Prediction on cointellect timeline going scam in 2015

The latest news on cointellect website ( as of 12/27/2014) still indicate 30% fee for withdrawal. There isn’t a date where cointellect will say they will end the 30% fee, although they said after the holidays, which mean on Monday January¬†5th should be back to no fee right? will see.

The bottom line with cointellect is, they are trying to get people invest money, not mining. Mining I foresee it will go away very very soon. Indication already showing cointellect have problems operating the pools, and obviously cointellect is manipulating the earning nightly both automatically and manually audit each individual account. If you try to cheat such as having multiple account under one IP address, or using Proxies, VPS, VPN and so on, your account will get frozen sooner or later.

Mining will go away soon, as I think cointellect will find ways to end it. On top of pool not working properly for many miners users members. Miners are being disconnected from cointellect and unable to reconnect. So anyone whom got disconnected from cointellect pool and noticing this for a long period of time, their earning will be zero or nothing, or up to the time their miners stayed on. This had happened in the past, more often now than before, and mostly because of true ddos attack or pool functionality stability problem. However as time goes by, cointellect mining pool might show sign of manual intervention where cointellect purposely shut down the pool or whatever method they can use to stop the users to mine on cointellect, basically discourage them to mine. This discouragement method might works for many because once the miner stopped mining, the users are not earning any money will most likely forcing the user to switch to investment mode instead of mining. Again, as time goes by, users will get dropped off from cointellect because cointellect pool always down no longer profitable.

For the investments. If you’re investing with your Bitcoin or cryptocoins, basically it’s a one way transaction. You cannot ask for a refund nor a charge back from your gateway operator such as coinbase and so on. That is not how bitcoin work, one way transaction that’s it. Unless you’re using newegg or other retailers you can have your fund reversed.

So if you’re thinking of investing. Do it with caution. Invest using your credit card, just in case you got scammed, you can contact your bank immediately and report of the scam. This will cause a chain reaction and cointellect will probably be in trouble and no longer able to accept credit card transactions. You will get your fund back eventually.

Stay away from long term investment program, as many banks credit cards business companies only allow you certain amount of time before you can no longer report of the scam to get your money back. So be careful. You’re taking a big risk if you invest in six months, a year investment, although high returns but higher risk of loosing your money.

Get in and get out quick, and don’t do it again. Unfortunately not everyone can do this, sue to the greed. Many say they can get in and get out fast and never look back, not surprise that many says this, but cannot be done that easily. They got in, got out and make few bucks. Then they got in again, and again, and profit big time, then put all their money back, and in the end it’s all gone.

My prediction again is cointellect mining pool will end first. Either by problems with their network infrastructure or simply by manual intervention purposely causing the problem so users can no longer mine, or mining earning getting less and less each day.¬†Then follow by investment programs will end in sometime 2015, although a big gap, but I don’t foresee cointellect longevity.