[SCAM] anony-pay.com 12%APR interest if you maintain a balance

For those of you whom had done HYIP before, you will know that what anony-pay.com doing are HYIP methodology. It’s not direct HYIP, rather indirect method. Anony-pay.com can profit in many ways, and the last attempt they will have whether it’s 3 months from today or 6 months or a year, they know when to stop. When that time come, anony-pay.com will frozen everyone’s money and cash it to their bank and run away with it. No one will know who anony-pay.com are, except the scammers themselves.

If you read the newsletter from anony-pay.com They mentioned that they will offer 12% interest if you have a balance on their website. Come on people!? are you really going to keep your money in anony-pay.com and let them manage it? Does this sounds like HYIP? although the scam anony-pay.com have is unique, it’s the next level up from HYIP. An enhancement version of the direct straight forward scam, give me $50, I will give you back $50 a month, and $50 a month for the next 6 to 12 months, in which they will daily consistently at the same time promote through referrals commissions, promote through motivation news such as adding chat support, adding forums, and so on and so forth. That is exactly how the HYIP concept work.

Some people might be able to outsmart anony-pay.com, but the majority will loose great amount of money and nothing can done to get it back. As you see, it’s a one way transaction, no such thing as mistake or dispute. Anony-pay.com is the same person whom ran IPUServices.com that scammed hundreds thousands dollars from victims that believe in super power computing software running on their computer to make money. Sadly, it ended with everyone’s money in IPUServices.com pocket and now they start anony-pay.com to pocket more money with same concept.

Currently they’re on a campaign constantly writing news, spamming people’s email, with great news to lure users in to spend money, to convert their virtual currencies, to keep balance in there, and eventually your money will be frozen, and anony-pay.com will make up fake stories, reasons and news to motivate people to stay calm while anony-pay.com complete the scam by transferring all your money to their bank account and cash it out, then you know what happen next I don’t need to say.

I have the feeling that anony-pay.com will be slow at first, and maybe continue to be slow to gather, to motivate, to get more referrals, to look for new strategies new plan, to scam as much as they can, could be 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or more, that one last day will be the day that a lot of users uses their service, keeping a balance thinking getting profit. Again, very sad to see a lot of people fall into this trick, a few succeed outsmart anony-pay, but many the majority failed and looses all the money.