AM Giuseppe_64: So no ,I do not. 3:16:08 AM 440000: ▇ ▇ MINE YOUR BTCoins ▇ revolutionary money making ▇ 3:16:08 AM Rock The World 0: DG_Boss, he is joao santos aka zylor 3:16:31 AM Rock The World 0: DG_Boss, the head che of support of PT 3:18:29 AM Rock The World 0: chef 3:18:29 AM 440000: ▇▇▇▇Earn BTCoins easy▇ Site been paying me every day ▇ 3:19:27 AM Giuseppe_64: PT? 3:20:23 AM Rock The World 0: Giuseppe_64, portugal 3:24:33 AM Giuseppe_64: So, at one point DG had an actual support staff 3:31:32 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Rock The World 0, is not chef chef is a cook its chief xD 3:32:22 AM ClickBetter17771: 200% Return.Instant payment.Every day.>>>
3:32:40 AM Rock The World 0: Pr0Gambl3r, i need DG to pay me so i can get a new KEYBOARD
3:32:47 AM Pr0Gambl3r: ClickBetter17771, & how long it takes to take back profit?
3:33:47 AM ClickBetter17771: Pr0Gambl3r, 30day
3:34:40 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Rock The World 0, my keyboard is already 14 years old roflmfao can u beat tat >;D
3:34:52 AM Giuseppe_64: ClickBetter17771, where do you get 30 days from?
3:35:05 AM Giuseppe_64: I haven’t been able to withdraw for over a month.
3:35:20 AM 440000: ▇ ▇ ▇>SELL your Pc POWER<▇ ▇ ▇ 3:35:59 AM Pr0Gambl3r: ClickBetter17771, liar liar your butt crack hole pants are on fire! it takes 2 months to get back ur deposit + profit!! 3:36:21 AM ClickBetter17771: 200% Return.Instant payment.Every day.>>>
3:36:38 AM Pr0Gambl3r: ClickBetter17771, liar liar your butt crack hole pants are on fire! it takes 2 months to get back ur deposit + profit!!
3:37:11 AM Hugo0: Hi everyone
3:37:17 AM Pr0Gambl3r: ClickBetter17771, not 1 month m8 its 2 months!!
3:37:46 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Hugo0, from street fighter* ?
3:37:57 AM ClickBetter17771: 30-45 day
3:38:05 AM Rock The World 0: Pr0Gambl3r, yes it its 2 months ….agree
3:38:30 AM Hugo0: no
3:38:45 AM Pr0Gambl3r: ClickBetter17771, if i invest $1k how much withdraw per day?
3:38:46 AM Hugo0: when pay to us
3:41:16 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Hugo0, not anytime soon tats for sure only portugal, brazil & italy user get pay first
3:42:42 AM EAlloooraRobyR: hello
3:45:49 AM Rock The World 0: Pr0Gambl3r, why is that
3:46:23 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Rock The World 0, bcoz admin say so
3:46:49 AM Rock The World 0: Pr0Gambl3r, wow did not know that
3:47:19 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Rock The World 0, its was stated on update
3:49:09 AM Rock The World 0: Pr0Gambl3r, last week there was guy on the chat that said it to be on the DG gateway … that they were going to pay users
3:51:27 AM Rock The World 0: Pr0Gambl3r, i told him i didn’t believe him… but i was there .. and i got paid
3:53:37 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Rock The World 0, am going to poop now bbl
3:54:05 AM Rock The World 0: Pr0Gambl3r, 🙂
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4:06:59 AM TaqEdit: how DG do it is today
4:07:59 AM TaqEdit: how DG it is today ??
4:08:21 AM TaqEdit: rise or increase ??
4:08:52 AM Edynho: no idea
4:09:51 AM Milankelo: best PTC, average 3 clicks per referral
4:11:21 AM Wxp012: TaqEdit, increase what???????
4:17:20 AM Orman Weis: New and serious business that pays!
4:17:20 AM Edynho: I am from Brasil and I didn’t get paid 🙂
4:18:38 AM TaqEdit: th societie of DG ?
4:19:18 AM TaqEdit: to know if i can invest in this society
4:22:03 AM MarceloPT: TaqEdit, dying
4:22:14 AM Wxp012: TaqEdit, better stay away and save your money
4:23:37 AM Ivantse01234567: test
4:24:04 AM Ivantse01234567: вот плюс 15% в месяц без риска
4:25:02 AM Goatherder1235: this site is paying ..
4:25:51 AM Defd01: hi
4:25:56 AM Orman Weis: We create them and share BitCoin You just have to buy the shares for the hardware!
4:28:21 AM Grandi33: bc
4:28:36 AM Milankelo: best Paid to click site, average from rented referrals 3 clicks, chepa upgrade, paying
4:39:09 AM Zahy Dave: Anyone have a problem to sign in
4:43:28 AM Goatherder1235: Zahy Dave, no one can sign in yet m8
4:48:03 AM Sagi3008: why can’t I request payments through payza?
4:49:39 AM 430000: ▇ ▇ ▇>SELL your Pc POWER<▇ ▇ ▇ 4:56:01 AM 430000: ▇ ▇ MINE YOUR BTCoins ▇ revolutionary money making ▇ 5:00:21 AM Pr0Gambl3r: 430000, page not found scam 5:01:13 AM 430000: Pr0Gambl3r, you don’t know how to copy and paste …pfff 5:02:22 AM Pr0Gambl3r: 430000, payment proof first before talking pfff 5:02:43 AM LossPedross: test 5:03:34 AM 430000: Pr0Gambl3r, i only give you paying stuff…. my life’s too short to waste 5:05:09 AM 430000: .▇▇▇▇Earn BTCoins easy▇ Site been paying me every day ▇ 5:05:11 AM Pr0Gambl3r: 430000, no payment proof user will not join simple as tat! 5:05:26 AM 430000: Pr0Gambl3r, well… please don’t 5:09:22 AM Oliver_Queen: hello 5:10:05 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Oliver_Queen, wassup sweety 5:10:11 AM Miagul87: hi 5:10:37 AM Miagul87: i’m italian and i don’t write english very well 🙁 5:10:42 AM Miagul87: i have a problem 5:10:46 AM Rbz86: Thread Manager 2 5:10:49 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Miagul87, ciao 5:10:53 AM Miagul87: i try to pay with credit card 5:11:06 AM Miagul87: ciao Pr0Gambl3r 5:11:21 AM Miagul87: ho provato ad acquistare thread 5:11:35 AM Miagul87: il primo pagamento è andato a buon fine 5:11:45 AM Miagul87: ma gli altri sono rimasti in pending 5:11:55 AM Miagul87: BIB billing 5:12:00 AM Pr0Gambl3r: Miagul87, u should go to euro room here is english room 5:13:39 AM Summer1234: Hi ALL! 5:15:10 AM Goatherder1235: don’t cost to join and it could make some cash in the future after launch 5:19:19 AM Summer1234: why paid only user id: >570K ??
5:30:34 AM JUSTENJOY TRETAS: lollol
5:37:52 AM Scardone2211333333: this is a true investment to pay with PayPal
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5:54:19 AM Rock The World 0: test
5:58:17 AM Charles Ponzi: test
5:58:35 AM Charles Ponzi: hello everyone
6:02:29 AM Agnban01: h
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6:07:00 AM Milankelo:
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6:40:55 AM KirilovBG: We are unable to process your request at the moment, please check back later.
6:41:00 AM KirilovBG: On green wallet :X
6:42:11 AM Kostasa: guys, does anyone know how to upload ID and phone bill documents?
6:47:29 AM Peteer: why are for founder still red wallets?In the news will be pay to everyone
6:47:40 AM Looking4money : …………….
6:49:49 AM Looking4money : ————-
6:51:37 AM Summer1234: ppl why pay only user id: >560K ???????
6:51:51 AM Emrah: when will opened paxum 2?
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6:57:42 AM Summer1234: no admin no moderators and no payments – anarchy and chaos 🙁
6:59:44 AM Rock The World 0: test
7:03:31 AM 6451215HRH: FGVS
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7:06:27 AM LJOSS: live here madoff
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7:07:38 AM LJOSS: Peteer, never pay
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7:20:49 AM DoWnSet: voltaram os Defs dos spamers…
7:23:00 AM 430000: ▇ ▇ MINE YOUR BTCoins ▇ revolutionary money making ▇
7:31:35 AM Perseus: where are the admins to ban the f*** spammers?
7:33:11 AM Goatherder1235: Perseus, No admin in here for days m8
7:33:41 AM Goatherder1235: saw support 12 in portugal room 2 days ago
7:34:03 AM Goatherder1235: DG don’t pay members so they spam
7:35:13 AM Perseus: im here to read news or oppinions, but not spam
7:35:27 AM Perseus: i hate that people
7:42:51 AM Wayne: yes i agree with goatherder delete there acounts you no who they are
7:48:36 AM Vilona: Please Stop Spam
7:51:06 AM Goatherder1235: looks like support and DG have abandoned us
7:57:39 AM Pedrucas: som 1; experiencia; som 2 escuto
8:01:03 AM Goatherder1235: Pedrucas, what you talking about m8?
8:02:42 AM Daflip_24: because dont pay anymore, its spam heaven
8:03:08 AM Daflip_24: its not what it use to be, its like walking dead lol
8:03:21 AM Daflip_24: by its gonna start soon 🙂
8:03:25 AM Goatherder1235: dgstocks page
8:03:37 AM Goatherder1235: ERROR 403 REGISTRATION IS TEMPORARILY LIMITED The above error occurred when the Web server was processing your request. If you think this is a server error, please contact su…
8:04:18 AM Goatherder1235: perhaps they are getting close to letting founders join
8:05:24 AM Pugnolotto666: Goatherder1235, dgstocks still doesn’t work
8:06:49 AM Shesha: Hello
8:07:05 AM Shesha: I see this has tuned into spammers paradise
8:07:22 AM Shesha: i wonder how will spammers end up once chat logs are examined
8:07:58 AM Shesha: will as far as i read not have a seperate registration
8:08:22 AM Shesha: As the two systems will be connected via API
8:09:02 AM Shesha: Wait for official announcment for, before they a waste of time to try to login
8:09:55 AM Shesha: And stop spamming , specially founder members with nice stocks count , you never know how DG will reacts when they see
8:10:26 AM Shesha: that many of you have no respect for TOS
8:10:59 AM Shesha: And get some patience, we all jpined this with effords for at least 1 year as 1 thread lasts 1 year
8:11:14 AM Shesha: I understand you all want your money
8:11:36 AM Shesha: but behaving like angry out of control children will not resolve nothing
8:12:22 AM Shesha: you have been patient so far, why the out of control mob type behaviour now
8:12:57 AM Shesha: Go out play in snow or on the beach, spend your free time better than screaming here on chat
8:13:42 AM Shesha: you have your job , its to run thread manager , checking every 2 seconds if payments work will not resolve anything
8:14:03 AM JUSTENJOY TRETAS: Shesha, lol
8:14:23 AM Shesha: i am not a DG kiss ass neither i work for DG, i joined this in terms of long term with money i can affoord to loose
8:14:48 AM Goatherder1235: Shesha, having a lot of experience i can say with some certainty that they can’t read the chat logs back more than a couple of hours
8:15:10 AM Pugnolotto666: Shesha, nice words but after 6 months i’d like to have my money too
8:15:41 AM Goatherder1235: However i agree with most of what you say. However DG tell so many lies
8:21:13 AM Shesha: Goatherder1235, With a simple sys log server behind chat logs can be saved with np and i am shure DG servers are not low on sys resources
8:21:46 AM Shesha: I am here too from early summer 2013 but am in it for a long run in fact as long as it takes to get on the right track
8:22:10 AM Shesha: Goatherder1235, True regarding missdirection
8:22:24 AM Gilsantana Fundador2013: Shesha:Meu amigo, Voce esta certisssimo … TEM PESSOAS Que da estao Querendo ganhar SEU BEBE as antes DOS 9 meses, Tudo na Vida TEM Seu ritmo e Paciência, Estamos Juntos há DG …
8:22:59 AM Shesha: but consider this if you where planning something great , as unique system , would you wnat your competition to know about it
8:23:20 AM Shesha: i would too keep all future development a secret untill the last minute
8:24:22 AM Shesha: I can only imagine also how much money was stolen form DG by scammers that abused the trial earnings
8:24:37 AM Daflip_24:
8:25:27 AM Gilsantana Fundador2013: The Support … has not appeared to give us information, people have chigando and disrespecting the guys! Have people who only come here to disrupt …
8:25:41 AM Shesha: I am just guessing here but considering how powerfull DG computing network is DG stocks wil be a very inteligent trading platform
8:26:17 AM Shesha: Chat support was most likely initially here to help members get started, not to resolve account issues
8:26:28 AM Goatherder1235: Shesha, they are mining from the start. No big secrets
8:26:57 AM Shesha: Goatherder1235,they are mining but not BTC
8:26:59 AM Goatherder1235: Shesha, yes support used to activate threads but nothing else
8:27:38 AM Goatherder1235: Shesha, this is DG
8:27:45 AM Goatherder1235:
8:28:07 AM Shesha: Data mininig is data mining, what a network mines is the choice of the network operatotor
8:28:25 AM Shesha: Goatherder1235, DG doesnt have just a single IP adress
8:28:46 AM Shesha: theyy have at least 1 subnet
8:29:16 AM Shesha: I personallly stilll belive that at the end of development most will be satisfied
8:29:36 AM Shesha: but by the way some members are behaving i would ban them in a nanosecond
8:29:40 AM Goatherder1235: Shesha, I’M NOT HERE TO ARGUE WITH YOU
8:29:45 AM 6451215HRH: change your life with just $ 1.75 with the market and it can multilevel
8:29:53 AM Goatherder1235: sorry caps
8:29:56 AM Jassin93: screw you guys i’m going home XD
8:29:57 AM Shesha: Goatherder1235, I am not here to argue
8:30:04 AM Russo19: hi people
8:30:10 AM Russo19: good morning for all 🙂
8:30:14 AM Shesha: either just to express my opint of view
8:30:27 AM Goatherder1235: same here
8:31:12 AM Jassin93: PHAT ASS
8:31:31 AM Shesha: Goatherder1235, I just kihly reccomend we all keep it civivized as you never know if DG is wathing and tagging members that spam
8:31:37 AM DG_ALDRABOESx: UNLIMITED EARNINGS of US$100 on every 2×2 cycle with only US$40 investment:
8:31:39 AM Shesha: Russo19, Hi
8:32:10 AM Russo19: any news people?
8:32:24 AM Shesha: My intuition has been with me from day 1 and it was never wrong
8:32:51 AM Shesha: for DG i didnt get a single bad feeling the entire time
8:33:17 AM Shesha: and this goes for other 2 similar compute sharing projects ass well
8:33:19 AM Russo19: Shesha, what you think about DG right now? i have like 6 or 8 months in the project
8:33:21 AM Rock The World 0: Shesha, well i have been well paid from DG but not my reff
8:33:41 AM Shesha: they all look and behave a little scammish at first but the end game matters
8:34:02 AM Shesha: its will be over when there is no more webstei, dg wont connect…..
8:34:36 AM Rock The World 0: Shesha, thats true
8:34:48 AM Shesha: Rock The World 0, I got my full retunr of investment aand a little pocket money as well so maybe i am more optimistic becouse of that
8:34:49 AM Russo19: i dont understand explain better
8:35:02 AM Shesha: Russo19, Me too from june 2013
8:35:15 AM Rock The World 0: Shesha, so did i but not my reff
8:35:24 AM Shesha: This BTC ATM thing i think its great
8:35:35 AM Rock The World 0: Shesha, iam here from nov
8:35:56 AM Goatherder1235: Shesha, i live in a Bulgarian village What use is it to me
8:36:23 AM Shesha: Goatherder1235, you can sell it
8:36:38 AM Russo19: Shesha, but many things about dg says is false
8:36:42 AM Shesha: but i dont belive its gonna be forced to take the ATM
8:36:46 AM Goatherder1235: Shesha, to who
8:36:46 AM Russo19: Shesha, they lies to much
8:36:49 AM Azzxxxxxxxxxx: xxx
8:37:05 AM Shesha: ATMs are real they are being mass produced and you willl see them very soon on every corner
8:37:16 AM JoeL DG03: teste333
8:37:17 AM Azzxxxxxxxxxx: EARN WITHOUT SCAM
8:37:18 AM Shesha: cryptocurrency is here to stay or better yet to take over
8:37:22 AM Azzxxxxxxxxxx: EARN WITHOUT SCAM .
8:37:28 AM Goatherder1235: Shesha, Not in Bulgaria for many many years
8:37:29 AM Azzxxxxxxxxxx: EARN WITHOUT SCAM
8:37:30 AM Shesha: Azzxxxxxxxxxx, Piss off
8:37:34 AM Azzxxxxxxxxxx: EARN WITHOUT SCAM .
8:37:42 AM Goatherder1235: Shesha, lol#
8:37:46 AM Azzxxxxxxxxxx: EARN WITHOUT SCAM
8:37:52 AM Azzxxxxxxxxxx: EARN WITHOUT SCAM .
8:37:55 AM Russo19: Shesha, mmm well we will see about atm
8:38:00 AM Azzxxxxxxxxxx: EARN WITHOUT SCAM
8:38:01 AM Shesha: Azzxxxxxxxxxx, Considering the way you promote
8:38:14 AM Shesha: its most likely a scam 🙂
8:39:03 AM Shesha: Goatherder1235, exacttly DG has suprise shocked us many times sometimes good sometimes bad
8:39:35 AM Shesha: how would you feel if you gave (image the number you invested in dg) to forex trading or….
8:39:53 AM Shesha: and one day you get a call from your broker with “we lost it all”
8:40:14 AM Goatherder1235: BUGGER CAPS AGAIN SO SORRY
8:40:44 AM Shesha: Goatherder1235, I understand but no one should invest in internet ventures money they cant afford to loose
8:40:47 AM Gaucho80: hello ;; DIGITAL GENERATION …we have the stocks market ;;and payment*
8:41:00 AM Goatherder1235: Shesha, DG have never shocked me in a good way yet
8:41:34 AM Goatherder1235: I live in hope that the stock market pays and they pay my threads
8:41:34 AM Gaucho80: Gaucho80, news news plzz DG
8:42:06 AM Shesha: Anyway cryptocurrentcy is here its not going anywhere and if DG is making right noves we are all in it for the bigtime
8:42:34 AM Shesha: BTC network is the most powerfull supercomputer network on the planet (look it up if you dont belive me)
8:42:36 AM Russo19: Shesha, so what you recomended for all members?
8:42:42 AM Shesha: no f…..way its gonna fail
8:42:45 AM Goatherder1235: Shesha, cryptocurrentcy could fail but i think not
8:42:54 AM Russo19: Shesha, keep calm and wait?
8:43:08 AM Goatherder1235: got to go, it was nice talking to you
8:43:33 AM Shesha: I reccomend from day 1 – DONT INVEST MONEY YOU CANT AFFORD TO LOOSE in any internet venture
8:43:58 AM Shesha: Not DG this is a good policy for internet investments
8:44:05 AM Shesha: in general
8:44:10 AM Russo19: Shesha, its true i guess
8:45:04 AM Shesha: My downline an my hubbys downline are not angry with us as it was said from day one (hey this is long term, hey dont overinvest, hey i have no ideao how it will end up….)
8:45:19 AM Russo19: Shesha, best ivestment are the long ones
8:45:29 AM Russo19: Shesha, you see the money in a large period i mean
8:46:15 AM Shesha: Hope my perspective on this project was not offensive to anyone, i just had to say something as this chat was heading nowhre
8:46:47 AM Scardone2211333333: investment
8:46:57 AM Shesha: i have to go now, talk again on this long journey
8:47:11 AM Scardone2211333333: questo e buono
8:47:35 AM Russo19: Shesha, sure see you
8:47:39 AM Scardone2211333333: investing you
8:47:45 AM Scardone2211333333:
8:47:47 AM Shesha: hope everyone has a nice weekend, spend it with love ones adn doing stuff you love not here on chat with negative energy
8:48:18 AM Scardone2211333333: Scardone2211333333:
8:48:24 AM Shesha: leave the programmers to programm, managers to manage and hopefully stcoks plaftform will come to life in the nex tweek or maybe sooner
8:48:55 AM Wxp012: Shesha, you said everything. time to go. or? :-)))))))))))ň
8:49:27 AM Shesha: Wxp012, When will you nick be W7pro64bit 🙂
8:50:20 AM Shesha: time to go yes , its back to spammers now ( by the way85% of shit links posted are scam)
8:50:26 AM Shesha: Bye ala
8:50:39 AM Scardone2211333333: investment for you :
8:51:01 AM Scardone2211333333: iinvestment for you :
8:51:28 AM Scardone2211333333: spending investment for you :
8:54:22 AM Wxp012: Shesha, after ou change yours to Geisha
8:54:24 AM DG E SCAM MAFIOSA: a dg e uma mafia sebosa
8:55:10 AM DG E SCAM MAFIOSA: sing peticion
8:57:06 AM Plitchenko86gmailcom: instant payments connect
8:57:16 AM Plitchenko86gmailcom:
8:58:03 AM Scardone2211333333: investment
8:58:23 AM Scardone2211333333:
8:58:43 AM Scardone2211333333:
8:59:01 AM Scardone2211333333:
8:59:20 AM Scardone2211333333:
8:59:40 AM Scardone2211333333:
8:59:57 AM Scardone2211333333:
9:00:14 AM Scardone2211333333:
9:00:31 AM Scardone2211333333:
9:00:56 AM Scardone2211333333:
9:18:12 AM Cumila: Dear users!
9:20:36 AM Rock The World 0: DG E SCAM MAFIOSA, voce esta ai
9:20:54 AM AlekFlorentin: Rock The World 0, why you say that?
9:21:08 AM AlekFlorentin: They pay me without problems
9:21:45 AM Rock The World 0: AlekFlorentin, what!
9:22:36 AM Rock The World 0: AlekFlorentin, i dodnt know what you mean
9:32:47 AM 1111111222222233333:
9:34:31 AM Daflip_24: Rock The World 0, he must be new getting paid lol
9:35:15 AM Daflip_24: so whats the situation with the founders, are we leaving this project now or we have hope
9:37:56 AM BgroupCOIN: forza D.G. la strada è spianata e non ci fermerà nessuno, avanti e barra dritta.
9:41:11 AM Shipika: Всем привет почему все ругаются на DG?хороший проект!
9:42:03 AM Azzxxxxxxxxxx: EARN WITHOUT SCAM
9:42:06 AM Saucerful30: where is the support?????
9:42:08 AM Azzxxxxxxxxxx: EARN WITHOUT SCAM –
9:42:15 AM Azzxxxxxxxxxx: EARN WITHOUT SCAM
9:42:24 AM Azzxxxxxxxxxx: EARN WITHOUT SCAM
9:42:34 AM Azzxxxxxxxxxx: EARN WITHOUT SCAM –
9:42:38 AM Azzxxxxxxxxxx: EARN WITHOUT SCAM
9:46:59 AM Goatherder1235: Stick with DG and have faith everyone
9:52:02 AM VVRJ4: Shipika, vy mejete poluchiti denigi tiperi?
9:58:38 AM SERVER: User Plitchenko86gmailcom – BANNED!
9:58:51 AM Alexmensa1gmailcom: So… What about founders? We are dead for DG? Stop lies!
10:00:20 AM WeWantTRUTH: Alexmensa1gmailcom, Very good question
10:00:36 AM WeWantTRUTH: DG Tell US the Truth
10:00:41 AM WeWantTRUTH: STOP LIE
10:00:47 AM Alexmensa1gmailcom: WeWantTRUTH, stop lies!
10:01:15 AM WeWantTRUTH: Founder account’s have a priority to payouts and no daily limits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE IT IS ????
10:01:26 AM Alexmensa1gmailcom: WeWantTRUTH, exactly
10:01:40 AM WeWantTRUTH: YOU ARE SH_TING on your place you EAT !!!!
10:01:53 AM Gaucho80: WeWantTRUTH, hi but the payment now
10:02:02 AM Gaucho80: for news users
10:02:14 AM WeWantTRUTH: Gaucho80, I dont care New Users
10:02:21 AM WeWantTRUTH: Founder account’s have a priority to payouts and no daily limits.!!!!
10:02:32 AM WeWantTRUTH: Where IS THIS PRIORITY??
10:02:53 AM Gaucho80: WeWantTRUTH, yes yes waiting ;; everything will be fine
10:03:17 AM WeWantTRUTH: You bring us into error and made criminal act
10:03:48 AM Gaucho80: WeWantTRUTH, the base the DG were the founders 🙂
10:03:50 AM WeWantTRUTH: Gaucho80, everything will be fine when I die 😀
10:04:07 AM WeWantTRUTH: Gaucho80, hmm. WHERE . Thats true
10:04:21 AM WeWantTRUTH: Now they need NEW Fools to bring them MONEY
10:04:26 AM Gaucho80: WeWantTRUTH, lol hh no no
10:04:39 AM WeWantTRUTH: were 😀