Surprising turn around by DigitalGeneration DG CG plan to pay Founder Stock Holders?

Over the past few days, founders stock holders of DigitalGeneration DG CG, reactions were all negative, let say 99% negatives! Which are not surprising because these members are the original investors that build based on its payments profit loss structures, then all of a sudden back in June 2013, no more payout blamed it on payza which is true that payza hold large amount of figures tied to However that amount had been released few months later, less than 6 months that is, way before November 2013. However in November 2013, stopped paying its founder stock holders saying they will resume on January 23rd, well that never happened, a couple days later after January 23rd, announced that payout to founder stock holder suspended, and here we are today, more upset than ever from Founder Stock holder members, giving DG chances to fix thing giving up available balances in the thousands and take $10 pay and it didn’t even goes through, lied and lies and more lies.

Just a few moment ago published the below news. Looks promising? well don’t bet on it, because DigitalGeneration DG CG being known for lies, making up stories, taking advantage of any problems and use it as a reason for cannot pay members, Founder Stock Holder members to be exact!

New members are being paid instantly and consistently, this were how it was with original old members also Founder Stock holder mostly now. New members doesn’t know about how old members are being treated, no payout, making up stories, lied and lies and more lies, new members does not see this or too blind to see because they’ve been showered with money from don’t realize that they could be like the older members soon. The ponzi scheme on this is that you invest, they give you incredible return ROI within 1.5 months and after that all profit, in addition to the incredible 20% commission. Who wouldn’t fall for this? Hope new members realize this scam and stop investing before it’s too late, just keep on withdrawing whatever you have, definitely don’t refer people you know especially for family members, you’ll be sorry.

Let see how this new news play over the next couple of weeks, it will not be a surprise if it’s not true, it’s another lies.

Payments Update
In accordance with previous statement to consider changes of the current policies that were applied towards founders the management has decided to acknowledge the request with a positive decision. Payza has released the funds to us and we are awaiting for EgoPay to clarify the status of the reversed transactions (that appears to be in the middle of nowhere now) since this balance hasn’t been updated on our account once restrictions towards DG account were applied by Payza. Thanks to your efforts the situation with frozen funds is being rectified and we shall start releasing payments to founders back again soon once all the missing balance is in place.

To meet the compliance requirements we are currently filing a suspicious activity report on all flagged transactions and will modify the present verification process within the next week. PayPal will be re-instated once we complete the integration of a 3-way user verification solution. The last few days were extremely hectic and we put our best efforts to deliver the liabilities.

As we may see from our stats the overall performance of the DG network hasn’t been affected by the temporarily hold status of payments. It is a pleasure for us to know that despite all difficulties your willingness to support the project remains true. It was over 6 months we are attempting to recover from the summer’s 2013 impact and are finally on the right track. You should be aware that our overall profits up to now are significantly less than amount of funds that was milked out by high risk counties and other non loyal members.

The community is as strong as the trust that relies between members and we are raising the required capital as of now to make your financial experience as enjoyable as before – DG will be paying no matter what you think now, period.

Best Regards,
Digital Generation Team