[SCAM] The scam continue with Coingeneration.com anyone still falling for this scam?

Anyone still with Coingeneration.com? I have received messages that some of you get paid, yeah sure, it’s part of the HYIP scam game. Just to trick you to invest more, and when Coingeneration knows you don’t invest anymore, they will stop paying you and make up stories, not any stories but very good stories to say why they have problem paying.

Coingeneration.com released latest news as usual, more nice make up stories, fake, lied and lies never stopped. I’m surprise coingeneration.com even link to btc-o-matics.com and newsbtc.com without any shame! After closing down the chat room due to too much exposures to scam activities, coingeneration.com continue to operate in stealth mode with the second wave of victims and communicate by support ticket, oh wait! Support ticket don’t even respond, oh yeah that’s right! coingeneration.com support will only answer when victims have problem sending coingeneration.com money. If you ask about why no payout? LOL you will never get a respond, and if you do, it will be “soon”, as in “soon pigs will have wings and fly away”, “soon we will live on Mars”

Please people, do your homework, especially with this coingeneration.com reaching it end of life in September, you will not see online again. The domain of coingeneration.com will expires on September 17 2014, that day everything will be offline. dgstocks $10 domain was a trick to kill time. News published like this one below is just to kill time. Kill time to take money out of their bank and pocket it, and coingeneration.com will repeat this process, even down to individual person investors.

Lately $150 per thread, for what why? so they can seem to be legitimate? not easy to buy thread? careful people! coingeneration.com clearly scammed people in the hundreds of thousands dollars, and nothing anyone can do about it because of their term of service and their payment processors are supporting the scam like EGOPAY and Payza, probably affiliated.

Performance Summary
Dear members,

We are proud to announce some major changes within the new Coin Generation, an ex-DG.

Due to current hashing performance our mining operation results do not presently meet up with initial expectations. The amount paid out to all members till the present date significantly exceeds the amount of funds we have actually received for thread purchases, thus resulting in a negative cash flow balance that needs to be paid out to members and shareholders up to date. Keep calm guys, we are doing our best so everyone will receive his share.

Just to remind all of you, lots of DG funds [7k+ BTC] were Goxed following a false claim from IPUS stating our merger (which never took place by the way). As a result we have encountered ourselves in a situation where chances were not in our favor following permanent suspension of our PayPal ISPS.
To prevent rumors and false assumptions all inward and outward payments are on hold now until we take the necessary steps to resolve the situation. Solution exists and we have our hands full addressing that now.

We have scheduled a 60 day period to reinstate all payouts. Within this period CG payment balance will reach the break even point following the new price policy changes take effect. Thread purchase price will be increased to $150 with a 24 hour earnings rate of up to $2/thread. Deployment of ThreadManager ver 4.0 will be done by Friday 30th, 2014

Despite of all hiccups we keep the work going non-stop and are grateful to all those who have been with CoinGeneration from the beginning. Our mission of global crypto finance adoption has excellent success and we will strike to empower our leadership again. New release of TM_4.0 is on it’s way and we remind you that min. CPU load is set to 50% as we need some extra help this time boosting our performance network.

There is no “Plan B” at this time so we see no other options except than “Plan A” works out well no matter what.

The Management