Some information about Cointellect

Thanks to an anonymous tips. I did some research to confirm also.

Cointellect official facebook page is

Cointellect official twitter page is

Any other websites or social media websites you come across might be just another affiliates page just want to make money off you by referring you to cointellect, so most likely these affiliate website will always talks positive a way to get you to invest under their referral code.

There is some connection with CryptoPay and Cointellect, as I’ve checked and that 10EUR is the key amount. Although I cannot confirm at this point on what kind of relationship does the two have, but for sure it’s an exchange partnership and perhaps a contract as well.

As many people already aware of the Cointellect Mining Pool problems, it has became transparent that Cointellect are causing the mining pool problems on purpose to deter people from mining with their own equipment or miners. Cointellect want you to buy mining contract instead. Indeed behind the scene of Cointellect might be HYIP project but could survive a bit longer than others.

Thanks again from the Anonymous tips in regard to Cointellect. 🙂