[SCAM] coingeneration.com Congratulations! You can request payout of your earnings to your e-currency

Still checking coingeneration.com for payment? yes, apparently many of you are checking, hoping, one day that coingeneration.com will make some payout to you stocks holders position, so call Founder Position. Well, don’t hang on to that dream too much, because most likely it will not happen. Coingeneration.com are being famous lying, coingeneration had lied, coingeneration.com will continue to lies, they will use the same tricks and the cycle continue as long as they can come up with new tricks. Very intelligence people working at coingeneration.com, don’t try to outsmart them.

In addition to many of you older members already know coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG is a scam, they had stopped paying since April 2013, and paid pennies back in Septemeber 2013 then stopped totally and announced it’s fake ATM Bitcoin machine with a youtube video editing on a fake Bitcoin ATM machine. Coingeneration.com being played by IPUServices.com saying that IPUS and Coingeneration.com merged, but what really happened was just the end of IPUS saying good bye to their victims being scammed $150 each, and thousands of people gave $150 free to IPUS. Sad ending for all the investors gave away free money $150 to IPUS, got nothing back but lied and lies, and a good ending pointing finger at coingeneration.com and nothing coingeneration can do about it. Nothing anyone can do about this for this matter, because all these are anonymous. Like anony-pay.com going to make it huh? nope that’s a fake also.

Anyhow, coingeneration.com domain still have expiration date of Septemeber 16th 2013, coming soon. It will disappear totally. Today it’s still on, similar to topcapitalist.com letting it running on autopilot, any people don’t know about it’s scam, will invest and never see money again. Each investors are being manager individually, they know when to stop paying you and nothing you can do about it.

Good thing all payments processors will be forced to closed soon, not just in the US but also abroad. Payza, Egopay, Perfectmoney and many other already get shut down by the USA. So today if anyone goes into their coingeneration.com account and tried to make a request payout, they will see blank payment processors, the only processor probably available is perfect money, but that will not work for USA.

Eliminating EGOPay in the USA, helps a lot of USA folks, hopefully USA don’t tried to use proxy or working with someone abroad to continue investing in these scam HYIP ponzi scheme business. Just hope, although some already give up, which is good.

Subject: Founder coingeneration payment
Message: Congratulations! You can request payout of your earnings to your e-currency.

When i chose e-currency it apears to me get payment but i am not able the see the choose payment system. Like egopay or paxum. Do you have the same ?